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  1. Geriausias
    Geriausias at |

    Some really nice facts I didnt know about US presidents.

  2. Bill
    Bill at |

    In 1960 John Kennedy defeated RICHARD Nixon…not ROBERT Nixon…Editors…heads up.

  3. Al
    Al at |

    I am wondering why 1976, Carter v. Ford isn’t on the list – Carter by 2% and 57 electoral votes. Based on the way the list in the article is arranged, in descending order of electoral vote margins, it should go right in between the elections of 1880 and 1888….

  4. Tom
    Tom at |

    This completely ignores the second John Adams – Thomas Jefferson contest in 1800, when almost all Electoral votes were chosen by the Legislatures of each state. Had roughly 200 votes not been cast in Manhattan for three state Assemblymen – largely unknown to history – which gave the Legislature’s majority to Jefferson’s party, Jefferson would have lost to Adams a second time, and that lovely memorial on the Tidal basin likely wouldn’t be there.
    Footnote – I say “largely unknown” state Assemblymen. In reality one was George Clinton, longest serving Governor of New York, Vice President under both Jefferson and Madison, first Vice President to die in office, and one of New York’s two contributions to statuary hall in the US Capitol. But he’s not known for the critical role he played in the state Assembly election that made Thomas Jefferson President.


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