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  1. Danbo
    Danbo at |

    What about Ishtar, Waterworld and Brando’s Last Tango?

  2. Geo
    Geo at |

    How about John Wayne as Genghis Khan in The Conqueror

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Someone mentioned that movie on this list of miscast roles – http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-miscast-movie-roles.php
      Was the movie that bad or did John Wayne look ridiculous as Genghis or both?

    2. Wolfsbane
      Wolfsbane at |

      Hey, The Conqueror was a great movie. They filmed in the desert where the military had done nuclear testing, causing Wayne to develop cancer. That caused him to die decades earlier and saved us from him making movies into the 1980s.

      Unfortunately it DID kill off the rest of the cast as well.

  3. BeanieJawa
    BeanieJawa at |

    What about Julie Andrews in S.O.B.? Or George Orwell’s last movie: Transformers, the animated movie, in which he voiced Unicron?

    1. ?
      ? at |

      You mean Orson Welles. George Orwell wrote 1984.

  4. Joe
    Joe at |

    Huh… that explains why Dr. Mephesto is a member of NAMBLA – the North American Marlon Brando Look-Alikes.

  5. YouRang?
    YouRang? at |

    Pretty good list, but the person who mentioned Ishtar was exactly right. As for legendary actors, it seems some of the drek Orson Welles was in when he was trying to raise money for projects he really wanted to make… no title comes to mind, but shouldn’t some of those qualify?

    Thanks for the link to mis-cast roles; I’ll check it out and see if Constantine is on there. (Keanu Reeves? Ka-ching!)

    1. ?
      ? at |

      Keanu Reeves in miscast in any movie he shows up in. Worst of all, Dracula.

      1. The Dude
        The Dude at |

        Ha ha ha! Too right…B-YOO-apest indeed…

  6. Don Newbury
    Don Newbury at |

    Michael Caine wrote his life story about a decade ago in which he said the only reason he made “Jaws 4” was because he wanted to do some renovations on his home. Plus they were paying him big money to go sit in the Bahamas for a while. Can’t beat that kind of honesty.

    “The Bonfire Of The Vanities” was a disastrous movie made from a great book. The reason being is ‘The Suits’ in the studio decided that they knew better than Tom Wolfe so they lost the whole meaning of it. The book was a major satire not only of race relations but of how a simple little incident can get blown all out of proportion because of every body trying to make a name, or a buck out of it. I know they have to condense a novel into a two-hour movie, but why do they do that?

    There was one scene in the book that would have made a memorable scene in the movie. It was a dinner party held by Tom Hank’s character with the social elite. Tom Wolfe kept describing the society women as ‘social x-rays’ because they had starved themselves almost to the point where you could see right through them. It was great.

    1. Renelda Moorehead
      Renelda Moorehead at |

      “Bonfire ” is one of my fave movies, no, films. I did not read the book so I can’t be disappointed. But
      the film itself had fine casting , set design, script and direction. A winner all around in my considered opinion.

  7. Raj
    Raj at |

    Thanks 🙂

    What about Drive (2011)

  8. John
    John at |

    I Loved the movie Freejack! Damn you! 🙂

    1. huntermc
      huntermc at |

      I also thought Freejack was a pretty good movie!

  9. Cyberteque
    Cyberteque at |

    Shaun Connery, looking REALLY fat in Robin and Marion….

  10. M
    M at |

    How about Gene Kelly in Xanadu? I liked it when I saw it for the first time at age 12, but even then I knew it was a big step down for him.

    1. JenF
      JenF at |

      What’s really depressing is that Xanadu was his last film.

  11. canadaeh
    canadaeh at |

    Veronica Lake in Flesh Feast (1970) is a candidate for the list.

  12. hbg
    hbg at |

    Alec Baldwin in Thomas the Tank Engine (I kept waiting for him to go psycho, and kill someone)
    John Travolta in Battlefield Earth.
    Rutger Hauer in this movie with an Eye. Not sure of the name.
    Anybody in The Thin Red line. Woody Harrelson, Sean Penn, Ted Danson, Nick Nolte etc
    Alec Guiness I recall was not a fan of his Star Wars role.

    1. casey
      casey at |

      Those are terrible examples hbg.

