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  1. Dan at |

    NK Fairbanks had another racially offensive clenser product called Gold Dust with the Gold Dust Twins, “Goldie” and “Dustie”. The original (circa 1892) version of the twins was a standard drawing of two young African-American children cleaning up together in a washtub.

  2. Dennis at |
  3. Alice at |

    The in the fashion ad, the word “fashoin” is closer to “heroin,” instead of cocaine.
    Of course, nobody said that models can spell…

  4. Liz at |

    There was one recently in Soho that was pretty huge and showed an African-American woman and it said something along the lines of “the biggest threat to an unborn baby is its mother.” They took it down right away.

    1. Timeea at |

      Wow…disgusting. Who was the advertiser?

  5. Saine at |

    And in that ‘fashioin’ picture, the model on the left’s right nipple is exposed.

  6. Alex at |

    Aren’t some individuals simply too sensitive when it comes to sexism?

    I migth add

    Aren’t some individuals simply too sensitive when it comes to September 11 ?

  7. Suman at |

    Look around ppl,racism is present almost everywhere. Be it movies,music,politics,B.S Propaganda which are created just for selfish reasons. Racism is a sensitive topic and unfortunately we,the people haven’t gone the right way in dealing with it.

  8. Dennis at |

    Suman-yes I see that ad from 150 years ago. Can you give us an example of modern day racism in music, movies, politics,etc?

    1. Andrew at |

      When black people ridicule white persons in songs :(

  9. Aaron at |

    Haha I love the Duncan Quin one he looks so badass.


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