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  1. 5minutes
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    You forgot "Insanity".

  2. i want to believe
    i want to believe at |

    Ball lighnting only discovered 50 years ago? There ared ocumented reports of such phenomena in the XVth century when the boats of Portuguese sailors "suffered" with "Saint Tiago's fire" on their boat poles'.

    Other than that, i think this article should be shown to everyone who claims to haveseen an UFO.

  3. Bryan
    Bryan at |

    Interesting article, I agree with you that experimental military aircraft should be number one because that would help explain why the military so often intervenes when a UFO is reported. I think many UFO sightings can be explained with all of the objects mentioned on the list, but I don’t think it explains all of the supposed sightings. In 1986, Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 was flying over Alaska and an unexplained object was reported on U.S. radar. Captain Kenji Terauchi reported witnessing a UFO following him. He reported the craft was twice the size of an aircraft carrier.

    The term foo fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific Theater of Operations. During wartime, one could claim military research, but the reported round glowing balls and unidentified aircraft made impossible air maneuvers. Traveling at incredible speeds and then disappearing. I think many of the most believable reports have come from pilots, who can usually tell the difference between a UFO and many of the items mentioned on the list. Another interesting case is the sudden disappearance of Australian Frederick Valentich.

    “There was brief silence and then Frederick Valentich spoke his last words to aircraft control, "it is hovering and it's not an aircraft.” This was followed by 17 seconds of unidentified noise, described as being "metallic, scraping sounds,” then all contact was lost.

    Close encounters of the second kind are also interesting, which means the person claiming to have viewed the UFO has some physical harm. An interesting case is the 1980 Cash-Landrum Incident. There is also some information on space encounters, including the Columbia Space Shuttle STS-75 and the event surrounding the failure of the Tethered Satellite System.

  4. Dude
    Dude at |

    This is a good way to burst the bubble for the ufologist communities. Still, i believe in aliens but we will never ever get a chance to see them.

    1. vesey
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      just stand along the US-Mexican border at night and you will see plenty of aliens…………..

      1. Anonymous
        Anonymous at |

        Wow that’s lame

        1. Leslie Piper
          Leslie Piper at |

          Lamer. I’m not very far from the border. No aliens spotted, not even from Mexico, let alone another galaxy.

          We won’t see those. Our government wouldn’t let them use the restroom facilities,anyway. Theirs can’t be shaped like ours.

  5. Nabarun Ghoshal
    Nabarun Ghoshal at |

    Although it is almost certain that there must be some life form somewhere else in this universe composed of some 100 billion galaxies with billions of stars in each, it is almost certain at the same time that there wouldn't be any actual meeting of the lifeforms crossing the incredible gap of space-time between them. Dude is more than correct.

    1. Chance
      Chance at |

      Our planet is 4.6 billion years old, the universe (as we know right now) is 14 billion years old. What makes you think that an extremely advanced society doesn’t exist, and doesn’t have the capability to find our planet? Especially with us sending out radio waves into the universe on a constant basis, we are leading them to us. To go along with that, there have been sightings since humans were around. It goes back much farther than the 1900’s, we are not alone.

  6. nicoleredz3
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    Excellent. So true.

  7. Man
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    Lenticular Clouds is really cool to see

  8. Sarsour
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    People shouldn't trust all mainstream information around them, for all you know, this was probably some mass issued article demanded by the conspirators. That might sound stupid in your mind, but this is happening in all aspects of media and life around you, it is all controlled for a reason.

    Having mass disclosure about extraterrestrial life visiting our planet currently, is going to lead to a lost of credibility from the government who is trying to create a N.W.O, and loss of credibility from most religious claims, which is also a means of control the government truly benefit from.

    Whether its the Illuminati, the skulls or just some secret society well hidden, they understand that knowledge is power, and the easiest way to have the knowledge is by making sure the 'lesser ones' don't. Obviously this power does corrupt, and you wouldn't understand it unless you were truly in grasp of literally a whole planet.

    When you look for information, you have to examine what they say and what means they use to prove their claims. You have to see how sincere their speech is in order to gain credibility. The way they mention all reports about U.F.O's is also followed by a ridiculing factor in their attitude which you can hear in their claim or the way they say it such as " much to the chagrin of the UFO community ". Oh and the UFO community? these claims don't particularly come from a UFO community, those are thousands of claims from regular people, that don't particularly have initial belief in this phenomenon and then a group of UFO enthusiasts use this information to spread awareness.

    " The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence" this being that you haven't really seen any of the evidence or rather fall to direct claims of false sightings or misinformation. In truth, you can find the evidence everywhere. The internet has created this fluid flow of vast information coming from anybody, these gatekeepers can no longer control this flow of information, people are finding out about it everywhere now. It is becoming a mind control war, trying to keep the majority on the 'ridicule the fantasy' while others are going through a lot to let people know its out there.

