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  1. Christopher Sinclair
    Christopher Sinclair at |

    This is the worst thing ever. The plot holes are filled with plot holes.

    1. TopTenz
      TopTenz at |

      Everything is based on sourced research by third-parties. Don’t shoot the messenger, no pun intended. Okay, maybe a little pun intended.

  2. Conan
    Conan at |

    The issue with Pacific Rim isnt the robots. Its that knowing all the kaiju come from one place in the ocean, the tear they need to close. Why not just send a load of subs that patrol that tear and blow the crap out the kaiju as soon as they pop there head out. Then spend the robot money on better weapons and a way to shut the tear. With nuke subs they could still have had the same ending. 🙂

  3. hold on
    hold on at |

    You called Forrest Gump a moron, therefore, your argument is invalid. You’re probably one of those people that complains just because you enjoy complaining. BTW you offered ZERO insight into mathematics ruining his the fictional world in which he is portrayed. That being said, you offered an opinion piece.

  4. Alex
    Alex at |

    lol russians just found mammoth blood and muscle tissue and are thinking on cloning it.the animal is about 43 thousand years old

  5. Ian
    Ian at |

    Thank for ruining all these great movies. haha not really. Cool article. I wish I would have thought of it. And I heard about the mammoth cloning but I thought it was the Japanese. Craziness!

  6. Ian
    Ian at |

    HILARIOUS LIST…but seriously you ruined Star Wars and Forrest Gump for me you jerk!

  7. Ian
    Ian at |

    Plus Frank Miller is going to kill you for saying all that stuff about Batman haha

  8. Steve
    Steve at |

    Wow. I bet the OP is fun at parties. Not.

  9. Anonymous Nitpicker
    Anonymous Nitpicker at |

    I realize this is an opinion article, but I have an obligation as a nitpicker and naysayer to write a far-too-long post about it. So here’s the holes in your logic:

    10- The wizarding population would be unsustainable, if not for a few specific facts addressed in universe. Firstly, you forgot to compensate for the fact that there are multiple schools like Hogwarts and also for the population of wizards that are no longer attending the schools for various reasons (mostly graduation.) Second, you have disregarded the fact that wizards are known to be born to normal “muggle” parents (Hermione Granger, for instance.)

    9- You’re correct, I also happen to believe that Bruce Wayne would not be able to operate for very long at his probably performance level. Even if he dumped money into his health, it wouldn’t be too long before the accumulation of wear and tear caught up. You are, however, forgetting that he doesn’t have a static amount of money. Bruce Wayne still collects money from his company, likely swelling his funds far beyond the number listed here. Since his only expense after the initial startup of his project would be replacing equipment and medical expenses (plus periodically upgrading and buying stuff for certain young wards), it can be assumed that his monetary value yearly is more than capable of paying for his lifestyle as a crime fighter.

    8- No beef with this one, I just wish the movie had followed the book more closely.

    7- Again, on the money.

    6- Unless the Jaegers are made of and armored by some sort of hyper-light futuristic material, you’re correct here as well.

    5- I really wish people would make a greater effort to understand the Jedi Order and the way the Force works. It would simplify my life as a nitpicker so much.

    The reason that the Jedi use lightsabers is because of their philosophy that the Force isn’t a weapon or a tool, it is only supposed to be used to grant knowledge and overcome obstacles that cannot be overcome in any other way. Galen Marek, who never studied the Jedi path formally, had no way of embracing that mindset. Raised as a Sith instead, he was trained that the Force was a tool to obey the will of the user, rather than a partner to be allowed to work for its user. However, unless dealing with another Force-user, there was little need for a Jedi to use the Force beyond its abilities to help them block attacks and sense their surroundings. Also, pulling a Star Destroyer out of orbit was the only option that Marek had at the time. Given other options, he might have chose to utilize other methods.

    4-1- I hold no contention with the bulk of these, other than to point out that ancient DNA has been discovered several times with more than enough intact substance to make clones. However, the dinosaurs probably couldn’t be reproduced this way. Even if you could reproduce one by cloning, the modern atmosphere is somewhat rarified by their gigantic standards and they’d likely suffer at least mild hypoxia because of it.

    That’s my two cents (adjusted for content and inflation, about $200.)

  10. Martin
    Martin at |

    The bugs in Starship Troopers aren’t smart. The asteroid attacks are false flags created by the Federation. This is hinted to throughout the films, as the entire trilogy is satire.


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