Top 10 Worst “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” Performances at Wrigley


“Take Me Out to the Ball Game” turns 100 this year (2008), so I feel its only fitting to give it a top 10 list. This favorite sing-a-long to America’s past-time has been a staple of the seventh-inning stretch in many baseball parks, but none more famous than the performances given at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. My Dad is a Cub’s fan, so I remember watching on WGN. The song was always lead by Cub’s announcer Harry Caray. While he began singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” originally for the Chicago White Sox in the 1970s, he moved on to Wrigley Field and sang it from 1982 until 1997. After his death in 1998, celebrities began taking their turns. And that’s where our list begins. Because musical tastes are so different these singing efforts are in no particular order. (OK, Ozzie’s was the worst). Take a look at the Top 10 Worst “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” Performances at Wrigley, but have your fingers ready to place in your ears.

Jeff Gordon, NASCAR Driver

“It’s great to be here at Wrigley Stadium.” Stadium? You mean Field.

Thankfully he drives much, much better than he sings, otherwise we would be scraping his crispy corpse off the asphalt at Daytona. He crashed and burned all the same with this “rendition” of  “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Mike Ditka

If a frightened Drill Sargent ever sings “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” it will sound just like this.

Mike yells his version of the song and probably made ever kid under the age of 10 wet himself. I think he finished the song in half the time. The best part is the high pitch his voice attains as he tries to finish early. Thankfully he did finish early.

Ozzy Osbourne

“I don’t remember what I have to sing.” This should really be a commercial for saying no to drugs.

What do we expect? He slurs when talks, he slurs when he sings, he somehow slurs when he slurs. This was a disaster waiting to happen. And although I can only understand half of what he is “singing” and humming, it may have immortalized the song and Ozzy more than any other performance of his. Now, if only he had gnawed the head off a bear cub for an encore.

Eddie Veder, lead singer for Pearl Jam

“If they don’t win it’s a game.” I think you mean “shame,” as it’s a shame you are singing.

If ever you wanted someone to sing before a crowded stadium, you would probably choose a singer who has toured the world, has platinum records and is the lead singer for one of the most popular bands ever. Of course you should make sure he is drinking Shirley Temples.

David Cross

He sounds like one of the Chipmunks

David has fun with it and the crowd laughs with him, although I was crying through much of it myself.

William Hung

“Buy me some penis and cracker jacks.” Um…no, you can buy your own.

Didn’t we know it would happen, after all what did the producers expect from a first round American Idol reject. Actually, his annunciation is…well, its terrible. It’s an adult version of the this summertime song. Let’s face it, he massacred it, but I laugh every time I hear it. If only Simon was there to give a critique.

Kellie Pickler

“Alright, Cub fans, let me hear yuh!”

Kellie doesn’t do a terrible job, other than she gets the lyrics wrong multiple times, such as singing “popcorn” instead of “peanuts.” But the southern accent really messes with you. I now know what this song would have sounded like on Hee Haw. See what happened before the song, in this funny article about her visit to Wrigley.

Mark Grace

Mark is obviously tone deaf, but to his credit he stays within his limits and plays to the crowd. Probably the least offensive out of everyone on the list, but that ain’t saying much.

Danika Patrick

That is not the sound of squealing tires…that’s Danika!

I think this proves that no professional race car driver should EVER be aloud to sing in public regardless of the song. Danika and Jeff Gordon have set the Race Track Karaoke Club back decades. At least she knew all the words, but on the other hand she could have whistled it and I wouldn’t have minded one bit.

Mr. T

“I pity the fool who can’t sing this song!”

He’ll always be Clubber Lang to me so I won’t criticize him…much. I think B.A. Barracus would have agreed not to fly to Chicago so this would never have happened.

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  1. Apparently the people who compiled this list never heard Nancy Kerrigan sing the stretch: a serious contender for the top spot!

  2. You forgot to include Denise Richards. That one might be worse than all these put together!!!

  3. william and his 'buy me some penis' remark hahahah

    i know it might be a languge barrier but still … come on

  4. That one by Eddie Vader was pretty sweet actually.

    Almost all of them yell out "Let's get some runs!" afterwards haha.

    Naw, im playin'…go Cubs

    and Rockies

  5. LOL, Mike Ditka "singing" is like watching a seal being beaten. Wow, that was bad. Is there a better quality video?

  6. You aren't kidding about Ozzie having the worst performance. That guy is just embarrassing himself.