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  • 5minutes

    And this list even got published on my birthday! :)

  • lou

    Good one. What is your policy on re-blogging? Non commercial blog with all proper attributions given of course. Lou

    • 5minutes

      As the author, I can give you my permission, but ultimately, it’s up to the admins here at TopTenz. Hopefully, they’ll respond.

    • Shell Harris

      Hi Lou, We always appreciate being asked. We would prefer that you only take a portion of the article (5 or less list items) and link back for the reader to read the rest. Thanks.

  • woody2327

    No mention of Suzi Quattro?

    • 5minutes

      Shoot! She was supposed to be in the “others” list. Thanks for bringing her up!

      • mrclam

        Other honorable mentions: Kira Roessler (Black Flag/Dos) Lorna Doom (Germs) and Michie Nakatani (Shonen Knife)

        • 5minutes

          I’ve also been told I should include Emma Anzai by at least one fan who thinks she’s got a hot bod… I mean someone who admires her talent.

  • E

    Este Haim!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bodd

    Tracy Wormworth. Started with the Waitresses, Played with the B52s on and off for 20 years, toured with Sting, and recorded with Lena Horne and Paula Abdul.

  • ParusMajor
  • ParusMajor

    Oh, snap. I can mention one female bass player over here in Finland that you probably don’t know about (but you should): Aija Puurtinen. Check her out at YouTube. And her band Honey B & The T-Bones:

  • Mark

    ummmm….what about Sara Lee??? Gang of Four, B-52’s, etc.!!!

  • Gary

    Sandy Horne of seminal Canadian new wave band The Spoons.

  • dapeda

    Tal Wilkenfeld! Hot and perfect. “River of Life” from her solo album “Transfomation” is pure awsomeness

  • joe

    What about Tracy Wormworth!?

  • Pelle Bauer

    😉 The most beuatiful bass player in the world