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  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    Number 9 is stated as a German invention but the article pictured clearly states that it was invented by a man from New-York. I hate to point out details like this but each and every mistake like this makes it hard to believe whatever else is written here. This particular example shows a lack of research that is disturbing for a site such as yours. Is it just a slip or are all the articles this poorly researched.

  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    Number 8 states that the scooter mounted cannon was used by the french during Vietnam. First of all what dies Vietnam mean here? The Vietnam war? This is how it is understood anyways. Little history lesson. What the author is probably talking about although I can’t know for sure cuz this is the second mistake in the first 3 entries is the Indochinese independence war when Indochina (now called Vietnam) fought for its independence from France. To refer to this conflict as simply Vietnam is highly misleading and shows again a lack of thorough research or even basic historical knowledge and since this list has a rather important historical aspect it makes it even more disturbing. I won’t even read the rest of the list as it is now impossible for me to trust anything written by this author. All I can say is that it a list from 2009 and you guys have made a huge progress in quality and reliability.

  • Marcel

    What qualifies the U.S.S. Macon as a failed military invention? It was piloted by an idiot and crashed. Based on the video, the design itself was an asteounding success. they should have mass produced these!

  • Anne N Emous

    Love the article, some great inspiration for me here. One thing I think you should have mentioned though was that the Puckle gun had two interchangeable rounds, one with ordinary round bullets, and one with square bullets. “Round bullets for Christians, square bullets for Turks”. The idea was that square bullets would do more damage, while round ones would allow you to kill the Christians more humanely.

    This was flawed though, as the square bullets were aerodynamically flawed, and moved slower, thus being in fact, less damaging.

  • Eric Smith

    The Macon (Akron and Shenandoah) were successful as early aircraft carriers. Dirigibles as a whole, though, were too weather vulnerable.