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  1. Mike
    Mike at |

    I watched years ago on the History Channel the story of the Coca-Cola Company. At one point when the Pepsi Company wasn’t doing well they approached Coca-Cola to see if they wanted to buy them. Coca-Cola wasn’t interested. I also believe that the inventor of the copy machine went to the Eastman Kodak Company to see if they would be interested in his invention,Kodak said no & Xerox was born.

    1. Harry
      Harry at |

      Actually Xerox people approached IBM and IBM said no. IBM at the time was rolling in cash. The whole thing of the acquisition manager rejecting Xerox was filmed (yes filmed) and claimed that the market would be quickly saturated at around 5000 machines and implode / fade away or remain as a niche market. Xerox then found enough cash and went ahead and did it themselves.

      Then their awesome Xerox R&D came up with what is now know as the windowing OS (used in Macs and PCs) but fail to patent it and Apple stole it right out.

      Kodak screwed up by not inventing in the digital transition and trying to force film to save the film business.

  2. martha tucker
    martha tucker at |

    This is one entertaining, life-changing, up in your face article. It's so clear, I can see it

    for miles and it's so cute and quippy, I was never bored. It was so rich and dense with

    facts that I couldn't help but smile.

    Can I use this article in my copywriting class, with the author's bio, of course.

    Congrats, it's just too hot. One cliche deserves another. "I wish I had written it."

    Martha Tucker

  3. drFaust
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    love the Bill Gates photo…..you could just get lost in those dreamy eyes!

  4. LibertyMan
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    Know anyone that plays World of Warcraft?

    In 1995 Bobby Kotick called Davidson & Associates crazy for paying $7 million for Blizzard, saying they were nothing more than a "contract developer".

    In 2007 Bobby Kotick bought Blizzard for roughly $7 BILLION.

  5. MrAlb
    MrAlb at |

    Bad corporate decisions…Surely wiping £500M (Sterling) off the value of your own company in 1991 has to feature. Here is an interview with the man who managed to do that with one throwaway remark..


  6. george
    george at |

    actually in number 10 coca-cola did do blind taste tests with the new coke and everyone thought new coke was better tasting. the problem arose because people liked the “coca-cola” brand. they didnt want to switch to coke even if it tasted better.


  7. eugene
    eugene at |

    Great list. I would also add the British Airways’ decision to rebrand in 1997 right at the top. They spent a fortune repainting tails after 2 years!


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