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  1. Sean
    Sean at |

    Goddess Kali used to kill bad people and was symbolized as victory of good over evil that is why she is still worshipped and please update your facts human sacrifices are long ago banned in India.

    1. m
      m at |

      Just cuz some thing is banned does not mean it doesn’t happen..i reads about it happening a few her ago

    2. Vikrant
      Vikrant at |

      Goddess Kali Killed the Demons or Asuras …she never killed humans…

  2. skywatcher
    skywatcher at |

    No Yahweh? He destroyed everybody in the WHOLE FREAKING WORLD except for some people on a boat. That ought to put my guy right up at the top of the list.

    1. Christina
      Christina at |

      This list only include gods that received human sacrifices. Yahweh did not. He killed sinners with his own powers, and while he once he demanded a sacrifice of a child, he did not actually receive it.

      1. Jon
        Jon at |

        except his own son of course.

  3. Erin Rose Latta
    Erin Rose Latta at |

    I’ve been reading about the Druids and there’s actually a speculation that they burned people in wicker men…a lot of historians speculate Romans made that ritual up.

  4. Erin Rose Latta
    Erin Rose Latta at |

    I also want to say…Kali is the goddess of death and transformation. She’s fierce, but she’s an incarnation of the goddess Parvati, who is the goddess of motherhood. Technically, Kali isn’t her own goddess. Stop getting your facts from the Temple of Doom and actually read a damn book about her history.

  5. Mac
    Mac at |

    Actually both Kali and parvati are from durga
    Kail was created from durgas third eye
    And parvati is a earthly incarnation of durga
    But very true about Kali she killed demons not humans and it is such a terrible fact that it seems in today’s world that almost everyone thinks she is some blood thristy vampire and a terrible misunderstanding about the age of Kali Yuga as this Kail is a demon and masculine not like maa Kali who is to some a universal mother and the cause of all including the birth of the gods and goddesses of ancient traditions

  6. Raj
    Raj at |

    Writer forget to mention the most bloodthirsty God “Allah” whose followers are spreading terror and destruction for over the years.


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