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Giving to charity is something that is seen as generous, responsible, and extremely caring. Many people donate money to certain charities that they hold close to them. Others will chip in their piece of charity by completing volunteer work at soup kitchens or working at a homeless shelter, or even volunteering at a local SPCA. However, in today’s world, as economic situations are tough and less people have the extra time or money to donate to charity it is even more important that we show we care by helping others through charitable causes.

It is said that in 2009, charity donations will drop about 5.6%. This is a very steep drop as the need for charity donations is on the rise. Because of this, companies and charity sponsors have come up with more creative ways to give back. Since Internet usage is booming, many charities have come up with websites that raise money to provide donations, whether they are food, clothing, shelter, or just money.

Below is a list of 10 charity websites anyone can visit in order to give back. This list isn’t for advertising reasons, but if you ever have a few spare minutes while on the ‘net, check a few of them out.

10. Race to Stop Violence Against Women

Violence against women in cultures throughout the world seems to be an ever-growing problem. The website provides a button that you click that donates money so that women are able to write and send letters, explaining their abuse and situation in hopes for the problem to come to the forefront. Visit the site.

9. Race for the Oceans

Our oceans are slowly depleting, leaving marine life in plenty of danger. With a few clicks you generate money that is given towards saving our oceans. The website donates money towards saving marine life and hoping to turn the health of our oceans back around. Visit the site.

8. Free Flour

Freeflour.com - Trending Windows 10 and Android Tips

Flour seems like something that isn’t so important, but in today’s world, many countries are in need of it, as homeless and less fortunate people use it to make common foods like bread. The website offers a trivia game where each correct answer supplies a spoonful of flour. With 100 spoonfuls, you donate enough flour to make an entire loaf of bread. Visit the site.

7. Prevent Breast Cancer

In recent months, breast cancer awareness has almost become a fad, with pink becoming the new black. With this website, a few clicks help to raise money for Breast Cancer Fund, in order to supply money for cancer research, testing, and outreach programs around the world. Visit the site.

6. The Rainforest Site

The Rainforest Site

The rainforest has long been a problem for many countries around the world. Rain forests are being cut down and more and more exotic animals are losing their habitat and becoming extinct. By just clicking the button, you are able to protect acres of rainforest land by donating money to the Rainforest Conservation Fund and other foundations that protect rainforest land. Visit the site.

5. Trivia for Charity

This website allows you to pick a charity in which you’d like to donate money to. The website is relatively new, but allows you to donate to homeless animals, cancer research, or homes for those in needs. The website offers a trivia game and each correct answer totals more money towards your chosen charity. Visit the site.

4. The Animal Rescue Site

The Animal Rescue Site

If you’re one that loves animals and would love to give back, the Animal Rescue Site is a great way to donate a little bit of your time. A few clicks go a long way on the website. Each click donates food that is given to animal shelters and clinics around the world in order to provide for homeless animals. Visit the site.

You can also try Free Kibble which is a trivia game that provides food for homeless animals.

3. The Hunger Site

The Hunger Site

World hunger has been something that countries have been trying to end for decades. Sadly, numbers for those having to deal with hunger and starvation haven’t decreased much. With the Hunger Site, you easily click a button that donates food to those in need. Since its establishment, the website has been able to donate over 657 million cups of food throughout the world. Visit the site.

2. Free Poverty

Have you ever wanted to learn your world geography while still being able to give back to the needy? Free Poverty allows just that. The website is a geographical game that anyone can play. No matter if you get the answer right or not, you are still able to donate a cup of water. If you do get an answer correct, you donate 10 cups of water. The website donates clean water to locations where fresh water is scarce or not available at all. Visit the site.

1. Free Rice


Free rice is the first charity website that I came across today. The website provides a game for users to play. You can choose between many different types of games. But while you’re having fun and maybe even learning a few things, for each answer you get correct, you’re also donating grains of rice to poor countries. In May 2009 alone, Free Rice was able to donate 1,403,545,670 grains of rice. Visit the site.

