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  • Greg

    How could you not mention Joan Jett and the Blackhearts? “I Love Rock ‘n Roll”, “Do You Want To Touch Me”

  • Jordan

    I strongly feel Cum on Feel The Noize should be on here, considering I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody, (other than myself), who knows its originally done by Slade, and Quiet Riot covered it….

  • Veto

    I don’t know if you can truly say that Dolly’s version of “I Will Always Love You” was somehow less than Whitney Houston’s version. Dolly became the first artist to chart number one with the same song twice, taking it to the top of the country charts in both 1974 and 1982, with the 1982 version also reaching the 17th spot in the U.S. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary lists. The song came to the attention of Elvis Presley, but he wanted songwriter shares, which Dolly refused to give up and, subsequently, Elvis did not record the song. Many, including me, prefer the understated way that Dolly sang the song as it makes her version much sadder, much more reflective than the Houston song.

    Speaking of Elvis, one of his first hits was “Blue Moon of Kentucky”, which was a cover of Bill Monroe, the inventor of Bluegrass music and a “pioneer” in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…

  • zetje01

    How about:
    She’s not there: Santana covered The Zombies
    I put a spell on you: CCR covered Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
    Gangster/Pastime Paradise: Coolio covered Steve Wonder
    My Way: Sinatra covered Claude François (comme d’habitude)
    Viva Las Vegas: Elvis covered Mort Shuman

  • Francisco

    “Red red wine”, originally by Neil Diamond. UB40’s version is the well known one. “Twist and Shout” was covered by the Isley Brothers and more famously by the Beatles. This son was shake it up baby, by the Top Notes. Another one is “Love Hurts”, originally by The Everly Brothers also covered by Roy Orbison, but made most famous by the Nazareth cover.

  • Stephen

    Landslide by Buckingham/Nicks…

    rerecorded later under Fleetwood Mac.

    • Brian

      It is not a cover song when the person who writes still sings it, and is the only one to release it.
      Nicks wrote the song and still sang it as part of the band.

  • Rick Schechter

    I believe Linda Rondstat’s Poor Poor Pitiful Me was actually by Warren Zevon, and Santana’s Black Magic Woman was by Fleetwood Mac. And Springsteen’s original of “Blinded by the Light” is far superior to MMEB’s version, IMHO.