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  1. alliexxxlove
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    too bad it’s all boring as hell, cultural importance aside.

  2. JillDub
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    This was an interesting list, and I enjoyed reading it. There’s only one fatal flaw in it:

    “Speaking of Dracula, it was also ruled that Bram Stoker had plagiarized that story during its initial release, and all copies were ordered destroyed. Thus the book, and any surviving trace of the film adaptations is technically, on the books, still an illegal copy.”

    Nosferatu was the (admittedly great) ripoff of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and it was Bram Stoker’s estate that sued the makers of Nosferatu. Stoker didn’t plagiarize anything and to my knowledge there was no book version of Nosferatu. The point about pirating Nosferatu remains valid, however, so you might want to do a few edits, because otherwise this is a very interesting and well put together list.

    1. Dustin Koski
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      You’re right. I meant Murnau. Thank you.

  3. ParusMajor
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    Brilliant list! I liked it. 🙂 @alliexxxlove: YOU are boring as hell, cultural importance aside.

  4. ParusMajor
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    Oh, and JillDub is right, #4 is incorrect. Bram Stoker didn’t plagiarize anything, it was F.W.Murnau (who made the Nosferatu film without asking permission from Stoker’s estate).

  5. David Verney
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    The South Park bit really made me laugh


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