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  1. Laurie
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    you should do one of these for canadian coins. canada has some really amazing ones, some are square, squiggley and some have holes in the middle. the normal ones have animals and ships on them, and other common ones have snowflakes and hockey players, but alot of the more amazing ones are in native style. the canadian Chinese blessing coins are cool too. and the poppy coin they made for rememberance day is famous for being the first mass-produced coulered coin and it was so strange looking to people from outside of canada that they thought it was spy technology and in America they investigated the possiblities nano-cameras in coins. you could probobly find a bunch on the site for the canadian mint.

  2. lunaticg
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    1933 double eagle is a world coin legend. I think it is also the most talk about coins in the world wide web because of the most expensive coin record, even after other coin already take the title in 2010. The double eagle are in European Tour this month and hopefully it will be coming to Asia in the future.


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