Top 10 Fictional Dominatrices


Dominance and submission is becoming a more prevalent relationship model in our society. This is particularly true with the emergence of book series like 50 Shades of Grey. So it makes perfect sense that there are certain fictional women who give off that certain…vibe. Sometimes, the vibe is hinted at, and sometimes it’s more or less implied.  These ladies seemed to have been specifically created for the dominatrix mode. It’s not always obvious, but the clues are there.

10. Jade West From Victorious


There is almost a zero chance that Nickelodeon would explore the obvious on this one. Jade (from the tween-to-teen series Victorious)  loves to be in control. Jade purposefully chooses and holds onto a submissive man, Beck, whom she continually dominates. To the outside world, it looks like there is no reason for this relationship to continue. However, understanding Beck and Jade in terms of a dominant/submissive dynamic, all of the sudden their relationship makes a lot more sense. Jade has a loss of control in much of her life. She has a father who is, at best, indifferent to her. Her family does not understand her creative needs, and dominance (as well as the exploration of it) gives her the control she otherwise lacks.

A real Jade West would end up spending more time in a homemade dungeon than Bob Crane reportedly did. On the cases when Beck and Jade do happen to break up, it has more to do with Jade bringing their relationship more out into the open than he would like. That smacks of breaking a pre-set rule.

9.  Lisa From Weird Science


Lets review, two nerds use a computer to Frankenstein a “perfect woman.” What do they create? They make a woman who enjoys violence and humiliation. She showers with boys while their pants are on. She beats up bikers. She turns a man into a steaming pile of crap that looks like a cross between Jabba the Hutt and a pile of dinosaur droppings from Jurassic Park.

In short, Lisa has all the power of a demigod. What does she end up using it for? She fulfills her personal ambition of whipping a group of boys to shape in a gym class. There has to be skin-tight leather and a whip embedded into her programming. Lisa’s first experiences are in dominating the lives of her two young creators, by virtue of power and sexuality. One can only imagine that, as she continued to mature, these would become the dominant traits of her personality. The jeans come off in the shower, but only when she orders them off.

8. Sara Sidle From CSI


Like CSI itself, this one takes a little detective work. Sara Sidle’s background depicts a person who never had much control, and spends a lifetime trying to regain it. Sidle is a believer in cold hard science, but reaches out to her victims with her heart. She winds up married to Gil Grissom, who has a fascination with three things that are verifiable: the dominatrix Lady Heather, insects (which include romances such as the praying mantis,) and roller coasters. The bedroom would seem to be the obvious place where Grissom could give up control, and Sidle could take it back in domination. They already have a resource on their relationship in Lady Heather. The thrill of losing control on a roller coaster can only be magnified by being strapped into a chair with a blindfold.

7.  Michelle Flaherty From American Pie


Michelle Flaherty stepped into pop culture immortality by starting a line “this one time at band camp…” However, it is what she did after forcing Jim Levelstein to lay down and take it, that Michelle started to explore her dominant side. Michelle not only introduced Jim to the pleasures of pain, she also very loudly demanded that Jim say her name. Jim was so changed by the experience that he…oh yeah…married her.  One can only assume that one of the main reasons it was so hard to stage copulation in American Reunion was not because of the baby, but because of the sheer level of production that Levenstein sex had grown into.  The only real question about their relationship is whether this Irish spitfire would dress like a banshee, as well as scream like one.

6. Lady Jaye From G. I. Joe


Let’s clear something up right here. Joes have code names that highlight parts of their personality, or special skills they possess. The “Lady” in Lady Jaye is a term of respect in her community. According to her G. I. Joe file card, Lady Jaye specializes in covert operations. She can mimic cultures exactly. Lady Jaye is not an actress; she is a role player.

Lady Jaye is also highly educated and calculating. In the bedroom, she would be a specialist at fulfilling your fantasy of domination. Do you want a traditional dominatrix with a whip? Do you want a harem girl who takes control? Lady Jaye will make you believe every enjoyable second of it.

Lady Jaye is also precise with weapons. She had a fetish involving javelins, and would know exactly what to do with the human body and keep everything within…bounds.  It really makes you wonder about the tough-as-nails Warrant Officer Flint in the bedroom. You could also wonder who wears the beret, and what is done with the javelins.

