Author Ash Grant

Top Ten Facts About Ash Grant Ashley, or Ash. I hate my name. Too popular. Call me what you will :) Lives in MD, in the middle of nowhere. Nothing like cow pastures and land. At least the mountains are pretty. Works for the government working with computers, but has a nursing degree. Don't ask. Has two sisters and a brother. She's still the cutest one. Has a boyfriend and puppy named Luke. Gets confusing sometimes, so she just calls one the "cute Luke," and the other "not you, him, Luke." Loves reading weird stuff. James Joyce? Yeah, weird. Mu$ic iz her l1f3. But really, she thinks music is great. Doesn't watch too much t.v., she thinks it serves better as background noise, but she does like watching The Discovery Health Channel as well as the Military Channel. Weird combo. Wants to pursue some sort of career dealing with writing and English, but probably won't. Loves writing and has been doing so for years, and hopefully years to come!

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