    There is evidence, you just have no where to look. CNN, FOX and BBC, are merely screens in front of the reality to keep your mind on their terms of thought. They will never place the ideas to give any sort of credibility to any UFO claims let alone any real evidence , which you can find for yourself all over the internet. Yes, there are false videos, claims and stories out there from people who enjoy stirring up a crowd or getting some sort of attention, but you have to learn to tell the difference between the true and false. Not surprisingly, the most solid and backed up evidence is that which has least views and awareness, such as hundreds of videos all over Youtube.

    My point is just that you should keep awareness and understand that what you see and read is not always there to properly inform you, but a lot of times to properly control you.

    1. John
      John at |

      Brilliant post people need to start wakin up. Take care my brother

    2. vesey
      vesey at |

      it’s much easier to believe in aliens from outer space than to recognize one’s own mental illness…………wish you and the rest of the “true believers” well, you may even find the right medication to make it all better.

      1. Sarsour
        Sarsour at |

        You’ve really been productive and helpful with your comment, thanks for trolling.

        1. vesey
          vesey at |

          To live in a silly fantasy world of conspiracy IS a mental illness. You should take my advice and seek help. My comment is not trolling but a verbal smack in the face hoping that you and other childish people like you will eventually wake up. Doubt you will but i thought it was worth a try………….

    3. carrie
      carrie at |

      right on..if they told us all the truth do you realize what chaos that would cause..they know how the majority would behave..people are idiots not to mention it would bring on pure anarchy which is just not exceptable for the government..obviously..and then why not just let people believe in what they want no matter how obscure it is to another thats what peoples problem is always trying to prove the other wrong because its not what they believe..ridiculous

  9. Archie Zamora
    Archie Zamora at |

    This is just my personal opinion..

    As I understand it, UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. So whenever we see something that flies and we are not sure what it is, then it's definitely a UFO (because it's unidentified). If, for instance, someone threw a shiny ball and from a distance you saw the ball flying and because you are not sure what it is, then again it's a UFO. But if someone else sees it and recognized it as a ball, then it's not a UFO for that person. Just my opinion.. 🙂

  10. Marshall
    Marshall at |

    To those who think this article will burst a UFO believer’s bubble, I think you missed the final sentence which says that if you see something making crazy maneuvers in the sky, it’s likely NOT a man-made aircraft.

  11. tremayne
    tremayne at |

    You forgot “Aliens”

    1. aaron
      aaron at |

      i was hoping #1 would be aliens

  12. Gary
    Gary at |

    God said dont look to the skys for answers u wont find any answers there. The devil is the master of deception and has many workers and many that dont even relise. No ones better at makin things up then him, like evolution, theres no proof to this..

    1. aaron
      aaron at |

      please don’t bring religion into this…

      1. gary
        gary at |

        the devils is an explanation, he know how to fool us and will put manifestations of strange objects for us to b amazed by. this is one way he gets people to take there eyes of god. there is a hell and he willl try to take as many people down with him as poss. people whove came out of dark secret societys will tell u this. and god is not a religion he is a faith . religion is about money, anything not to do with god is religion.

        1. aaron
          aaron at |

          where in the bible did god “say” not to look to the sky for answers. These are still your religious values whether u label it as faith or religion makes no difference.

        2. Del
          Del at |

          Satan is described in the Bible as “The God of this system of things”, as such it’s important to recognize that the vast majority of mankind are being misled in one way or another away from the simple basic truths found in the True God Jehovah’s instruction manual for mankind, The Holy Bible. When turning to the true God for guidance one must sift through and discard all the pagan philosophies, traditions and customs adopted by Christendom from the ancients . The only group that has seriously attempted to cleans itself of such corruption despite enormous amounts of ignorant criticism are the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who by the way have published many realistic articles UFO’s, giving very effective explanations. Look one up and ask for a print out and you will be sure to find answers that make sense. And that goes for just about any subject. “Taste and see that Jehovah is good”. Psalms 34:8

  13. Top 10
    Top 10 at |

    I have heard of every one of these…except lenticular clouds…that’s a new one!

    1. wendy king
      wendy king at |

      Lenticular clouds are fairly common over mountains. Mt. Whitney often has lenticular formations, check Google images. But what I saw was no cloud, that’s for sure!

  14. Drew
    Drew at |

    You people all need to wake up and do some research. Explain to me the mysteries and lost pieces of our past. Explain all the mention of extraterrestrial visitation in both word and paint. DO. SOME. WORK.

  15. Zxarcc
    Zxarcc at |

    This is nonsense, I’m an alien and I’ve been to Earth many times


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