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  1. 5minutes
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    Pretty poor list. While there are a few characters in here who have actually been portrayed as dominatrices, most of it is just conjecture along the lines of “you totally know she would”.

    As proof, I offer #8. Sara Sidle, on CSI, has never been shown in any sort of sexual context. We know she’s married to Grissom and they’ve kissed, but that’s it. We know nothing of their bedroom proclivities or activities and, thus, have no idea if this is actually part of their characters’ lives.

    On the other hand, in the same description, the author mentioned another character on CSI – Lady Heather – who is a known, active dominatrix with a long in-show history of said behavior.

    And yet, the author went for the unknown. Shame.

  2. Interesting
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    Not sure whether or not I’m attracted to these ladies or afraid of them. Seems like the right choice to me.

  3. auto devis
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    the lion king reference is a little twisted

  4. Sociology
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    Not to sound like a feminazi here, but seriously. Catwoman: yes, she wears leather ALL THE TIME and her entire design is sexualized. But some of these are just ordinary strong willed women who’ve had no hint of being sexually deviant. It’s just the “she’s an independent woman so she must be into kink” stereotype. It’s sickening, really.

  5. Blackbison
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    You probably also missed the Hindu Goddess, Kali. Kali was literally death incarnate. she was a demon slayer, and the God Shiva literally had put himself beneath her to quell her bloodthirsty rage. she would basically dominate every other character on our list, including Lilith.


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