5.  Nala From The Lion King


Lionesses are hunters in the wild, and the aggressive ones in the pack. Add to that a lioness whose favorite “game” is “pinned ya again,” and there is not a great stretch to using that tail to slap Simba around in the cave. Nala developed these tendencies early. She never loses any control of her situations. While Simba may be the stronger one in the relationship physically, Nala is clearly the dominant one in other matters. Nala has a love of danger, as well as confrontation. She challenges Simba to make his will as strong as hers. It is not a stretch to believe that Nala would portray some classic dom traits. You never know, it might be the only time you see Simba walking around with a leash and collar.

4. Lois Griffin From Family Guy


There is actually fairly ample evidence to support the theory that Lois and Peter enjoy a dominant/submissive relationship. Lois is clearly the dominant one in this as well. In “Let’s Go To The Hop,” Lois and Peter dress up in leather play outfits before agreeing that “the safety word is bananas.”  Lois then smacks Peter directly in the face. Later on, In “Peter’s Two Dads,” Stewie has visions of his own mother putting out a cigarette on him. Stewie is also strapped to a rack in that episode, in a fantasy with Lois wearing her dominatrix outfit. And the main reason why Peter feels like he has to retake his manhood in the episode “Lethal Weapons,” after Lois learns karate, is that he feels Lois is overstepping clearly-identified boundaries in the bedroom. Lois is violating the rules by extending her dominance outside the bedroom, and Peter feels he has to fight back.

3. Nanny McPhee


Nanny McPhee has but five lessons to teach. All you have to do is follow them, or mystical punishment will certainly follow. It is no coincidence that Nanny’s first two rules actually involve the bedroom.  You go to bed when you are told, and you wake up when you are told. The next one really turns towards Nanny’s dominatrix nature. You put on clothes when you are told. The fourth lesson is to listen. The fifth is to do what you are told. Nanny McPhee wields a cane, as well as a word that should never be questioned.

2.  Catwoman


If there was ever a Dominatrix fantasy,  thy name would be Selina Kyle. Catwoman has claws, carries a whip, and chases big game. Secretly, we all know that Bruce Wayne just wants to crumple down and be Selina’s submissive boy. Its not like Batman has to take scratches or whip blasts from Catwoman. He just wants to. Selina is not only a fictional dominatrix: she is all-but-officially a Dominatrix genre. You do not want to read all of the fan fiction, or Google the pictures associated with this one…or maybe you do.

1.  Lilith


There is some debate as to whether Lilith appears in the Bible in Isaiah 34:14. However, according to the legend, Lilith was crafted as Adam’s first wife. Lilith was made out of the dust like Adam was. However, Lilith refused to bow to Adam. Eventually, she was cast out of the Garden for this. Further legend states that Lilith was the mother of all vampires. My contention is that you would have to be the patron saint of dominatrices to look at the literal Alpha Male and say, “isn’t there someone else around here?” At any rate, Lilith was the first to assert her own dominance.

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  1. You probably also missed the Hindu Goddess, Kali. Kali was literally death incarnate. she was a demon slayer, and the God Shiva literally had put himself beneath her to quell her bloodthirsty rage. she would basically dominate every other character on our list, including Lilith.

  2. Not to sound like a feminazi here, but seriously. Catwoman: yes, she wears leather ALL THE TIME and her entire design is sexualized. But some of these are just ordinary strong willed women who’ve had no hint of being sexually deviant. It’s just the “she’s an independent woman so she must be into kink” stereotype. It’s sickening, really.

  3. Not sure whether or not I’m attracted to these ladies or afraid of them. Seems like the right choice to me.

  4. Pretty poor list. While there are a few characters in here who have actually been portrayed as dominatrices, most of it is just conjecture along the lines of “you totally know she would”.

    As proof, I offer #8. Sara Sidle, on CSI, has never been shown in any sort of sexual context. We know she’s married to Grissom and they’ve kissed, but that’s it. We know nothing of their bedroom proclivities or activities and, thus, have no idea if this is actually part of their characters’ lives.

    On the other hand, in the same description, the author mentioned another character on CSI – Lady Heather – who is a known, active dominatrix with a long in-show history of said behavior.

    And yet, the author went for the unknown. Shame.