Top 10 Best Foods For Brain Health


We’ve all heard “you are what you eat.” While a nutritious and well-balanced diet is of course great for our bodies, there are some foods that are more beneficial and more nutritious than others. We all know about the foods that we should eat that are deemed “healthy”, but what about foods that are good for just one very important part…say, the brain. In other words, what are the best foods for the brain.

Here is some food for thought, literally. Below is a list of 10 foods proven to enhance your brain health as well as ensure your brain is functioning properly on a daily basis. So sit back, enjoy, and put those chips away – they won’t help make your brain any better or bigger, but they will increase other parts of your body.

10. Oysters for Brain Health

If you’re a seafood kind of person, then today just may be your lucky day. Experiments have shown that oysters are great for your brain, no matter your age. Because they are rich in zinc as well as iron, eating this under-the-sea-delight will help to keep your mind sharp and increase your ability to recall information easily. Zinc and iron have been linked to the brain’s ability to stay focused and remember information. A lack of zinc and iron can result in memory lapses, poor concentration, and of course other ailments throughout the body.

9. Whole Grains for Your Brains

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know just how healthy whole grains are for your body; however, they are also a great food for your brain. Whole wheat, bran, and wheat germ have high contents of folate, as do brown rice, oatmeal, whole-grain breads, barley, and others. All of these foods work to increase blood flow to the brain which means a higher quality and quantity of brain function. Also, these whole grain foods contain a lot of vitamin B6, which is full of thiamine. Thiamine is great for anyone trying to improve their memory. Scientific research has shown that memory loss dramatically increases by the time you reach your late 60’s or early 70’s; so whole grains are especially good for you as you get older.

8. Tea

Forget your coffee in the morning- try a cup of tea! Freshly brewed green or black tea is extremely beneficial to your brain because it is full of catechins. Have you ever had a day where you just feel drained, tired, and “too lazy” to think? It may be because you are lacking catechins in your brain. Catechins are great for keeping your mind sharp, fresh, and functioning properly. Not only do they keep your brain working right, they also allow it to relax and help to fight against mental fatigue. While green tea is much more potent than black tea, both are extremely good for you. Tea is definitely a great thing to drink early in the morning to ensure you’re starting your brain off right.

7. Eggs Help Keep Your Memory from Cracking

When we get older, our brains begin to shrink due to something called brain atrophy. While some of us might want other parts of our body to shrink, I’m pretty sure no one wants a shrinking brain. However, we can fight against this natural process by eating eggs. This is because eggs are full of vitamin B12 as well as lecithin. Vitamin B12 helps to fight against brain shrinkage, which is often seen in Alzheimer’s disease. Eggs, though very unhealthy if you eat too many of them, are full of essential fatty acids. The yolk, though very high in cholesterol, is also high in choline, which is a very important building block of brain cells. Choline can help improve your memory. While eating too many eggs can be bad for your health, eating 1-2 egg products a day can be great  brain food.

6. Curry to Spice Up Your Brain Health

This spicy food is a great way to spice up your brain and keep it fresh. A main ingredient in curry powder, curcumin is full of antioxidants that help fight against brain aging and maintain cognitive function as you get older. These antioxidants also fight against free radical damage that can occur within the brain as well as the body.  Free radicals can cause inflammation and other ailments within the body. Not only is curry good for your brain, it also can fight against diabetes and heart disease. Too hot for you to handle? You don’t have to have curry for lunch and dinner each day; the smallest amount of curry once a month can be highly beneficial for your brain.

5. Berries, Berry Good Food for Your Brain

If you’re not a vegetable person, you can rely on fruit, especially berries, to improve your brain health. For example, blueberries are well known for their role in improving motor skills as well as your overall learning capacity. They are often called the best berry for your brain, and today you may notice the plethora of products using blueberries. Most berries, including blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and others, are full of antioxidants that are great for boosting the brain. You can help reverse the effects of aging on the brain by eating these berries once a day. Berries are sometimes referred to as “super-fruits” because most of them contain fisetin and flavenoid, which are great for improving your memory and allowing you to easily recall past events. A delicious and helpful food for the brain.

4. Nuts and Seeds

Looking for a snack food that has everything good for the brain in it? In other words, good brain food, then look no further than nuts and seeds… The good thing about this is that all types of nuts are included. This means peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and any other type of nut or seed you can think of, are good for your brain. Nuts and seeds are full of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as folate, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. All of these nutrients allow you to think more clearly. They also help you think more positively, because Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids work as natural antidepressants. Some seeds and nuts are also full of thiamine and magnesium, which are great for memory, cognitive function, and brain nourishment.

3. Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables such as cabbage, kale, spinach, and others, while not very well-liked by children, are excellent for the brain of children and adults alike. These vegetables help greatly when it comes time to remember old information and process it like you just learned it yesterday. This is because these foods are often full of vitamin B6, B12, and folate, which are great compounds needed within the brain to break down homocystein levels, which can lead to forgetfulness and even Alzheimer’s disease. These vegetables are often very high in iron content. If there is not enough iron in-take, cognitive activity slows down greatly. So when mom always urged you to eat your spinach, now you know why: Veggies are a food good for your brain.

