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  1. Clive at |

    This was a really good list. I suppose that’s just because I’m a lotr fan but it was just really interesting to read.

    1. TopTenz Master at |

      This was a niche list to be sure. But sometimes these specific lists can intrigue those not familiar with the topic and bring In new fans.

      1. Glorfindel at |

        Dude Ecthelion killed 4 balrogs, one being gothmog ( lord of the balrogs), and melkor was only greater than sauron in cruelty alone.

  2. Freethinker9761 at |

    As a huge Tolkien fan, I really appreciated this list! A lot of the characters on this list will only be familiar to those who’ve read the “Silmarillion”. Glorfindel was an obvious (and deserving) one for the list, others were more than justified as being listed! Yeah, Melkor counts too. Two huge thumbs up!!

  3. Obeezy at |

    I am just a watcher of the movies and that is it so this list was very interesting. I never knew about Melkor. I always thought Sauron was the most evil ever.

  4. jason stone at |

    having huge interest in the movies but none in reading the books..the was a wonderful list for me to get a little more familiar with the story of Middle Earth

  5. Hush at |

    Badass and Middle Earth is a contradiction within itself. Lame.

  6. issdiekartoffel at |

    I miss Fëanor.

  7. Yarewe at |

    Other than Ungoliant, you didn’t name a single badass female in Middle Earth…not one. Not Luthien who faced Melkor alone in his lair, bested him with enchantment, causing him to fall asleep, and then stole the Simarils; not Eowyn, who, with the help of Merry the Hobbit, defeated the Witch King of Angmar; and, not Galadriel, who strove against Sauron in thought and power, and at Dol Guldur, threw down his walls and pits.

  8. Finrod at |

    You are missing 2. I would put Luthien herself above Beren. She walks into Morgoth’s fortress and puts him to sleep with a magic song and then takes the silmarils from his crown.

    The second, Finrod Felagund. Galadriel’s older brother, who dies to save Beren, by killing a monstrous wolf with his bare hands and TEETH, after bursting free from his chains and shackles with his own might.

  9. Glorfindel at |

    Heres a list of greats: Cirdan oldest elve alive, Ecthelion killed four balrogs, earindil killed ancelagon the black and gaurds the world from melkor, tour went to gondolin and married idril, glorfindel born in valanor and friend of Olorin aka gandalf and killed a balrog making sure tour, idril, and many others got out of gondilin and killed thousands of orcs, but don’t forget Feanor the one who started this al.


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