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  1. Ben
    Ben at |

    Literally all of these have been proven to be hoaxes.

  2. mike may
    mike may at |

    i graduated from sayre area high school never hearing of the ‘horned skulls’ dicovery, of course, in a conservative small borough as it was, i shouldn’t wonder why. interesting topic though, i would love to find the area they made the discovery. if i were to guess i would say the discovery was made on or around ‘spanish hill’. the hill was supposedly created to bury the gold brought with spanish explorers with the dirt from sayre pond area, cool story, but other stories are told that sayre itself was barely existant above water between the rivers

  3. JustaReader
    JustaReader at |

    Though I am not sure of the authenticity of any of these discoveries I do find number five to be personally intriguing as my personal religion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints(yes the Mormon Church), believes that a Hebrew family came to the Americas and that the Book of Mormon is a record of their history. Once more I am not sure of the authenticity andI merely stastating the interesting coincidence.

  4. murali don
    murali don at |

    Yesterday, an alien artifact was discovered in the HinduKush mountains. It clearly proves that Hinduism is the oldest and the only genuine religion in the world.

  5. esther kezia
    esther kezia at |

    All of you does not know anything. I knows very very much. Aliens coming now.

  6. koo look
    koo look at |

    Yesterday, I spoke to an alien. He was from the constellation of Virgo. He says that his people have been planting such artifacts for the last 100 million years


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