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The purpose of martial arts competition is to prove that a well-trained individual, in the heat of the ultimate human contest (fighting), has the capability to hold his or her own under pressure and successfully attack an opponent amidst a barrage of potentially devastating blows. Traditionally, fighters are as evenly matched as possible, meaning that a crushing victory is unlikely and that the fight will go to a judges’ decision with both combatants still standing and functioning after the final bell.

There are some instances, however, where a martial arts fight will take a turn for the brutal, the unexpected, and the sometimes painful-to-watch ending known as “the knockout” or “KO.” A knockout occurs when one fighter loses, or comes close to losing, consciousness in the ring due to the crushing impact of his or her opponent’s fist, foot, or other body part to the head or crucial/painful organ.

Weak stomach for brutality? Be forewarned: The fighter has no mercy in the ring. The finales you are about to witness take no prisoners, and in some cases leave none standing but the striped-shirt official.

10. Mike Tyson (he can’t bite your ear off if he’s unconscious)

Sometimes it’s just good to watch Mike Tyson go down. And there is no better man to do it than Lennox Lewis. While this isn’t the most “crazy” knockout video, it is certainly a very historically important and career-devastating one. In fact, it could be argued that more money was lost and made on this fight than on any of the “cooler” knockouts listed below.

9. Peter Arts Lays Down on the Job

One of the hardest punches the commentator has ever seen on video. This right cross lays Peter Arts out like a plank.

8. Flying Knee = K.O.

Filmed in Thailand, this lower-quality video depicts a classic Muay Thai Kickboxing knockout. It is the dream of many young Muay Thai fighters to achieve a victory like this one, as the flying knee is a less-implemented, difficult, but extremely effective form of KO in the sport.

7. Yahir Reyes and the Spinning Punch from Hell

It is rare that a man’s fist can lift another man off of his feet and drop him to the mat. Just a week after being nominated for the Submission of the Year, Yahir Reyes delivers a spinning backfist to Estevan Payan that will also be nominated for Knockout of the Year.

6. Double K.O.

No, these guys didn’t drink a fifth of liquor before the fight. If you like this video, check out #2 on this list.

5. Gamboa is a Cuban Boxing Prodigy

The famous clip from the much-anticipated Yuriorkis Gamboa vs Al Seeger fight. Gamboa “murders” Seeger in round one with a right hook after avoiding a potential tie-up situation. Gamboa, a young fighter, is one of my personal favorites due to his employment of the casual “hands-down” fighting style. Like Mayweather Jr., many professionals speculate that this young Cuban will become a recognized force in years to come.

4. Rampage Jackson Earns His Name

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, in the clutches of a near-submission hold, turns up the heat on Ricardo Arjona. This video is almost scary. Rampage totally defies conventional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tactics with sheer brute strength. A blow like this one is a dangerous thing for any mixed martial arts fighter to sustain.

3. Ramon Dekkers – The Diamond of Muay Thai Boxing

This knockout compilation is an inspirational and must-see collection of great finishing blows. Ramon Dekkers, a Muay Thai legend, is one of the most driven and iron-fisted fighters in the history of sport fighting. Dekkers proves himself time and again as a destructive force beyond reasonable human understanding. His list of accomplishments, including Thailand’s “Fighter of the Year” award, is colossal. His determination and capability in the ring, as demonstrated by this video, is rare and superb. Knock ‘em out, hoss.

2. Wait a Second… Really?

A unique fight between Tyler Ryan and Shaun Parker makes fans go nuts with laughter and confusion. Just watch this video.

1. Double Roundhouse Connects on Spin Two…

Marcus “Lelo” Aurelio of AXE Capoeira Vancouver knocks out Keegan “The Marshall” Marshall at the North American Challenge #24 in North Vancouver, British Columbia on April 4th, 2009. This video has sound, so be sure to turn it up. You do not want to miss the SLAP of Marshall’s chin getting devastated by what many folks would consider to be one of the most brutal and extraordinary knockout blows ever caught on tape.

by Jesse Stretch
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  1. As far as the greatest KNOCKDOWN in history in my opinion, was Joe Frazier’s left hook to Muhammad Ali in their first fight at Madison Square Garden in 1971. Ali went down but got back up. The fight lasted the full 15 rounds, but Frazier got the TKO. I would put Joe Frazier as the most underrated boxer in history and when he wound up delivering his signature left hook……..forget it. It could have knocked out a bull elephant

  2. Good List,

    Number 2 is hilarious. I have never seen anything like that. The video for number 1 is Tyson again.