Honorable Mention Charity Websites:

Jog Green – Play a game to donate trees to Africa
http://www.care2.com/click2donate – List of all charities that provide click2donate.

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  1. Great post! we looked at some of these when we designed our site. I would like to recommend http://www.dollarpermonth.org cool site with a pretty cool concept. We set this up so that members vote for their favorite charities. DPM posts information about the charities to help you evaluate each and make a decision. DPM has already carefully evaluated all three charities to ensure the charities are reputable, legitimate, making a positive impact on the world and that the vast majority of donations will go directly to the cause. After reviewing the charities, you vote for your favorite charity. The winning charity receives 50% of the community donations, the 2nd charity receives 30%, and the 3rd charity receives 20% – no charity loses. To date we have raised about 50k for charity

  2. Really amazing list…. our company supports about 10 different NGO’s in our city.. and it definitely makes a difference..
    There is hope, love and respect for everyone out there.. there are people who do care..

  3. I’m really glad to read this post because it’s very informative and I truly agree with your list. By the way, I also want to add http://www.wheelsforwishes.org because of their commitment to grants wishes to children facing a life-threatening or critical illness and for me that’s really awesome.

  4. They are all creative. The only site in the list I've visited before is the first one. But still don't know where 's the money the site buy rice while all users just come and play for free.

  5. We know that most of non profit groups rely on volunteers and usually lack funds for their online presence. Only a few can afford to hire a designer to do a website for their organization.

    Terapad recently launched new sets of website templates for charity groups to setup their online presence. Only few charity groups have good websites and we believe that the charity website designs available can give them what they need with a nice design too.

    • Well, you have a nice list there of various charities. I never heard of Race for the oceans. That is important cause because of the BP oil spill. I prefer to donate my clothes to Goodwill and Salvation Army. I donate my old furniture to Easter Seals. I give my money to church when I can and Veterans. It makes me feel so good to help others. My advice is to think about what you care about the most. I am sure there is a reputable charity you can donate to!

  6. I am picky when giving to charites but I do give all of my old stuff that is in good order to the good will or salvation army. Also I try to give to my friends and relatives who need it when I can. I have learned over the years that you cannot trust a lot of the charities you do see because they take most of the money for themselves. Have you seen the latest that 1 billion people are starving? The more money and food you give a population the more people are born to eat that food. I know that sounds harsh but is true. I hope you don’t hate me. I learned that in biology class in college. It is true. Look at mexico. When we helped them (America) the population grew to where the money and food was, not the other way around. I hate that that happens. What needs to happen is get clean water. Like that britta water packet that cleans dirty water. It is 50 cents a packet and cleans shoot i don't rem but it takes all the dirt out of the water and settles it to the bottom so that you can drink what is on top. That would b e so much better than giving money. Drought and climate change and population explosion is the biggest problems we face.

  7. Rowen,

    I know that Free Flour is a new website, so I'm not exactly sure what charities, but I doubt it's just an attempt to copy what Free Rice does.

    I tried to use Google, but I think because it's so new not much is out there about it.

    Anyways, thanks for reading.

  8. Hey, such a great list! And I love Freerice. But wanted to point out that Freeflour is an attempt to copy Freerice, and so far I can't find out who they actually give the donations too (they don't actually say … let me know if I'm wrong, but I've looked and can't find any info).

    Whereas I know for fact that 100% donations from Freerice go the world food programme: http://www.wfp.org/how-to-help/individuals/freeri

  9. I learned about the Free Rice one quite a while ago. I played it forever and loved learning and giving grains of rice. I cannot remember how much I won, donated but it is great fun. Somewhere I saw a gentleman who had wrote a program that would play it for you. I don't know if that is fair or not I never downloaded it or not.

  10. Women have been subjected to violence throughout history, and although this horrendous action is condemned by all societies, it is still prevalent in many, especially the third world countries. In a survey carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2005, out of the ten counties surveyed, more than 50 percent of women in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Peru and Tanzania reported having been subjected to physical or sexual violence by intimate partners, with figures reaching a staggering 71 percent in rural Ethiopia. Only in Japan, less than 20 percent of women report incidents of domestic violence.