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  1. Walter
    Walter at |

    From the TV show "1000 Ways to Die". A lady had a pair of panties made out of candy necklaces (the elastic with the candy you bite off). Her lover was eating the candies when a piece of candy became lodged in their throat and died. It's sad but I did have to laugh.

    1. emzellla
      emzellla at |

      that would have been a strange position to die in…..o_o

  2. LunaticNeko
    LunaticNeko at |

    @toptenz I’d like to add another one: Participate in Red Shirt Protests when the Military promised to use Live Fire.

  3. Equalizer
    Equalizer at |

    Yes, I've seen all of these at that TV show "1000 Ways to Die"

  4. Hamid
    Hamid at |

    Death is destined, one just cannot predict when and where he/she would die, whether he/she would even be buried or else?

    And everyone has to taste death… ("kull un nafsun ziaqa tul maut") …Arabic) …from the Holy Quran…..

    As per our Islamic belief, when a human being is sent to this world, an angel visits him/her on the 70th day after conception, the angel just rolls up/folds the scroll about that human being. It is decided by Allah Almighty, right there and then about him/her, whether he/she would be a good (pious) person or otherwise, the other factor is the "RIZQ" This is what he/she would be earning in the form of money/food/life neccesities etc…….so when this decided "RIZQ" finishes, the person is transfered to the other world (the worldly name is death). So for us Muslims….Life is already destined as something like an ending line (the "RIZQ")..Life goes on and where this line finishes… the person is declared dead….

    I love this site because of its extensive research work and of its very balanced descriptions.

    Allah Almighty Has challenged the human beings to reverse the death…if he/she can……Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) brought life to some dead by the wish of Allah Almighty ( a miracle endowed by Allah Almighty to Prophet Jesus Christ (peace be upon him)

  5. Justin
    Justin at |

    #6. Sex – "suffered a severe case of death."


  6. dDeath
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    If you like these sorts of stories, then you will love the ebook Death by Misadventure: 210 Dumb Ways to Die, by the Story Consultant to 1000 Ways to Die. The book includes my favorite, a guy who died making love to his back hoe.


  7. Benjamin
    Benjamin at |

    When i Die i am going to ask all these people..lol you say ask this person who died…HOW CAN WE IF THEY ARE DEAD?

  8. Andrew X
    Andrew X at |

    I constantly feel I have to call bullshoot on “1000 ways to die”. One of them was a guy who got killed by a metorite from space…. at a party in Los Angeles. Does ANYone think that such a thing is going to happen, and no one is going to report it until that show?? There’s other stuff there that I am just not buying.

    But on the elvator front, here’s one that always freaked me out. There were huge rainstorms in Houston some years back, and a woman was told “the garage is flooding, better get down there and move your car”. So she did…. and wound up drowing in the freeking elevator! Imagine going from a reasonably normal day at work, to five minutes later your mind is correctly telling you you are about to die from drowning in the freeking elevator!!

    That is way messed up.

  9. Hiat
    Hiat at |

    There are way more cases of death by video games than these. Including murders, for games like WOW … -.-

  10. Hector
    Hector at |

    My friend died when she was writing, her pencil broke and a splinter when into her eye.After a while, she had an infection that spread deep within the eye and they had to take it off. Then she had troubles with her eye sight and she fell down a well hitting her head, thus causing death.

  11. top 10 ways
    top 10 ways at |

    Actually life is short and in this short life we need to alive as a most lucky .

  12. ping
    ping at |

    as quoted “Just ask Sergey Tuganov, a 28-year-old Russian who suffered a severe case of death after betting two women he could have sex with them for 12 straight hours.

    what is severe case of death? is not death just plain death? or perhaps I’m just confused?


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