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  • Billy

    Wheres the Manko from The Good The Bad And The Ugly he was really fast i seen him on the telly!

  • Scott

    There is more speculation than history in this list.

  • Hemicharg3r

    Wow great info. Who can say what is truly accurate here? I watched Unforgiven tonite for the 15th time (give or take) and you may cringe but when Clint rides past Ned on the porch it is just surreal to me…. These guys are all legends for different reasons but let’s face it Kid Curry and Jesse James not on this list is a shame. Overall great info though thanks!

  • Geoff

    Just one example of Jesse James’s skill was when he shot one of his gang who had fired at him while they were riding at speed. The dumb guy fired and hit Jesse’s hat and then paid the ultimate price for missing! Straight out of “For A Few Dollars More” ha! Get Jesse on this list!

  • Jason

    Cullen Baker should be on this list. He was rumored to have killed hundreds but more likely killed 50 or 60. Louis L’amour credited him for inventing the fast draw.

  • Historian, Western World

    The most famed gun slinger was actually a slow draw. Went by the name of no names, that is to say he never attended to a single identity. It is proven that he participated in single handedly killing over 1132 and gave the United States a tactical advantage unintentionally in it’s original formation.
    His name which is thoroughly documented to be the most well known identity was John Rambo.

  • john Sutterfield

    Alll this info is interesting. Opinions very, however I guess there will never be any way to document w who was really the fastest and then the most accurate.

  • owlcreek

    Scott Cooley, a pal of John Ringo’s from the Mason County War, Cochise County Sherriff, John Slaughter and Will Carver of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch are all more deserving to be on this list than Wyatt Earp. Murdering unarmed homesteaders from hiding was Tom Horn’s style. Harvey “Kid Curry” Logan should be 2nd to Wes Hardin, yet he wasn’t even mentioned.

  • taz42o

    #1.Captian Johnathan Davis. Its alot easier to kill 50 in 10 years than it is to kill 11 in one fight.

  • dominoboy

    Down by the creek walking on water…..

  • usmc retired

    Ive been in several gunfights, people have no idea how scary it is when your trading rounds with someone trying to kill you. Movies and books glorify gun battles, trust me there is no glory in killing someone. Its kill or be killed. Most of those guys back then were trying to make a name for themselves in lawless lands drunk on wisky. Theres a big difference between a gunfighter and a killer, most of those guys were killers.

  • Ben

    From what I have gathered, many of the gunfighters were violent racists, and a significant number of their victims were former slaves who wanted to vote.

  • Julie

    Tom Horn died by hanging in Cheyenne,Wyoming after the wealthy ranchers of the day deserted him. Read Chip Carlson’s book, Blood on the Moon, for the facts of Horn’s life.