  13. brian
    brian at |

    Pacino and Deniro have definately sold out

  14. Shtegara
    Shtegara at |

    what can I say? I’m really impressed

  15. Ripshin
    Ripshin at |

    Faye Dunaway in “Mommie Dearest” and “Supergirl”.

  16. Neddy
    Neddy at |

    John Malkovich and Ron Perlman in Mutant Chronicles (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0490181/). Malkovich especially just phoned it in; I swear at one point he looked like he was literally reading off the script in his hand.

  17. John10
    John10 at |

    Island of Dr. Monroe was a great movie and just because you found it to be “confusing and strange” does not mean it was a bad movie. It had a brilliant message, story line and some wonderful acting.

  18. patrick
    patrick at |

    King of the stinkers…John Travolta in Battlefield Earth

    1. canadaeh
      canadaeh at |

      This maybe topped. John Travolta thinks “Battlefield Earth” didn’t get its just due and he wants to make “Battlefield Earth 2”.

  19. Calvert
    Calvert at |

    We could try to forget Kenneth Branagh in “Wild Wild West.”

  20. Richard
    Richard at |

    Wow, I got one worse than any of those, Jack Palance in Hawk the Slayer, probably the worst movie ever made.

    1. Michael
      Michael at |

      Hey, as a comedy, it would’ve been a good movie, but unfortunately it was a sword and scorcery fantasy film. I think the silly string and glowing golf balls when casting spells was hillarious. Then Palances overacting just put it over the top. It is like he knew he was in a bad movie and just decided to go with it.

  21. Tyler Kent
    Tyler Kent at |

    Great article. But don’t forget Sean Connery in “Zardoz” — which has to be one of the top ten worst movies ever made.

  22. Blake
    Blake at |

    Angelica Houston in “Ice Pirates”

    I don’t even know where to start with describing that one!

  23. tyler kent
    tyler kent at |

    Oh yes, then there is Richard Burton’s embarrassing appearance in Exorcist, Part II — a truly pathetic attempt at film making…

  24. Little Octagon
    Little Octagon at |

    How the hey is Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in “Mommie Dearest” not on this list? Didn’t that movie utterly destroy Dunaway’s career?

  25. Little Octagon
    Little Octagon at |

    I can redeem Emilio Estevez in two short words: “Repo Man”. BEST. MOVIE. EVER.

  26. mulaniari
    mulaniari at |

    supergirl is embarassing. I think I watched it when I was a kid.

  27. David Cochrane
    David Cochrane at |

    Perhaps the biggest Pacino turkey is Revolution – not many people remember it now, but that’s only because hardly anyone saw it. It was expected to be a major prestige picture & went into limited release in December, but never went beyond that.
    Pacino seemed to take most of the drubbing but if you watch it he isn’t really the problem (yes, he has an erratic accent, but so does everyone else!) – the movie feels like it was chopped from four hours to two without any effort to make sure what was left made sense.

  28. Buck Blades
    Buck Blades at |

    Pacino in Cruising. WOW! That was BAD!

  29. Jefffro
    Jefffro at |

    WOW! I haven’t laughed that hard in a looooooooooooong time!!! Damn, I don’t know which was worse, Gary Oldman and a usually solid Kate Beckinsale (they both looked like they were embarrasses by the material) or that flaming turd Michael Cain was in with Steven Segal! Just God awful! I always thought Steven Segal was Hollywood for “I’ll pass, thank you”. I feel bad for laughing when Gary Oldman was trying to walk on his knees. I like how they gave him fluffy hair so they could shoot someone else from the back without noticing it wasn’t Oldman. How offensive! That Tiptoes clip was bad and that was WITHOUT any of McConaughey’s horrible acting…

  30. lyredragon
    lyredragon at |

    OMG. You forgot . . .Sean Connery in Zardoz.

    Zardoz. Just. . .look at it. . .


  31. Frank Mondana
    Frank Mondana at |

    Hopkins shot “Freejack” before “Lambs”. Like many other bad films, Freejack was released after Hopkins won all the praise with the hope it would make millions now that an Academy Award winner was its star.

  32. JoannC
    JoannC at |

    What about Halle Berry in B.A.P.S????


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