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  1. HavenDragon
    HavenDragon at |

    Where’s harambe?

  2. Bad_Toro
    Bad_Toro at |

    Where’s Obama? Racists.

  3. Keven
    Keven at |

    Where’s Bonzo? Ronald Reagan’s chimp?

  4. Grendel
    Grendel at |

    If you’re going to list Joe Young and Kong, refer to the REAL ones – the originals. Disney’s Joe was horribly dull, and Jackson took the brutatily out of Kong.

  5. vanrodden
    vanrodden at |

    Cheetah was most famous monkey ever… and on the top of this kinda list.

  6. Jonathan Michael Reiter
    Jonathan Michael Reiter at |

    None of these primates are Monkeys… They’re either Chimpanzees, Gorillas or Orangutans…
    The only “monkey” is Albert the Rhesus Monkey who died for the Human Space Program…

  7. kelly
    kelly at |

    is that last girl a monkey?……cuz it waz funny lol

  8. rome
    rome at |


  9. heather
    heather at |

    who is Oliver???

  10. Chris
    Chris at |

    what about Oliver the chimp?

  11. heather
    heather at |

    it's just for fun :)I know the difference, it was just an easier title. hope you enjoyed the list 🙂

  12. Mariam67
    Mariam67 at |

    I don't understand why you called the list "famous monkeys" when only one was actually a monkey. Monkeys and apes are like cats and dogs. Still, I enjoyed the list. Please excuse my anality. 🙂

  13. heather
    heather at |

    lol sorry Michael 🙂

  14. M. Jackson
    M. Jackson at |

    FYI about dare you smear his name. Bubbles' behavior didn't become odd. He went through chimp adolescence and started to act out. This is what all chimps do. They eventually get to an age where they challenge their master. Bubbles now enjoys a peaceful life in a special home for chimps.

  15. CherryPicker
    CherryPicker at |

    And Bubbles isn't an oppressed monkey?

    This a list of FAMOUS monkeys, your purple monkey shouldn't even be there, you stop 100 people on the street and ask them to name three famous monkeys, Cheetah would be top of the list.

  16. Randy
    Randy at |

    Marcel from Friends was pretty popular as well

  17. atticus
    atticus at |

    Does anyone else think the idea of Michael Jackson banishing any living creature for disturbing behavior is the definition of ironic?


  18. bigbottom
    bigbottom at |

    Grape Ape was a character for the intellectual elite like myself. Cheetah was an oppressed monkey used to further the career of Johnny Weismuller. Luckily Cheetah outlived him.

  19. CherryPicker
    CherryPicker at |

    What about Cheetah? Way more famous than Grape Ape.

  20. OhioPest
    OhioPest at |

    We got a gorilla for sale, Magilla gorilla for sale.

    Mr. Peebles is not amused by this list.

    Also you could make a list of apes that suck and use Gleek the blue "space monkey" from the wonder twins, Blip from the original Space Ghost, and stupid Chim Chim from Speed racer.

  21. heather
    heather at |

    who's that? 🙂 I don't even know but I'll Google him for sure lol

  22. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    What? No bonzai buddy?!


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