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  • john

    wow, what a boring top 10 list…

    • I guess you aren’t a fan of the movie. I was excited to read this considering watching It’s a Wonderful Life every year has been a tradition for me the last 22 years.

      Now you must find at least 3 other lists you thought were interesting and comment on those.

      If you want to try and read a really boring top 10 list, check out this one I did years ago. In fact, it was the third list I compiled for this site. Get ready for the Top 10 Hats! Yeesh, I’m embarrassed just typing it. Aren’t you glad I started outsourcing these lists to credible writers? I know I am.

      • john

        Ur right, the hat list sucks even more…

        • Ouch. And I’m still waiting to see your positive comments on 3 other lists. 😉

          • john

            I can’t, I’m a grizzler…

            • magpie

              …and an idiot.

  • Randy

    I thought it was interesting and definatley relevant to the season.

  • David

    A little nitpick… But in the Alfalfa blurb you wrote “at the age of 8 when he appeared in the first Little Rascal short “Beginner’s Luck” in 1935.”

    First the film series was called “Our Gang” (It was called the Little Rascals for Syndicated TV) and the first one was produced in the 1920’s. If you change the word to “his” not “the” the sentence would be correct though.

  • Tom

    I am not a fan of the movie (I have nothing against it but I guess like A Christmas Story I am really sick of it because of it’s constant seasonal airplay) but I found the list interesting and fun just the same. I had no idea the movie was a box office flop, for example.

    • I agree with the overplay, but that was corrected when the rights were bought by Paramount/NBC and usually airs it only on Christmas Eve.

  • Randy

    I wouldn’t hold my breath for any positivity from John.

    • We must have faith in the generosity of the human spirit. John won’t let me down.

  • Shay

    This past year I have learned that It’s a Wonderful Life is a movie that is primarily about public versus private housing rather than a holiday film. I took a course on the development of suburbia and the professor had recently been made aware of that as well. It’s interesting to watch with that new perspective.

  • jim

    Bite the wall john