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  1. jgood
    jgood at |

    so badly written

    1. David
      David at |

      i was thinking the same thing! Roger Ebert wants to come back for a minute just to blast this person.

      i wanted to actually know why these animals were so dangerous as babies

      1. Undisclosed
        Undisclosed at |

        Should be called Top Ten Dangerous Animals That Look Cute As Babies.

        1. Shell Harris
          Shell Harris at |

          Yes, that is better. Changed.

  2. redstick
    redstick at |

    Yeah, I hate to call a writer out for factual flaws, but there are a couple here. Wolf attacks are somewhat controversial, but the studies that HAVE been done indicate that such attacks are rare, and are attributable to rabies, habituation, and unnatural environment. Dog attacks are FAR more common.

    The monitor lizard does not have a poisonous tongue; its entire mouth is contaminated with pathogens. A bite from one on this cursed things will inevitably go septic, often fatally so. In fact, that seems to be the monitor’s hunting strategy: bite something and follow it until it falls over. Then, dead of alive, it’s chow time. They attack humans because we are several rungs down the food chain in the islands.

    1. Omg
      Omg at |

      Isn’t the saliva filled with bacteria that can kill? Or something like that …

    2. FMH
      FMH at |

      The same was said about the Komodo dragon, but in they end actual poison glands were discovered. Maybe this is true for the monitor, too?

  3. featherlike
    featherlike at |

    this list should have been better with pictures. And its badly written, too, im sorry but, really, very bad list.

  4. Simon
    Simon at |

    What about Polar Bears?

  5. Indiabull
    Indiabull at |

    I’think the winner should be justin bieber with terrible noise. Runner up lady gaga with ultra-modern fashion ( sometimes dress weared or somtimes not).


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