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  1. David
    David at |

    This list is missing

    Samuel Beckett’s Film – A weird silent film starring a frail Buster Keaton
    Empire – Andy Warhol’s 10 Hour Static Shot of the Empire State Building

    and you may laugh but I’d put

    Freddy Got Fingered – Tom Green’s Studio Film is a Surrealist Nightmare not unlike many of the above mentioned.

  2. melissa
    melissa at |

    Someone please explain the ‘genuis’ of Wavelength, its unwatchable and unlistenable and annoying and silly. A 8 year old could have done it by accident!?

    1. tomm
      tomm at |

      the video shown here isnt the full version of wavelength

  3. John Williams
    John Williams at |

    wow that’s very horrible expirement

  4. A BiPolar Guy
    A BiPolar Guy at |

    the thing about what makes these movies so “great”? They aren’t by most people’s standards.
    Art, wether in film or other mediums, likewise literature, music and even gourmet food, have in large part always been the interest of a small minority of people who have appointed themselves arbiters of what is good and what is not,. They mistake their personal preferences for some demonstrably superior universal standard for what everyone should like. The most self-certain of these become critics. It’s fine if they have tastes different than the majority. More power to them. Most of us do, in one thing or another. But there is no right or wrong here, there is only personal taste. There is no accounting for taste.

    1. Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog
      Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog at |

      I’m really sorry that you don’t get art

      1. graz
        graz at |

        Any film is art…I’m sorry that you have bad taste.

        1. Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog
          Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog at |

          Nope, not ANY film is art, i’m sorry that you can’t get a grasp on how things work, crawl back to your mom’s womb please

    YOUR MOM at |

    these films all seem retarded.

    1. Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog
      Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog at |

      How bad! but did you really make a psychological examination of thesei movies?

      cos I didn’t know movies could be mentally challenged mom… perhaps… you are…

  6. CreamK
    CreamK at |

    I’m also baffled by the Wavelength. As many of the experimental works maybe it isn’t actually made to be watched but to present an idea. And that idea is then refined by others, i have seen this effect used on many horrorfilms. But as a work of cinematic art it’s still nonsense and don’t actually require to be watched at all. The director of course feels different from that.

  7. Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog
    Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog at |

    Oh I am a common folk and I don’t understand and don’t wanna understand any of these movies!! PLEASE!!
    make them go away!
    bring me my Ice T and my Jessica Alba please!

  8. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    “Johnny Got His Gun” starring Timothy Bottoms is both experimental and surreal !!!

  9. ZoomZzoooommZzzoooooommm
    ZoomZzoooommZzzoooooommm at |

    @CreamK Hi CreamK – I’m just here to defend Wavelength which I really like watching! It takes its time to do one thing (the sssllllooowww zoom) which I really like, but there are other things to distract me on the way, all the different stories that happen in the room. I live somewhere were life moves very slowly, so maybe I’m veyr patient. I am a normal person (a barman) with normal social skills and I’m not some weird art vampire living in my art castle

  10. skywatcher
    skywatcher at |

    I like plot. I like sequences of actions that are, in some way, causative. At the same time, I recognize that most of our explanations for our own actions and our reconstruction of events is largely fictitious. Humans have this horrible desire to have everything make sense and see everything as proceeding logically. It can be really great to see a film that undercuts all that and shows us things that don’t conform to our everyday constructs.

  11. Manish kumar
    Manish kumar at |

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  12. Nelson
    Nelson at |

    I agree the list is missing. What about Dziga Vertov’s 1929 “Man with a Movie Camera”?

  13. Tad Beavers
    Tad Beavers at |

    Not really much in the way of modern experimental film….

  14. Sally
    Sally at |

    What a load of wubbish


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