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  1. redstick at |

    Good list. I remember most of these. Fonda especially impressed my — a cold, utter psychopath And Leone was right about the light blue eyes. Chilling…. Andy Griffith was playing far against type in “A Face in the Crowd” An aw, shucks, good ol’ boy monster. An amazing jhob.

  2. Anonymous at |

    I played Ronald Reagan in a 4th grade “wax museum” at school.


  3. Anonymous at |

    Frank Sinatra a good guy?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Mr. Frank ‘make yourself at home Frank. Hit somebody” Sinatra? Just one example, sometime in the 1950s he paid somebody to hit author Dominick Dunne in the face, because Frankie-boy felt tv people shouldn’t be allowed in the same places as movie people! Frank Sinatra, one of the good guys? He was a mean, miserable, coward, who bullied and browbeat people knowing they couldn’t fight back!


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