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  1. TriviaFan
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    How about the moonwalk? Or the robot?

    Granted it’s not really a ‘complete’ dance like the others on this list but the moonwalk was sort of a craze popularized by Michael Jackson.

  2. Jezzika
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  3. Bluvida
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    I remember hearing a story of a traveler in a very remote region of the world. He made friends with the local tribesmen and they entertained him with their native dances. The tribesmen then asked the traveler to demonstrate one of his cultures native dances. The traveler thought,as westerners seldom think of themselves as having native dances,then remembered the hokey pokey. He demonstrated and soon all joined in.

  4. Bryan
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    Nice list,
    What about line dancing. Usaully performed to a country western song like The Boot Scootin’ Boogie or Achy Breaky Heart. I’m not much of a dancer but in the northwestern part of the US tons of people seem to like line dancing.

  5. jtiz69
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    The “Cotton Eyed Joe” was a big line dancing hit in Texas in the eighties.

  6. SlytherinAngel
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    What about square dancing? The electric slide? The Carlton (Fresh Prince)?

  7. Lucky
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    the dougie, soldier boy?

  8. Lachlan
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    “The Slosh” was a popular line dance at weddings in the UK during the 70’s. It was usually performed to a song called “Beautiful Sunday”. Other British dance-crazes included “The Madison” around 1962 and “The Birdy Dance” in 1981. There was another line dance in the early 2000’s performed to a song called “The Ketchup Song” by Las Ketchup.

  9. Lachlan
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    Ah and I almost forgot – starting around 1980 in London discos, spreading into the regions and pubs during the decade was “The Rowing Boat Dance” or just “Boat Dance” performed to “Oops Upside Your Head” by the Gap Band. The participants sat on the floor in a single row, legs astride the person in front. You could have more than one row or boat like this. Then all together, everyone leaned forward together and then leaned back (like a rowing action), then they put out their left arms and leaned to the left as they moved forward again and touched the floor with the palm of the hand and after leaning forward then leaned back and put out the right arm and touched the floor. The dance continued like this in a rhythmic flowing motion. You can get the idea from watching You Tube !

  10. Nicco Sanchez
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    How about Gangnam Style?


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