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  • ed

    First. Hehehehe. Came on the site, read a list, went back to the home page and this one was here.

  • Clive

    Vegetarian meat is a bit of a contradiction.
    Also number one could have been handled better. I mean something we haven’t thought of yet isn’t really and great way to describe the number one food of the future. Be a little creative jeez!

    • Lee Standberry

      I will try to do better next time – thanks 🙂

  • ty

    this is the worst list ive read in a while, all of these foods are already being consumed somewhere in the world. I mean, even the Neoguri Seafood noodles I love have peices of algae in them. I dont know why, but I thought that you actually did extensive research and found ten foods that we would literally be eating in the future. once again, the bait and switch effect has worked.

    • You must remember that you are smarter and better educated than most other people in the world, so our lists will probably always bore you and leave you feeling unfulfilled. 😛

      But seriously…

      This is a frequent refrain from you. I humbly suggest you try to find a site that can better meet your expectations, rather than being subjected to the worst list you ever read on a weekly or monthly basis.

      You may want to read our fishing in Canada list since you are obviously a fan of fishing. (Yes, I’m well aware you hated that list too.)

    • Lee Standberry

      You’re making an assumption that the list doesn’t make. There’s nothing that says the items listed are not being consumed in the present. Rather it is implied (and intended) to refer to foods that are not ‘commonly’ eaten by a vast majority of people presently (at least in the west) AND that will probably be more available/consumed in the future (obviously relative to the present).

      On a side note, my goal in life now is to one day – hopefully – write a list that you actually like. Tall order, i know…

  • Edward

    You guys are doing just a great job. Prducing a feature every day with good stuff is super!! Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback, Edward. Glad to see our efforts are appreciated by some.

  • JT

    I love sushi, but I had sushi with seaweed on it once. Yuck. Didn’t care for it at all. Kind of slimy & rubbery. I scraped the seaweed off & ate the rest.

  • Todd

    “Talapia and Corbia”

    Tilapia and Cobia*

    Neither word is that hard to spell.

    • However you spell Tilapia, it is delicious! Both fixed.

  • nogod

    “isn’t this like eating fungus?” eh..mushrooms?

  • nogod

    I wish I was around in the future so i could enjoy seafood O.o

  • Anon

    growing meat? looks like cancer to me
    great title actually with not so great list, wonder if zombie disease/apocalypse thing is the result of humanity ran out of healty food

  • mutantone

    a combination of all of them as sources for the necessary nutrients to sustain life in a cycle of recycling the waste and by products into feed or shelter.

  • Rob

    “It’s a true fact that a good deal of the world’s population is carnivorous”
    No, it’s a complete lie. It’s a true fact that a good deal of the world’s population is omnivorous, and eats meat, but not carnivorous.

  • Lee

    Purslane … absolutely the best green for you . improves mental clarity and makes one feel calmer … personally that’s a good thing .