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  1. ParusMajor at |

    Brilliant list. May I add the Japanese manga “Death Note”?

  2. Paul. A at |

    The “Count of Monte Cristo” has been a favorite of mine ever since I was about 10 years old.

    The best movie version is French ( I think) and was made in black and white in the 50’s.

    Gerard Depardieu (hate his guts) also made a very long version a few years ago.

    THIS IS A MUST SEE (or read) STORY.

  3. Ronnie at |

    Honorable mention: “Man on Fire” with Denzel Washington.

  4. Noah at |

    What about the shawshank redemption ?

  5. Fred at |

    Princess Bride?

  6. CJB at |

    “Sleepers” is a most excellent movie. I highly recommend it, although it will also make you very sad.

  7. Bane at |

    i can’t believe you wouldn’t have included the granddaddy of the genre, which was a big hit as well : death wish, starring charles bronson.

    As well, gladiator is far superior to spartacus in both story and execution.

    1. ParusMajor at |

      Oh yes. And now that you mentioned Charles Bronson, what about “Once Upon a Time in the West”? Another revenge film came to mind, “The Exterminator” from the early 80’s. A man was put into a mince meat machine in that one… nasty! 😀

  8. ParusMajor at |

    I’m sorry if I comment too much, but I just thought of a few more revenge films:

    The Virgin Spring (aka Jungfrukällan, Sweden, 1960) by Ingmar Bergman. This movie possibly inspired Wes Craven’s “The Last House on the Left”.

    Lady Snowblood (aka Shurayukihime, Japan, 1973) and
    Thriller -en grym film (aka They Call Her One-Eye, Sweden, 1973)

    Both of these inspired Quentin Tarantino when he was making Kill Bill.

  9. David Verney at |

    Is the soundtrack to The Unforgiven (Film 5) the same one that Metallica did of the same name?

  10. Dan at |

    Wow, I think you should have a bit of a spoilers warning up there for Ice and Fire- Storm of Swords…you may not be aware, but HBO is currently starting the third season (of one of there biggest shows) which is going to be mostly the third book…and you have given away one of the best/most unexpected parts of the book…granted you are talking about the books, but the show does follow the books very well…If I hadn’t already read the books three times, and knew what to expect from the show, I would be very very pissed off that the “Red Wedding” was spoiled for me…Also interesting note- George RR Martin avoided writting the “Red Wedding” chapter until he was finished the rest of the book, since it was so emotional…
    Other than that, well done list, and I generally don’t have complaints bout the info….
    I just think it should have a spoiler warning/link you need to click on to find out what happens at the red wedding, so you can’t accidentally read it….



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