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  • Steve

    This list doesn’t make any sense, it sounds like the whining rambles of a jealous guy.

  • ParusMajor

    Good way to keep yourself celibate for the rest of your life: avoid any women with problems (i.e. all of them).

  • David

    Carrie Underwood has been married to Mike Fisher a player in the NHL since 2010. I have not once heard a peep about anything amiss in their marriage either.

    • Kyle

      shouldn’t marriage be enough of a reason to avoid a woman?

      • Kyle

        sorry not avoid, avoid being romantically involved…

  • Keith Watabayashi

    I’m a waiter in Hollywood and I have had the absolute pleasure of waiting on Kelly Osbourne (and her mom), Carrie Underwood and Megan Fox. They were all very nice, polite, patient and generous tippers. Megan Fox is very shy, Carrie Underwood has excellent taste in wine and Kelly Osbourne is outgoing and awesome, although I will say her entourage of friends sometimes show up without her and they all suck.

    I thought this list would be funny and offer some researched anecdotes. I can say, from direct experience, to stay away from Angie Harmon; crazy coked out psycho with moronic baked husband. Nice people. But they party too hard for your average bear…

    • Peter Boucher

      @ Keith. You being a waiter, how about this for a scenario to wait on at the same table. Courtney Love and Bjork. That would be a challenge straight out of hell. I used to work as a stagehand and toured the Northeast part of the United States. I worked for 3 1/2 years at that job and then hung it up. The worst two were Mariah Carey (that should speak for itself) and believe it or not, Tori Amos had a bit of a mean streak in her. Much to my surprise, one of the nicest ladies I had the opportunity to meet was Cher. Very polite and ladylike and she Thanked me for my compliments to her. However, she was heavily guarded by her entourage of bodyguards but they seemed to trust me.

  • Peter Boucher

    Very, Very serious omission…………….SNOOKI !!! And another one that comes to my mind (and this is for the older folks), Jennifer O’Neill (“Movie : Summer Of ’42”). At the age of just 44 she had divorced her 7th husband. Where’s Liz Taylor when you need her !!! And though she’s at the point of being mummified, Zsa Zsa Gabor (Her sister Eva, now she was an elegant and beautiful woman).

  • ess

    all these women are damaged goods. i wouldn’t touch them with a 10 ft poll. i believe classy is utterly sexy. these women have none. some men like pigs.

    • ParusMajor

      10ft “poll”? Do You mean “pole” or are you referring to some kinda .. ehm… electional poll vaulting? Besides, do you even think you would GET as close as 10ft to any of these women without security kicking your butt? “Damaged goods”? Yeah, right.

  • brian

    10 Speculation that she might have something to do with the end of her show? Not exactly great reasoning

    9 didnt shave her head in a fit of rage…clearly you didnt watch the video. she was laughing the whole time.

    8 She isnt overrated…nobody claims that shes a great tennis player. She is just hot.

    7 More speculation

    6 A bunch of stuff about her past that isnt relevant to your reasoning. Then you just discrimate against her for having a disease. (good one)

    5 Speculation and discrimation against having a disease (good one)

    4 neither carrie underwood nor taylor swift is carly simon

    3 I’ll give you that one only because I hate her

    2 more speculation that she is lying

    1 Because her ex husband has a stupid look on his face?

    • Peter Boucher

      @ Brian. I love that list as its concise, astute on your part and some of them are funny. I do have one question though on Anna Kournakova, though she never won a tournament or coming not even close to a singles Grand Slam Tournament, didn’t she win some big titles in playing in the doubles format of the game ? Just curious. Again, a very observant list that you have posted.

      • ParusMajor

        Yes, Anna Kournikova has won at least Australian Grand Slam doubles in 1999 and 2002 with Martina Hingis as her partner.

    • ParusMajor

      OK, I’ll do this one by one, too, since you did:

      10. I would do her, now that she’s not a minor any more.
      9. She was laughing while she was shaving her head? Well, I would still do her if her hair has grown back. But I would keep a kitchen knife under my pillow, just to be safe.
      8. No, I wouldn’t touch her, just out of respect for Sergey Fedorov (a hockey legend).
      7. Oh, I would absolutely do her! She’s Ozzy’s daughter! Ozzy is a legend, but too demented by now to come after me for ravishing his daughter! 🙂
      6. Oh, I would definitely do Pamela, but with a rubber. Hepatitis C … bad, mmkay?
      5. Hmm, not sure if I’d do her. Can she act s*ex?
      4. OK, I didn’t get this one.
      3. I HATE THAT B… person! “Catchy” songs? I would say annoying.
      2. Too skinny and muscly for a lady. I wouldn’t have abused her, had I been her coach.
      1. Well… who cares? Come to Daddy, Kim! 😀

      • brian

        The article states that you should avoid dating carrie underwood because carly simon wrote songs about her ex. didnt make sense to me either. Hep C is not a sexually tranmitted disease

        • ParusMajor

          Oh wait… Hep C isn’t a sexually transmitted disease? Where’s Pam’s e-mail address?!?!???

        • Kyle

          It says nothing about the reason being Carly Simon it brings her up as an example. Have you heard any of their songs I’d like to bring up We are never getting back together and Before He Cheats now imagine your name being added to these songs and sung to women all over the world and wonder if you would still like to be with them.

  • Peter Boucher

    The great and legendary comedienne Mae West said it best, “I think marriage is a great institution, but I don’t think that I am ready for an institution yet !”. She lived to be 87 and never got married. Look her up, that woman was no dummy !!

  • Matt

    Men can’t resist???? They are all very resistable..Kardashian is an annoying pain in the butt, as is Osborne. Can’t stand any of the women.