2. Fish

Eating fish overall is greatly beneficial to your health, especially that of your brain. Fish is full of Omega-3, which is a fatty acid known to be highly beneficial to the body in various aspects. Eating one serving of fish a week can highly decrease one’s chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. These fatty acids help with brain function because they coat the neurons that at times have a fatty acid layer that becomes stiff due to a high content cholesterol and saturated fat in the body. Omega-3s will coat the neurons with good fat, allowing them to move easily throughout the brain. Omega-3s also provides more oxygen to the brain, as well as allows one to retain new information while still remembering old information. The best fish to eat for brain health are salmon, tuna, and herring.

1. Chocolate

While eating hundreds of Hershey bars may make you sick, and drinking a lot of hot cocoa in a day just may do the same, the main ingredient in these oh-so-delicious foods, cocoa, is said to be very nutritious for the brain. Scientists have proven that the antioxidant content found in just two or three tablespoons of cocoa powder is much stronger than those antioxidants found in other foods, such as green tea or red wine. The main antioxidant found in cocoa, known as flavonols, is said to help increase blood flow to the brain. While normal milk chocolate lacks flavonols, you will find plenty of it in dark chocolate. And isn’t it great news to know that chocolate is good for your brain. Finally some health news that we can all bite off. Just don’t try to convince your brain, it won’t believe you.

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  1. i think the best foods for brain are dates, raisin, and honey..but why there are not in the list? i always eat them to help me in memorizing..and it’s can try them..

    • This foods, that you show, it’s about glucose. Maybe like you i need more foods like that.

      I’m eating dates a few days ago, and i’m feeling much better about my brain.

      Thanks for sharing this tips..

  2. Eggs are high in fat. As it turns out, some fats are worse than others and some actually have good effects. Eggs supposedly lower the â??Badâ?? cholesterol. Low-density lipoproteins. Or something.

    To all the people who died of high cholesterol while not eating eggs because we said they were badâ?¦ Sorry about that.

  3. Boy am I glad that chocolate (dark) was on this list. I’m always looking for a good excuse. 😮

    Sometimes it’s easier for me if I drink the foods that are good for me. I’m so busy and I find it easier to throw my leafy greens such as kale into a blender with some ice and pineapple juice and drink it.

    A little off topic, but there’s a common denominator here. I’m just as passionate about my dogs eating healthy as I am about myself and my husband. Many of the above ingredients (not chocolate) such as leafy greens, salmon, berries and green tea can be just as beneficial for our dogs as they for us.

    So, don’t forget Fido when it comes to nutrition.

  4. Hello Ash Grant,

    You post is wonder guide for best nutrition diet , You described almost every food related to good health .

    • Eggs are high in fat. As it turns out, some fats are worse than others and some actually have good effects. Eggs supposedly lower the “Bad” cholesterol. Low-density lipoproteins. Or something.

      To all the people who died of high cholesterol while not eating eggs because we said they were bad… Sorry about that.

  5. I’ve never tried curry or oysters but everything else seems to be pretty good to me.

    And how dare you put a picture of the most delicious looking chocolate up there.

  6. I also think that we are what we eat and food we eat is a cause of many illnesses. I try to eat only healthy food. I’ve found some nice cookery books at pdf search . It is said that healthy food is usually very untasty, but it is not true.

  7. I’ve got a feeling that any food, when taken to excess, will result in a reduction of health. It’s a sad fact [and quite boring], but “variety is the spice of life” and “everything in moderation” have always been the best guides to a healthy life … and there’s no cheating nature 😉

  8. Awesome assortment. I agree with everything except the oysters, because they have negative health implications of their own. All bottom-feeders do.

  9. It is nice that I like all the food from the list. I also think that we are what we eat and food we eat is a cause of many illnesses. I try to eat only healthy food. I've found some nice cookery books at pdf search . It is said that healthy food is usually very untasty, but it is not true. The food from the list is very tasty and very healthy.

  10. I think eating well is one of the biggest factors as well. Not only will it make you look better but you get the added benefit of feeling good as well! Check out this list of the best and worst foods to eat as far as their toxin and chemical content goes: Organic foods are the best!

    • @G40 You are mistaken. This list was submitted to in February. The article you reference was published in March. If anything, they got it from us. is one of the most popular sites on the net ranking in the top 13,000 sites. The site you reference is in the 8 million range. Who do you think copied who?

      I assume you trying to promote that site.

        • Doubtful. These lists don't even contain the same foods. Obvious any research would show similar foods and a list about brain foods would then contain similar results. Again, this seems like a cheap marketing ploy to get readers to this site you are supporting. Have a great day.

  11. Nice post. Pretty much knew all of those but it's nice to see them listed and described. Thanks!

  12. Fish ar containg toxic metals, including "heavy metals" and semi-metallic elements, including arsenic and selenium in larger amounts, that whay they become toxic.

    • Not all fish contain toxic metals, and though there may be some germs in fish, those are usually cleaned or cooked out of the fish.

  13. I love how many vegetarian foods are on this list. So many people think you can’t be healthy without meat, but I don’t see any animals on here besides fish that are good for your brain!

    • Its not only your brain you should focus on, it part of the healthy body. Meats offer proteins which the whole body needs.
      Vegetarian diets are commonly supplemented with these nutrients from meats which are vital. Not to mention to many vegetables can also cause a build up of toxic metals in the body. Meat is designed for the whole body health, vegetarianism is a choice not a necessity.