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  1. Chris Johnston
    Chris Johnston at |

    Hey! What about Abe Vigoda? He should be near the top of this list!

  2. jess
    jess at |

    also, more recently, jeff goldblum.

    the colbert report did a marvelous parody of the whole situation just yesterday.

  3. Marco Melanson
    Marco Melanson at |

    Classical composer Joseph Haydn was declared dead in 1805 upon the death of his brother. He’s the one that comes to me first when we speak of people who have read their own obituary.

  4. Michael Woodson
    Michael Woodson at |

    Abe Vagoda and John Astin

  5. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    How about Mikey from the 70’s Life Cereal commercial. He apparently downed a bag of “pop rocks” candy and swallowed it down with a can of soda and his stomach exploded. He is still living and doing fine.

  6. Krullanton
    Krullanton at |

    The Queen Mother Elizabeth died in 2002 the Elizabeth you’re refering to is Elizabeth II

  7. Stephen Cook
    Stephen Cook at |

    Groucho Marx, in a Playboy interview, said the New York Times allowed him to read his obituary, as they make up obituaries in advance. He said he offered to punch it up for them, but they declined. They should have let him do it. It would have been one of the most quoted obituaries ever.


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