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  • Bippy123

    now I don’t know about the other 9 but outside lugnut it’s amazing the amount of ignorance that skeptics show on the shroud of Turin. The c-14 dating of the shroud was debunked a long time back, and it wasn’t debunked by armchair skeptics but by an agnostic of all people, the late ray Rogers the famed Los Alamos chemist, who was originally a skeptic of the shroud but towards the end of his life started to believe in the authenticity of the shroud.

    If you want to see an atheist look silly and unscientific just have him talk about the shroud. The funniest comment here is that it was created by divinci lol. Any serious shroud researcher could debunk this silly theory in a minute. The Hungarian pray codex pic which depicts the shroud complete with it’s unique herringbone weave and the poker holes is undisputedly dated to the late 1000’s which by itself blows away the divinci theory, but the coup de GRAS is the sudarium of Oviedo which forensic experts have determined that both it and the shroud touched the same body at very close time intervals.

    This fact alone blows away the c-14 test because the history of the sudarium is indisputable going back to the late 6th century.

    there are mountains of scientific peer reviewed research available on the shroud that points towards authenticity and the only scientist on the sturp team that said it was a painting was walter (couldn’t get one peer reviewed research article passed) mccrone and he was (you guessed it) an atheist.

    Lugnut was correct in saying that is the leading authority on shroud research and has all of the peer reviewed research articles available on the shroud and they present both sides very well.

    The enea 5 year research that came out is especially exciting since it shows that some of the properties of the image can be created only by an ultra violet laser and to creat the full head and body image you would need a laser the size of a building with the power of 33000 billion watts of energy.

    This doesn’t even come close to producing the other amazing effects of the shroud image including the xray qualities of the hand and parts of the skull.

    a good starter book on the shroud , even though it’s a bit outdated is the resurrection of the shroud by mark antonacci who is a lawyer that was an agnostic 20 years ago that got into an argument with his then Christian girlfriend and was determined to show her that Christianity was a fairy tale and he decided he would start with the shroud. To make a long story short 20 years of research later he came to believe in the authentic of the shroud and converted to Christianity.

    This is a great starter book also for open minded agnostics and seekers, not for dogmatic atheists because as I said, research what atheists say about the shroud and you will see how quickly they become unscientific I their statements and resort to looney conspiracy theories.

    • Jägermeister

      This Hungarian pray codex, the one with NO herring bone pattern, NO image of Jesus, NO mention of an image of Jesus in the text, but unlike the shroud of Turin, has 4 interlocking pyramids on one side, and crosses on the other?

      The c14 dates were NOT debunked, Rogers just came up with different results. This is hardly surprising, as he used samples obtained in an unscientific manner; he used an inaccurate test based on an experiment using constant temperatures (emphasis on the ‘constant’); neglects that the shroud was tested by boiling in oil and water (which would skew Roger’s results); he presumed the shroud stayed ‘cool’ in the 1532 fire; and he referenced a none peer reviewed paper.

      Rogers may have got his paper peer reviewed, but there is a good reason why no one uses it instead of c14 tests. Perhaps if you had actually read Rogers paper instead of just blathering on in an ‘unscientific’ manner.

      The rest of your blather is just looney conspiracy theories.

  • SemiProBBQ

    You should’ve included the Baigong Pipes on this list

  • Chris Redmond

    Interesting list, with predictable comments by some of your readers.

    Interesting how many seem able to dismiss every one of the provided discoveries as being a hoax, because doubt has been cast on certain aspects by other members of the scientific community, as if the mainstream scientific community are some all knowing entity when history has proved this to be be incontrovertibly true.

    I’ve no doubt the vast majority of such discoveries are indeed hoaxes, but am under no illusion that when something goes against accepted mainstream science, those on the side of mainstream science are not the objective, critical collective they purport to be in many cases.

    Very entertaining site however so thanks for providing the list.

  • Marty

    I hate religion! it just slows down research! and rewrites a false history!

    • hunter

      I hate to break it to you, Mr. Scientific, all scientists are NOT atheists in lab coats who argue about the theory of evolution on the internet. You know nothing about science or religion.

  • Michael

    Some of those weren’t real dinos. This is in no way evidence of the co-existence of humans and dinos, as least no more than it is proof of the co-existence of people and dragons.

  • Marty

    Bippy123 ,, The Shroud is a fake made in the Middle ages. As you can clearly see showing a white Jesus! Jesus would of looked similar to Osama Bin Ladin (no offence) The secrets of Christian technology to cover up there long lasting lie! the Bible! stealing inventors technology and then creating the Shroud.

