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  • Harinder Singh

    No mention of anti-sikh riots in India in 1984 in which more than 10,000 sikhs lost thier lives all over India, more than 3,000 (govt figure) in the capital city of New Delhi alone. The riots were organised by the ruling party of India after the Prime Minister was shot dead by her sikh bodyguards.

  • Lokesh Arora

    The deadliest riots should have included the riots which began on partition of India and pakistan. According to Wikipedia ” The partition displaced up to 12.5 million people in the former British Indian Empire, with estimates of loss of life varying from several hundred thousand to a million.[1]”

    Please Check and respond.

  • Michael

    “palestinians” are parasites who live of israel’s generocity by using its health, education systems, electricity
    food and also work in israel but still want to destroy it in the name os their alah…..what pathetic propaganda they are waving….they are no more then a midiocre criminals that dont know right from wrong.
    If anyone has any doughts, come to Israel and visit.
    Oh and by the way there were never such people as “palestinnians”…those are rioters who were kicked out of jordan for making trouble there…noone wants them.
    So stop saying its their land.

    • Steve

      You are Really Funny My Friend ,,

      Go back to history, READ & READ & READ , before you say something.
      Palestine is one of the oldest cultures in the World, it had Palestinians living on it thousands years back before you people were given a land on it on Balfour declaration on 1917. (as if Britain owned it at that time).
      Jordan was always Jordan and Palestine was and will always be Palestine.

  • M Hatherstone

    Yeah, go back to Berlin in 1938 Michael. Sounds like you would fit right in.

    Anyway, total nonsense to say the 1936-39 revolt in Palestine was a riot. It was a guerilla-terrorist uprising which had a few riots involved but it was mainly waged through assassination, train and vehicle mining and bombings. It can’t be considered a riot by any definition.

  • johnnegro lugoloobi

    what about the 1994n crisis in rwanda , can t that be caed a riot?

  • Harsh

    What about 2002 riots in Gujarat India? ,One of the most brutal riots in human history killing and burning alive 2,000 muslims…..