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  1. Louis Alexandre Simard
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    In post number 7 there seems to be a little confusion.
    First in the part called The Plot the author writes: ‘After the Cuban Missile Crisis, The American government began to suspect that this Castro fellow in Cuba might be up to no good. So the U.S. military with help from the CIA, slapped a plan together’ but at the end of the ‘If it did happen’ part he then writes: ‘And since this was to be done before the Cuban Missile Crisis, that whole debacle would have been averted’. So! Was Operation Nortwood a plan that was developed after the Cuban Missile Crisis therefore also after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion by the US as a way to manufacture a smoking gun which would’ve enabled the US to have U.N. approval and allies for a legit invasion of Cuba or was it a illegal and highly unethical preemptive plan put in place which would’ve used the blood of innocent dead Americans and other false alarm pretenses to manufacture con its Allies and the U.N. into a joint invasion of a sovereign state.

    According to Wikipedia ‘The document [Operation Northwoods] was presented by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on 13 March 1962. The failed Bay of Pigs invasuon was in may 1962 and The Cuban Missile Crisis took place in October 1962.

    So from those dates we can make an educated guess that after putting down Operation Nortwoods in March 1962 Kennedy went ahead and approved a quickly and poorly planned invasion of Cuba only 2 months later in may 1962 which came to he known as a debacle called The Bay Of Pigs. Then 5 months later the USSR sent boats with missiles and nuclear heads to be installed in Cuba in order to gain a nuclear strike capability against the US which it did not have at the time. The US did have nuclear strike capabilities against the USSR with its bases in Western Germany and various other European countries.

    When you look at it this way it kinda looks like the US is the aggressor and Cuba and the USSR are just trying to Kevel the playing field and defend themselves.

  2. Louis Alexandre Simard
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    Sorry for the typos everyone. I typed this rather long comment on my phone.

  3. Steve
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    Ah yes, Operation Vegetarian.. (which killed a lot of Sheep) so, we invaded Iraq, for Weapons of Mass Destruction, YET we were prepared to use biological warfare against Germany! At least when Saddam Hussein used Sarin against the Kurds, he knew he was going to kill people. However, when we were prepared to use biological weapons against Germany, it was, “Let`s hope it kills them.” which is sick.

    1. 5minutes
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      War changes and our sense of ethics evolves. Keep in mind that while the biological warfare is distasteful to us today, back then it really wasn’t a big deal because we were in a war for the survival of the world threatened by one of the biggest maniacs ever to sit in a leadership position of a major nation.

      Today, not so much.

  4. merl
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    Another reason that Switzerland would have hard to take is that the entire country is full of hidden fortifications, even some houses are used as bunkers or vice versa.

    1. Elrond
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      Another likely reason Germany didn’t invade Switzerland is that the Swiss had booby-trapped the tunnels through the Alps which were the main connection between Germany and Italy. The Swiss let German trains go through; had they blown up the tunnels, German access to Italy would have been significantly hindered.

  5. Lee Standberry
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    Informative list, i wasn’t familiar with many of these proposed operations.

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    very good list. It was interesting


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