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  • Mark

    Am i the only person who dreads the day Prince Charles becomes King? We moan about North Korea and Kim Jong Un`s craziness, but Prince Charles really is crazy. “My duty is to save the world.” Not exactly a sane man..

    • Not right

      Yes I think you are.

    • dannyexplosion

      Yes, you are the only one

    • FMH

      Even though I’m not British, I can say I’m a bit worried for Great Britain. That man seems to believe every conspiracy theory he can get his hands on and doesn’t fear to use his influence to sabotage people he doesn’t like.

  • Dave

    impeached for having an affair.. For God`s sake. It just proved that Bill is like every other normal bloke. That Dragon wife of his had him sleeping on the couch just for a bit of fun. John “Two-Shags,” Prescott had an affair and nobody gave a toss..

  • SeanP

    No Tiger Woods? Although I’m not sure how you would title it. “Tiger Woods’ Affairs With Lots and Lots of Skanks” perhaps…

  • Mike Giaimo

    The Kristin Stewart one had me laughing. I also loved the title for Napoleon …. “Just about everybody”. I never knew that Josephine had an affair with Hippolyte Charles. However, it is still interesting to me that after all the women that passed through Napoleon’s life, his last words was still Josephine’s name.

  • Ryan Winchell

    I was not aware that Arnold Schwarzenegger had such an affair resulting in an illegitimate birth. Not what I expected from a former Mr. Olympia bodybuilder, actor, and Governor.

    – Ryan W.

    • Ryan T

      Why were you surprised?

  • TJ

    Tiger Woods over Kristen Stewart.

  • Orrin K

    I disagree about some of these. I don’t think what Mark Sanford or what Newt Gingrich was that bad because he eventually married the person he had an affair with and by all indications his present marraige was falling apart. Sure, he could have had a divorce and waited but I don’t see that as indiscretion

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Sanford was a governor who for all intents and purposes just disappeared to South America to have his affair. In the meantime people were mislead into believing he was elsewhere. He did not only deceive his wife, but the people of his state. Imagine if his state had undergone some kind of emergency while their governor was off on some fling. It is unacceptable for someone who is in charge of a state to betray the public trust in such a manner that could have had serious repercussions should his state had experienced some kind of crisis in the meantime. Heck, even for non-governors, we cannot just up an disappear from our job responsibilities while providing our employers with either no reason or as in his case a false reason. What makes Sanford’s case bad is not merely that he cheated on his wife, which is never acceptable anyway regardless of whatever excuse someone wants to make, but that his actions also represented a failure to accurately report his whereabouts to the people he governed.

      • Orrin K

        I don’t think that has to do with what I’m talking about. In any case, I’ll vote for him if he runs for an election that I’m eligible to vote for and you’ll vote against him, because that doesn’t violate my values. Him cheating on his wife is acceptable to me as a voter. It’s not acceptable to me as his 1st wife, but that’s none of my business. That’s democracy.

        • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

          Well, I do agree that I would vote against him. I could never vote for an adulterer, because I could not support someone who is able to betray his or her own family. After seeing so many people from friends to students have their lives disrupted by adultery, it is one of those things that absolutely disgusts me. If someone can betray his or her family, I could not expect such a person to not betray anyone else. Not to mention if someone is so incapable of controlling his or herself from doing something that has the potential to, among other things, risk catching some disease and potentially spreading it to a spouse, it just strikes me as a sign of incredible personal weakness. I do think that politicians are people that we should be able to look up to, because they are in effect leaders. As leaders, they need to command some degree of respect. I realize people are not perfect, but there are little goofs most everyone makes that do no real harm and then there is disappearing for several days while committing adultery. Generally speaking, I hold people to my own standards. I cannot fault anyone for anything I have done, but I figure if I have never cheated on a girlfriend, if I have never been arrested, if I have never taken illegal narcotics, etc. (and I have indeed never cheated on a girlfriend, never been arrested, and never took any illegal narcotics), I just cannot look up to anyone who has done these kinds of things as a moral and responsible “leader”. As such, Sanford comes off as dishonest to his constituents for disappearing for days and treacherous to his family for betraying his wife. Such a person just does not seem like the kind of man anyone could really regard as a worthy leader. He has already shown that it is wholly within his behavior to just up and leave for South America while making others think he is much closer to home. Given that we live in a world where man made and natural disasters occur, there is just no way I could be comfortable with such a person running a state. Anyway, have a nice night!

  • Amanda Thorpe

    Okay, your comment just took the words right out of my mouth. I believe in honesty, loyalty, and faithfulness. Breaking them is an end game for me. While the issue of adultery is ultimately between a husband and wife, the act of such says loads about their character. Why in the world would I want to knowingly elect and/or support someone with such corrupt moral values? If it is easy to deceive someone you are close to and love, then the deceit of a nation means nothing at all.

  • Rebekah Thomas

    The Kristen Stewart one made me laugh, it’s funny how celebrities use adultery to gain press or popularity. I believe that’s honestly what it came down to, I don’t think Pattison or Stewart were ever in a romantic relationship. Also, it is sad about Edwards, and the Gingrich having affairs while their wives were being treated for cancer.