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  • 5minutes

    And this list even got published on my birthday! 🙂

  • lou

    Good one. What is your policy on re-blogging? Non commercial blog with all proper attributions given of course. Lou

    • 5minutes

      As the author, I can give you my permission, but ultimately, it’s up to the admins here at TopTenz. Hopefully, they’ll respond.

    • Hi Lou, We always appreciate being asked. We would prefer that you only take a portion of the article (5 or less list items) and link back for the reader to read the rest. Thanks.

  • woody2327

    No mention of Suzi Quattro?

    • 5minutes

      Shoot! She was supposed to be in the “others” list. Thanks for bringing her up!

      • mrclam

        Other honorable mentions: Kira Roessler (Black Flag/Dos) Lorna Doom (Germs) and Michie Nakatani (Shonen Knife)

        • 5minutes

          I’ve also been told I should include Emma Anzai by at least one fan who thinks she’s got a hot bod… I mean someone who admires her talent.

  • E

    Este Haim!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bodd

    Tracy Wormworth. Started with the Waitresses, Played with the B52s on and off for 20 years, toured with Sting, and recorded with Lena Horne and Paula Abdul.

  • ParusMajor
  • ParusMajor

    Oh, snap. I can mention one female bass player over here in Finland that you probably don’t know about (but you should): Aija Puurtinen. Check her out at YouTube. And her band Honey B & The T-Bones:

  • Mark

    ummmm….what about Sara Lee??? Gang of Four, B-52’s, etc.!!!

  • Gary

    Sandy Horne of seminal Canadian new wave band The Spoons.

  • dapeda

    Tal Wilkenfeld! Hot and perfect. “River of Life” from her solo album “Transfomation” is pure awsomeness

  • joe

    What about Tracy Wormworth!?

  • Pelle Bauer

    😉 The most beuatiful bass player in the world

  • JRyder

    Metal? Is this a serious list? Kim A. Clarke (the ex-Defunkt bassist) is better than all of these people, except for (maybe) Esmerelda.

    • cumulus&nimbus

      Metal sucks, and who the fuck is esmerelda, an esmerald sister? esperanza (hope) spalding? Are you serious?

    • The Annoyed Elephant

      Metal’s fine. And she’s solid.

  • waxy

    Why does there need to be a gender qualifier? This practice only helps to negate a woman’s place in music today. “Here’s your special woman’s feature, now back to what we regularly cover for the remaining 11 months of the year”. The intention I’m sure was of the highest morales, but this practice needs to stop. If not, then replace “women” with “black” or “bald overweight men” or “size ten in footwear” and see how bizarre this actually reads.

  • pjiricka

    And now also Mohini Dey. Her, plus Tal Wilkenfeld, plus Esperanza are my favorites.