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  • Marnie

    I think Keith Mars from "Veronica Mars" should be on the list, too.

  • kellie


    im gonna shove my foot up your ass

    so wheres red foremen? clearly anything from that 70s show is the best

  • The Blackbird

    This list sucks. Why are they all goody-two-shoes dads? My top three would be Al Bundy (Married with Children), Archie Bunker (All in the Family) and Homer Simpson (The Simpsons).

    • Zach Gillette

      I agree.

  • paddy

    jack geller from friends should be here as well… (: he's so funny (:

  • Tamara


  • Lida

    Fred McMurray, My three sons: He adopted the youngest son ernie, and continue to let his oldest son, Robbie and daughter-in-law and the triplets live with him. Great dad. Also, Family Affair, Uncle Bill raised his brother’s orphaned twin children Buffy and Jodie. That made him a great dad.

  • Candy

    What about Little House on the Prairie’s Charles Ingalls? He was the best father by far…. he guided his children with love, strength, and compassion. In fact he was a leader and moral compass for nearly everyone on the show, and not in an overbearing way. He was amazing!

    And Deep Space Nine’s Benjamin Sisko. He was amazing with Jake. Old fashioned values in the new frontier. Love him!

  • TruStory

    I think Uncle Phil was a damn good dad too. Lawyer to judge and being the father to Will when his own didnt want’em.

  • LoLo

    Dan Conner on Roseanne.