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  1. Kay
    Kay at |

    Great list!

  2. David
    David at |

    You did not mention the Free State Project !!

  3. Paul K. Sholar
    Paul K. Sholar at |

    You didn't cover the Rugby community in Tennessee (northwest of Knoxville). See http://www.historicrugby.org/

  4. jackdaniels63
    jackdaniels63 at |

    Post, Texas created by Post (i.e. Post Toasties). In west Texas……if you’ve ever been there you wonder “what the hell was he thinking”.

  5. Marilyn
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    What about Freetown Christiania?

  6. Ricanliz610@aol.com
    [email protected] at |

    A single mother looking for a comune. My boyfriend ask me if I wanted to live in a commune but No we need to look for one. Please help me. I hate what this world has become and i dont want my children living in it. my boyfriend and I are looking for a home but it needs to be a great place. where we are at it is not safe for us or the children.

    1. TCBNF1
      TCBNF1 at |

      That’s a good question and I wa wondering something similar, as well. Is there a list or finder somewhere that can help find like-minded communities that are based on more than religious values? Would it be easier to start one of your own?

  7. Dr.A.Jagadeesh
    Dr.A.Jagadeesh at |

    Very illustrative article on COMMUNES. I visited Israel and saw the excellent KIBBUTTZ.

    I have a novel project for Indian Rural Youth. In India millions of hectares of vacant land/waste land is idle. Thanks to ‘nature’ we have fast growing plants which can be put to multiple uses. There is Agave which can be used in Biofuel production. Mexico is pioneer in this.
    Biofuel can be produced from Agave. Oxford University study (attached) on
    agave-to-ethanol: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content
    “The sustainability of large-scale biofuel production has recently been called into question in view of mounting concerns over the associated impact on land and water resources. As the most predominant biofuel today, ethanol produced from food crops such as corn in the US has been frequently criticised. Ethanol derived from cellulosic feeds tocks is likely to overcome some of these drawbacks, but the production technology is yet to be commercialised. Sugarcane ethanol is the most efficient option in the short term, but its success in Brazil is difficult to replicate elsewhere. Agaves are attracting attention as potential
    ethanol feeds tocks because of their many favorable characteristics such as high productivities and sugar content and their ability to grow in naturally water-limited environments. Here, we present the first life cycle energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) analysis for agave-derived ethanol. The results suggest that ethanol derived from agave is likely to be superior, or at least comparable, to that from corn, switch grass and sugarcane in terms of energy and
    GHG balances, as well as in ethanol output and net GHG offset per unit land area. Our analysis highlights the promising opportunities for bioenergy production from agaves in arid or semi-arid regions with minimum pressure on food production and water resources.
    “[…] the emissions of agave-derived fuel are estimated to stand at around 35g of CO2 per megajoule from field-to-wheel, compared to the 85g/MJ emitted when
    making corn ethanol.”

    Dr Tan and his colleagues found this energy balance is five units to one.
    “This compares favorably to the highly efficient sugarcane, and to the less efficient corn as a source of biofuel. It also compares favorably to sugarcane-derived ethanol for its ability to offset greenhouse gas emissions, which we calculated at 7.5 tons of CO2e per hectare per year – taking into account the crop’s complete lifecycle”

    Agave(Americana),Sisal Agave is a multiple use plant which has 10% fermentable sugars and rich in cellulose. The fibre is used in rope making and also for weaving clothes in Philippines under the trade name DIP-DRY. In Brazil a paper factory runs on sisal as input. A Steroid HECOGENIN is extracted from this plant leaves. Since on putrification,it produces methane gas, it can be cut and used as input in
    biogas plants. Also in Kenya and Lesotho dried pieces of Agave are mixed with concrete since it has fibres which act as binding.

    There is OPUNTIA which is also care free growth plant and biogas can be generated from this.

    Each Rural Youth (with agricultural background) can be allotted about 5 hectares of vacant land and 10 such youth can form a YOUTH CO-OPERATIVES (Youth Economic Zones on the lines of Special Economic Zones). They can grow fast growing plants like Agave, Opuntia and Jatropha. Banks can lend resources for these projects.

    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore (AP), India
    E-mail: [email protected]

  8. John Bergamini
    John Bergamini at |

    The list is extremely incomplete as evidenced by the comments here. How could the list have failed to include the Amana Colony in Iowa? The missing elements in this list may be more important then the listed items. Is this just more corporatist propaganda?

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Corporatist propaganda? I think you give this site far more credit than it deserves. I promise you, I have no corporatist agendas. I do find it amusing how much importance people place on a simple top 10 list.

  9. Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez at |

    How could you have left off Jim Jones and his colony of Jonestown, Guyana?
    This was one of the most controversial moments in history and the man was influenced by disturbing theories.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      He made this list of top 10 Dangerous Cults.

  10. Will
    Will at |

    I am looking for commune somewhere out in the western part of America. My interests are: straw bale homes, Gardening with an emphasis to harvesting seeds, canning and drying the produce. I want to get back to a simpler way of living where conflicts are resolved with love rather than a mandate. Am I dreaming or does something like this even exist? Let me know. Let love abound, to see yourself in others.

    1. Larry
      Larry at |

      Hi Will,
      Just had to reply to your comment above…you just seem like a mirror of myself, except I’m looking for the same thing in the Northeast! LOL! Good luck, brother, you definitely sound like a man on the right track. Best wishes, Larry.

  11. carl humphreys
    carl humphreys at |

    we want to get opermission to do funding as shate exemption status for volunteering for the group books articles photos journals for the group to get extra funding as concerts art show music show chemical shows, magic shows. send e mail to above thanks

  12. Dr.A.jagadeesh
    Dr.A.jagadeesh at |

    Great list. I visited Israel and could see the excellent Kibbutz.
    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

  13. Rayenbo Extoewa
    Rayenbo Extoewa at |

    To all who are looking for or beginning your own communities, I believe the most comprehensive site to find modern day communities world wide is http://www.ic.org. Also, http://www.thefec.org is great if you’re specifically looking for egalitarian income-sharing communities.

  14. larry
    larry at |

    Are there Eugenicist communities?

  15. Heather Poland
    Heather Poland at |

    international trade is part of food, food is a government service, no wonder we are in so much debt when we are a free country adding immigration to the table. We are built and founded on earth, and a cooperative method is all part of civilization. We are free to belong and be, coping together is where a true nation finds heritage. Protection is a mission statement of law officials to their citizens. I long for a community with such standards that cooperation resides in our hearts to help sustain one another for means of survival especially women and children… Tell me of such a place and I will shoot a resume to cook, clean, and reside among others within the horticulture of the mind… 🙂

  16. Lindz
    Lindz at |

    I need to get to a community that excepts me for who I am

  17. Terrie
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    Was doing research for a personal interest and would like information please.


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