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8 Responses

  1. Pete at |

    great list.

  2. hey its e! at |

    You missed one of the originals–Sam Patch, the Jersey Jumper!

  3. Evan at |

    Thanks for pointing that one out, E. I definitely missed it. Here’s a link to the wiki article on Sam Patch for anyone who wants to check it out:

  4. ahabkapitany at |

    I'm missing Dan Osman.

    Check at 2:21, now thats the craziest thing i've ever seen.

  5. Sam Kingston at |

    ummmm…. Travis Pastrana?

    I just think he deserves credit for his crazy.

    – Sam

  6. Dustin at |

    Awesome list.

    As was pointed out in the clip, the shear repetition of Alain Robert climbs blows me away. Especially that tilt shot of the one building, where he is already several stories up and the camera keeps tilting up and up. You'd think he'd just get bored.

  7. dustin at |

    Alain did it again!

  8. Irbaz ahmed at |

    Best stunt mens


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