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  1. Dale Harris
    Dale Harris at |

    All but the Brown Lady (#1) are very questionable and some have been proven fake.

  2. John
    John at |

    I think that most of the photo’s are just transfer from photo’s previously taken, either by previous or current longer exposure, I guess. One should have a full examination report on each one of them to know.

  3. orrintiffany
    orrintiffany at |

    some of you say that thare is no gost but thare is I have sean thim for my self I sean one going in and out of A fireplace I was abut 20ft Away and it did not hert me this whos abut wen I was 15y old and after that I started seeing things and feling things I thot that I was going nuts I realyed that wen Iem In right place I can reach out and tuch thim and it is cold but thay do not try to hert me Ithink wen I ask thim to move something like A ball some times thay can A fuw of my frends have seen me work whith thim I like being A rond thim ? I have A recorder and I have pick up that will amaze you but wen you hear A lot of nois that is staic but wen you can hear A voice that makes it the best thing of ALL. I know I lived oh for12ys ago I told thim that I wood go in to cheack things out and I did thay seed that A man dyd in the bldg from A rope back in the 40s I sead ok wen I took in A evp meatr and A recoder and A nitevison I started asking thim to come forth and wen Idid I herd 8 difaret sonds comeing in side the bldg I now thay were trying to get my atenchin I hade the hare stanup on my arms thats wen I now that thay where close to me I like that fealing thay are trying to cotack some one so wen you see some thing that you can knot explane stop look some one mite be trying to get in tuch whith you.??!.

  4. chandanasrivatsa
    chandanasrivatsa at |

    very nice and very scery

  5. Eban
    Eban at |

    10. Double-image obviously.
    9. Already discredited
    8. Smoke/ash, but admit it appears eerie. Freak shape like clouds.
    7., 6, 5. Meh, could be trick photog like old spirit photos
    4. Gimme a break, the dude’s wearing flared pants as they did in the late 1970’s.
    3. Exposure 1 hour?? Anyone could have sat for a spell and then gotten up. And a big tip off to these fakes is – why take such a picture of an empty chair?? Think about why the pic was taken.
    2. Look closer could be shade/shadows.
    1. Debunked. Immaculata statues of Madonna standing on globe popular then. Look at bottom of Brown Lady.

  6. Marv
    Marv at |

    #8 Wem fire. I found the web page with the ghost photo and an old Wem postcard photo side by side (the accompanying article suggest the girl in the postcard was used to fake the girl in the fire).

    I copied both image and brought them into photoshop, overlaying one on top of another.

    They are an exact match.

    The fakery became even more clear when I adjusted the contrast and brightness of the ghost photo.

  7. Shirley
    Shirley at |

    The only people who don’t believe is the ones who has not experience any thing or has not paid attention. I have saw and experience such.
    There are ghost or spirits….If you believe it or not.

  8. Joe
    Joe at |

    Double exposures have been around since the invention of cameras. So have cut outs pasted onto photos and re-photographed. Everything I saw could have been produced by accident easily. This collection of pictures does not convince that ghosts exist.

  9. Anna
    Anna at |

    There will always be argument about whether photos like these are genuine or not. That fact alone means some may be genuine. Consider the following too. What if number 10 was a double exposure that wasn’t deliberate? Seems even more beyond our comprehension and frightening. What if some of the photos are paraeidolia? Even if a pattern in something does look like something or somebody it’s inexplicable and beyond our comprehension. What if something is a trick of light or reflection? Still just as frightening if it’s not deliberate. Coincidence itself can be just as spooky. These are just some of my thoughts. I think that whether you want to prove something or disprove it, it’s the argument (and coincidence) that makes the paranormal topic so frightening.

  10. Skeptic L.
    Skeptic L. at |

    i can fake the brown lady with a modern camera no photo editing.All you have to do is take a clear peace of plastic like the plastic on the little paper DVD envelopes or the wrapper that you take off a new CD and take a marker of what ever color to draw a person on the little plastic peace.Take out your cell phone, put the plastic over the lens , adjust your ghost and take a picture.Now you have a creepy looking shadow ghost picture!

  11. Marv
    Marv at |

    The 5. HMS Daedalus Photo, 1919, is very easy to explain: The man in the background is not Freddy Jackson. Because there was no Freddy Jackson. The story was created after the photo was taken by a man who thought the “ghostly” face would make a good yarn.

    The photo is genuine, to be sure. But it’s a genuine photo of people who were all alive.

    Research it if you don’t believe me.

    1. craig
      craig at |

      Interesting coincidence regarding photo number 5 re Sir Victor Goddard’s photo of Freddy Jackson.
      I have unearthed an old photo album which contains several original photos of Sir Victor Goddard on a sailing trip on the Norfolk Broads in England with 2 friends in September 1913,6 years before he took the famous Freddy Jackson photo.
      On one of the album pages there are 2 nearly identical photos of Victor sailing a yacht.The photo on the left has the top of his head cut off and the photo on the right is as it should be.His friend who took the photos must have realised that he had missed the top of Victor’s head and took the other photo seconds after.There is a gap between the photos in the album page where Victor has written.. ‘advt.Try ‘Killum Kwik’ for the hair.Gives a luxuriant growth after 1st application.Mr R Victor Goddard the World’s great Adonis writes.I was bald(in photo 1)and had tried all remedies but with no success.3 minutes after the first application of your wonderful ointment I became(as in photo 2)with parting complete!
      I believe Sir Victor was 16 years old when writing the entry in the album in 1913.
      I am in no way suggesting that the Freddy Jackson photo could be fake but only dislosing that Sir Victor Goddard had a connection with an interesting photo of a head in the past and in this particular case it was his own!Ijust think it’s a strange coincidence.