  • 169

    The Shroud was indeed made in the medieval dates! to say it was made by a billion watts of energy is a laugh! and to convert to Christianity would not be due to the research of the Shroud
    that is closely guarded and research by local Scientists (payed off, monitored, threatened by the church)

    According to the art historian Nicholas Allen the image on the shroud was formed by a photographic technique in the 13th century.[138] Allen maintains that techniques already available before the 14th century—e.g., as described in the Book of Optics, which was at just that time translated from Arabic to Latin—were sufficient to produce primitive photographs, and that people familiar with these techniques would have been able to produce an image as found on the shroud. To demonstrate this, he successfully produced photographic images similar to the shroud using only techniques and materials available at the time the shroud was made. He described his results in his PhD thesis,[139] in papers published in several science journals,[140][141] and in a book.[142]
    Lynn Picknett has written a book proposing that Leonardo da Vinci had faked the Shroud.[143][144] Picknett and Larissa Tracy appeared on a Channel 5 (UK) TV program that claimed the Shroud to be the oldest known surviving photograph.[144] The program claimed that da Vinci used a real corpse, treated it with chemicals and then exposed it in an early form of camera obscura to obtain the image.[144] However John Jackson, director of the Turin Shroud Centre of Colorado dismissed these hypotheses.[144] Jackson et al. have argued that a double photographic exposure, needed in that case, should have considered the distances and in this case there would be areas of photographic superimposition with different lights and shades. The distances on Shroud instead correspond to the body position.[145]

    • 169

      “””””””””John Jackson””””
      Corrupted by Church – FACT!

  • Skeptiktank

    Holy mackeral guys did you see the info on that Turin website, all of the scientists are now having to take back all claims that the shroud was a medieval forgery! And that any and all ideas saying it was a forgery are now outdated and useless! Wow! The experts went on to state that the image itself was not produced by any form of art and by any they mean any of a list containing every kind, like think of one and it wasn’t used, now think of all and none were used. Also the cloth of the shroud itself was from Jerusalem, even particles of pollen on the cloth were found to also come from Jerusalem. Kinda fishy though, how would they (these scientists) know where pollen or a 2k old cloth came from. Also if they are such experts how would they know that it wasn’t some form of art. Just because carbon dating has been supposedly proven wrong since they did the dating tests in 1988 doesn’t mean the shroud is not some kind of fake, even the archbishop of Turin said the carbon dating proved it was a fake! If the archbishop of Turin from 1988 the same place the shroud is named for (Turin!) agrees with 1988 carbon dating means he knows more about the cloth than he is letting on he knew it was a fake before they ever showed up and was now confirmed on what he alreay knew!

  • I am an experimental film scientist who is published in the New World Encyclopedia article Veil Of Veronica. In 2011 I discovered the positive photographic image of an alive Jesus Christ about to be crucified in the Vatican St Peters Veronica Veil which looks like the face in the Shroud of Turin. You may be interested in including the photograph. I authorise permission to your site to copy it from my web site and include it here thanks Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello

    • andrea

      yeah. i am not convinced of the truths on your page.

  • Hi I was in Panama recently and the ark of the covenant was discovered. The lost city of El Dorado is discovered in Chiriqui Panama. It is quiet interesting to see who is now taking responsibility for the exciting news.

  • koo look

    Yesterday, I spoke to an alien. He was from the constellation of Virgo. He says that his people have been planting such artifacts for the last 100 million years

  • esther kezia

    All of you does not know anything. I knows very very much. Aliens coming now.

  • murali don

    Yesterday, an alien artifact was discovered in the HinduKush mountains. It clearly proves that Hinduism is the oldest and the only genuine religion in the world.

  • JustaReader

    Though I am not sure of the authenticity of any of these discoveries I do find number five to be personally intriguing as my personal religion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints(yes the Mormon Church), believes that a Hebrew family came to the Americas and that the Book of Mormon is a record of their history. Once more I am not sure of the authenticity andI merely stastating the interesting coincidence.

  • mike may

    i graduated from sayre area high school never hearing of the ‘horned skulls’ dicovery, of course, in a conservative small borough as it was, i shouldn’t wonder why. interesting topic though, i would love to find the area they made the discovery. if i were to guess i would say the discovery was made on or around ‘spanish hill’. the hill was supposedly created to bury the gold brought with spanish explorers with the dirt from sayre pond area, cool story, but other stories are told that sayre itself was barely existant above water between the rivers