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  • ed

    Saying Bo Jackson was a bust is like saying Gale Sayers is also. Jackson was turning into an awesome back, and his injury was a total fluke. A better choice there would be Brian Bosworth, who was way hyped and was never the same after Bo Jackson ran over him like he was a rag doll.

    • Ben

      Not to mention henonly played have the games in NFL career cause of basebal scheduel and one only people to win MVP of all-stat game and pro bowl in same year an injury shouldn't put you on this list

      • Little_Sam

        I totally agree that Bo Jackson should not be on this list and Brian Bosworth should be. Bo made Boz look like an incompetent fool — which Boz was. Bo may have played “second fiddle to Marcus Allen” at first, but Bo played “second fiddle” to no one after the first year or two. Bo in my opinion could have been in the Hall of Fame if he had not gotten injured. We will never know for sure. In any case Bo should not be on this list and Boz should.

  • Brian Bosworth would have been a good addition as would Ryan Leaf. The addition of Bo Jackson is worthy of consideration if only from the vast potential he had. The fact he was almost superhuman makes his total yardage of 4,000 seems like a failed NFL career, even if injuries were the culprit. His upside, as they say, was off the charts and he could have been one the best ever, but he is just a could-have-been story. That is what makes him a justified NFL bust.

  • The Third Chimp

    Jackson trucked boz

  • The Third Chimp

    Oh yeah bo's stats:

    38 games: 16 TDs – 5.4 yard average. He would have made it to the hall of fame had he not got injured.

    this list is a joke, like ryan leaf and tim couch.

  • Chris

    alot of these guys weren't supposed to be stars. how can you be a bust when you dont get drafted until the 5th or 7th rounds.

    what about Shuler, Leaf, Couch, Lawrence Phillips, Kijana Carter, Emtman?

  • Archie Griffin works with Wendy's & Heisman as the spokesperson for the Wendy's High School Heisman, a national high school award for seniors.

  • wags

    Bo's 4 year rushing stats are affected by the fact that he started all the seasons late because he was still playing baseball. Leaf or Couch are much better examples than Bo.

  • Dano

    I'm from Fresno, and David Carr was/is a complete bust as a pro. Used to think it was just poor protection, but he just can't handle the big times.

  • I'm not sure what I was surprised about more: Seeing Terry Baker on this list, or not seeing Brian Bosworth. Baker played before the days of "play me or trade me", and was forced to play in a scheme that he was ill-suited for. After a few years, he said to heck with it, and went on to become a successful corporate attorney in Portland.

    Bosworth just never lived up to the hype coming into the NFL. I'm not sure what his excuse was.

  • atticus

    Interesting list, but it's not complete without Mandarich or Couch. I would have put them both in the top 5.

  • Brett F.

    Ryan Leaf, Brian Bosworth, and Chris Weinke.

    Enough said

  • chadwicktron

    Hershel Walker ruined my Vikings for a long time.

  • Randle Lowrance

    Another name worth noting is one of my favorite college players with a failed attempt in the NFL is Eric Crouch of Nebraska. I was really pulling for that young man to go on and find success at the next level.

  • Chunky Charles

    I expected from the moment I entered this top ten list not only to see Ryan Leaf's name, but to see his name at either the #1 or #2 spot. Like many people already pointed out, he should have been on this list.

    I grew up in Montana and remember watching him play high school ball when I was just a kid. He did everything right (football wise) and was the perfect quarterback until he entered the NFL. He isn't just the biggest flop in football history, he is the biggest flop in SPORTS history.

  • Steve

    Bo Jackson and Archie Griffin have no business on this list. I'm a Bama fan, so I hate Auburn and the Small Ten as much as the next guy, but Jackson and Griffin both had some productive seasons in the NFL. Granted Archie never lived up to the hype of the only two time Heisman winner, but he was still only a late first rounder and SIX other RBs you've never heard of were taken before him in the 76 draft; Archie wasn't thought of very highly by NFL scouts….. And to have Bo on there is totally wrong. Dude was one of the best athletes to ever live, would have had an outstanding career in the NFL and MLB. Getting his hip knocked out of socket was just bad luck.

    You could have about 100 people on that list that were bigger busts than Jackson and Griffin. Where is Danny Wuerfel (or any other qb that played for Spurrier)? Ryan Leaf, Tony Mandarich, Brian Bosworth, Andre Bruce, Akili Smith, Cade McNown… any of those would have been better choices than Griffin or Bo.

  • Matt

    How can everyone forget Dan Majowski? Oh I see why…He was a bigger bust than half of the guys mentioned.

  • beannazi

    Ridiculous to put Bo Jackson on this list. So he backed up a HOFer his first two years? Big deal. The guy averaged 5.4 yards per carry for his career….that's better than Jim Brown. He was a unique talent that would have easily been in the all time top 10 backs if he stayed healthy.

    I wish clueless people would stop making football lists.

  • Tosin Kazeem

    1)Why is Bo Jackson on this list?

    2)Why is Ricky williams on this list? he's still playing and is just off a 1000 yard season

    3)What about guys like couch, leaf, howard etc.. leinart makes more sense to be on this list than jackson

  • sportsgal

    I agree that Bo Jackson and Ricky Williams don’t belong on this list. I believe Williams is amazing. He is still a productive runner despite having retired and returned.

  • sportsgal

    Oh yeah, and how can we leave out Lawernece Phillips? Much was expected of this RB coming out of Nebraska in 1996. All he did after that was rack up a rap sheet as thick as a phone book. Last I heard he was sentenced to 31 yrs in prison for beating his girlfriend and trying to run over some teenages.

  • ed

    bo jackson rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daveinus

    I agree that Ryan Leaf should be on the list, but how about the biggest bust in the last ten years: JaMarcus Russell. As a lifelong Raiders fan, the agony and anguish he brought to the organization will not be forgotten for many years to come.

  • Thomas

    “failed to perform up to expectations in the National Football League”
    I guess Leaf did perform to his expectations.

  • M233

    Wasn’t Art Schlichter the Redskins guy who ran into that wall absentmindedly for no reason and got a severe injury from it? I think so..

    • No, that happened many years later. I think it was Gus Ferrot.

  • Dale

    Ricky Williams is playing for the Baltimore Ravens.

  • Alex

    Ricky Williams ran for 10,000 yards in his nfl career… bust???

  • Bill

    Art Schlichter’s replacement at Ohio State was Mike Tomczak. Mike was a walk-on at the Bears 1985 training camp and got signed for being tough plus mean when mad. He managed to have a long NFL career playing for the Bears, packers, browns and steelers.