  12. precious
    precious at |

    # 10 is the most unbelievable photo!!! how dare you use this child freak everyone! it’s obvious..

  13. bob
    bob at |

    who ya gonna call, ghostbusters!

  14. Jen
    Jen at |

    Do modern day cameras scare away ghosts??

  15. Jack
    Jack at |

    In my opinion, some photos from this article are fake. The only one which I think is authentic is The Brown lady.

  16. Tilen Hrovatic
    Tilen Hrovatic at |

    I think that “Brown Lady” is the most authentic photo of ghosts. Others are great too but I’m not so sure about some of them. Some look like fakes for me, I don’t know. But they surely look more real than most of “real ghost photos” taken with digital cameras and photoshoped. Nice list and nice article.

  17. Piper
    Piper at |

    Iv seen many things in this life most i can’t explain and even more so when I was younger I and died just for a bit but even though I can see I still prefer to keep whats left of my sanity

  18. Beondra
    Beondra at |

    Ghosts must not like color pictures for some reason

  19. baffy
    baffy at |

    10-fake-you can clearly see the arm of an adult around the baby.
    8-fake-admitted by the photographer.
    3-false positive. The exposure on this photo was an hour long.

  20. Nell Rose
    Nell Rose at |

    Hi, I am always suspicious of modern photos, as they can always be faked. But the old ones always intrigue me. No one at that time would know how to fake them. Amazing pictures, thanks

  21. annie
    annie at |

    i saw the pictures,well.. interesting ! but it’s more interesting when i saw people are hardly argueing about it.
    calm down my friends,just enjoy it,don’t make it hard for your self !!

  22. MadiT
    MadiT at |

    To the people that took the time to write out reasons why EVERY photo on this list is bogus, is it so difficult to believe that not everything can be a coincidence? If something is occurring and being witnessed by a lot of people in a lot of places, it can’t all be a hoax that people make up for a laugh. I’m not particularly spiritual, but I think if so many people have personally witnessed ghost activity, then it couldn’t all just be a coincidence. At least, it would be a very elaborate and unlikely coincidence.

    1. Ash Pryce
      Ash Pryce at |

      By that argument Allah is the one true god, also Jehovah is the one true god, oh and Yahweh is the one true god, and L Ron Hubbard was right we’re all descended from alien thetans, aliens are watching us, time travellers are amongst us etc etc

      Argument Ad Populum is invalid. Rememebr people are witnessing different things and assuming they are all the same, there are many descirptions of ghosts many that contradict and also change over time- Victorians saw ghosts in white sheets, today we see ghosts in full clothes.

      A billion people can be wrong. One of the main reasons for rejecting ghost photos is ebcause it is assumed that ghost, if they exist, can be captured on film but strangley can’t be seen with the human eye.

      Rememebr, even if we can find NO natural rational answer for an occurence does not mean it is supernatural, it just means its unexplained.

  23. andrew
    andrew at |

    The burning building girl has been debunked as the image of a girl from a postcard, as has the faces in the sea. See here:

    The #1 photo is a double exposure of a statue of the madonna.

  24. liz
    liz at |

    people who think they are so smart to say that nothing like this could happen, humans do not know everything that there is in existence. i believe in the paranormal, that there is something more than to just us. people who discredit these with “they could have made it up”, are truly “dumb”. i really don’t get people these days…

  25. David
    David at |

    Actually it’s realllllly easy to fake these photos now AND back then. Ever wonder why people didn’t used to smile in their photos? It’s because primitive cameras took a long time for film to register the light that creates a photo. People didn’t smile because it was hard to hold it for the minute or two while their photo was taken. If you DID move in one of these photos it would create a blur or a shadow or faint image or a person. Search how to make a coffee can camera and you can EASILY do this yourself. You can create really cool images (with the right tools, you will need access to a dark room) that look extremely ghosty.

    I want to believe in ghosts but until one kicks me in the face I’m not going to.

  26. ed
    ed at |

    In these times, with all the people carrying camera phones, you would think there would be more ufo and ghost pictures.
    Wonder why not.

  27. Aaron
    Aaron at |

    In number three, how could somebody take the photo if the house was empty? And why would somebody take a picture of an empty chair.

    1. annie
      annie at |

      i agree with you

  28. Jose
    Jose at |

    i believe that theres something like a ghost, maybe just energy, but these pictures do not show me anything. specially because if you notice it, some of them are picture of stuff like a set of stairs. or a tree (not even a nice tree), it just seems like they were taken to be photoshopped.. or an old school version of photoshop.

  29. jonnycakes
    jonnycakes at |

    i’m not an expert on photos or anything, but some of them are interesting for sure. A photo that didn’t make the list that I always found intriguing was one taken by Harry Houdini at a lady’s funeral. He made a career out of debunking the “paranormal,” and apparently this was the only time he could offer no explanation. Supposedly they had ruled out the possibility of human/camera error for some reason.

  30. Marv
    Marv at |

    Just read a great investigative article on the Watertown photos. Upshot is that the faces are pasted in, and extra stanchions are pasted in over the cut lines. A little airbrushing to provide continuity with the waves, and there you have it. Instant ghost faces. By the way, the author of the article found the original specs for the tanker, and calculated that the faces would have each been as large as a full-grown person.


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