Top 10 Reasons To Be Proud Of The United States


America is not a perfect country.  Like all nations, it is a collection of human beings, and human beings are notorious for occasionally making bad decisions, being selfish, or otherwise simply blowing it.  However, there is a lot right about this country, though often we get so caught up in the rhetoric, that we miss it.  It’s not that other countries can’t make claims regarding their own unique and positive qualities, or that America is the only country that matters, but I feel compelled to stand up for the nation of my birth.

As a veteran, I thought a top ten list outlining what makes America great might be in order, especially today.  Obviously, critics will be able to name exceptions to almost everything I write here, but I stand by each main point, even if there are failures to be occasionally found.  And so here, in no particular order, is my list — incomplete as it may be — of ten things that makes the USA a great nation.

10.  Generosity

Granted, we are a wealthy nation, so it might be expected that we would pony up first, but the amount of aid we provide other countries when compared to the rest of the industrialized world is remarkable.  Fully one percent of America’s budget

goes to help other nations and, while that may not seem all that much, that’s over 26 billion dollars annually to countries around the world (and that figure doesn’t include interest-free and low interest loans).

Now granted, a big chunk of this comes in the form of military assistance—mostly to Israel and Egypt—but most of it goes to aiding countries’ efforts at either rebuilding infrastructure, anti-terrorism efforts, or stopping widespread hunger or disease.  Consider, for example, that in 2011, the U.S gave Kenya and South Africa half a billion dollars each to fight AIDS, malaria, and TB.  What’s truly remarkable is, we even send aid to countries that are antagonistic towards us like Pakistan, Sudan and even North Korea!  What other countries give billions of dollars of aid to countries that don’t even like them?

Yes, some of it ends up going into some foreign dictator’s bank account, and the U.S.—like most countries who provide assistance to other nations—does sometimes let political and strategic considerations determine who gets what and how much.  For the most part though, Americans are a generous lot who are among the first to come to the rescue when disaster or famine strikes, not just with taxpayer dollars, but with private relief efforts as well.

9.  Creativity, Productivity, and Innovation

The number of cutting edge inventions and refinements of existing technologies that have come out of America in the last two hundred years is staggering.  Everything from the airplane (1903) and phonograph (1877), to the drinking straw (1888) and feather duster (1870), have been the by-product of American ingenuity and resourcefulness.  In fact, it’s difficult to imagine any modern convenience or piece of technology that doesn’t have America’s fingerprints all over it.

How big of a fingerprint?  Consider that, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, of the over 4.5 million patents issued since 1790, the United States owns over half of them, or nearly 2.5 million!  Much of this creativity has to be credited to America’s entrepreneurial spirit and quest for knowledge, the two elements essential to getting things done.   Of course, many of America’s finest inventors came here from other countries, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it was in America that they found the right combination of freedom and financial resources to do amazing things.

8.  Freedom of Religion

Image result for Freedom of Religion

Sadly, history is replete with citizens suffering religious persecution and violence at the hands of both their own government, as well as from other religious groups (and, sometimes, even from factions within their own faith.)  This has rarely been the case in America, however, where citizens are guaranteed the right to worship as they wish—or not worship at all if that is their desire—without fear of being arrested, persecuted, or shunned by the rest of society, as is so often the case in some countries.

That doesn’t mean there haven’t been religious-based tensions from time to time but, for the most part, the degree of religious tolerance in America, especially when compared to many countries, is extraordinary.  Consider, for example, that in parts of the Middle East, one can actually be incarcerated, or even executed, for insulting Islam or making fun of the prophet Mohammad.  No such “heresy” laws exist in this country, and never will.  In fact, this is the one country people can come to find the freedom to practice their religion denied them by their own country.  While some find the preponderance of different denominations, religious practices, and belief systems a negative, it is actually evidence of America’s tolerance and diversity, and proof that in America, everybody is welcome to believe as they wish.

7.  Entrepreneurial Spirit

Image result for Entrepreneurial Spirit

The ability of anyone to start a business and become wealthy in this country, as compared to most other nations, is one of the hallmarks of what America is all about.  The United States is replete with stories of immigrants who stepped off the boat at Ellis Island, speaking no English and carrying $10 in their pocket, and who went on to become fabulously wealthy within just a few years.  Of course, there are no guarantees that everyone will succeed, as business failures and bankruptcies are a part of capitalism, but in America even if one fails, they have the chance to dust themselves off and start over again if they wish.  In contrast, most other countries are so over-regulated and heavily-taxed, that it is almost impossible to start a business from the ground up, which is why we see so many people coming to this country to set up shop.

Additionally, it is America’s industrial power that has done much to guarantee the peace over the last century.  Certainly, it would be difficult to imagine the Allies winning two World Wars without the awesome industrial strength of the United States behind them, all of it a by-product of our entrepreneurial spirit.

6.  Compassion in War

Image result for Compassion in War

America is no stranger to war, and has suffered through nearly a dozen of them throughout its long history.  However, with a couple of debatable exceptions, America has never started a war, nor has it engaged in wars of conquest, even when it had the opportunity to expand its frontiers considerably.  The Mexican-American war of 1845 is a good example of this; though the brief war ended in a Mexican rout, America not only didn’t annex the country, but quickly withdrew once hostilities ended.  How many countries would have done that?

Further, with the exception of World War II—when, sadly, fire-bombing civilian population centers was practiced by both sides—America generally makes every effort to limit civilian casualties and collateral damage whenever possible, even at considerable cost to itself.  Another of its great strengths is seen in its humane treatment of POWs (which may explain why German soldiers, in the closing days of World War II, preferred to surrender to the Americans rather than the Russians), and its willingness to assist its defeated enemies to rebuild after victory.  The most noteworthy example of this was the Marshall Plan that rebuilt most of Europe—particularly war-ravaged Germany—at a cost of some $44.3 billion in grants and loans over a period of five years (nearly $400 billion in today’s dollars).

Compare this to how the Soviet Union treated its former enemies; it demanded—and received—reparations from the conquered nations of Eastern Europe under its control, nearly equal to that provided by the Marshall Plan.  This not only further crippled their already devastated economies, but delayed their recovery by decades.

5.  Guardianship of Democracy

Image result for Democracy

America’s willingness to defend democracy and prevent oppressive regimes from expanding their totalitarian rule around the world, often at great cost in terms of lives, resources, and money, is one of the hallmarks of America.  Its willingness to take the lead in defending democracies whenever they are threatened, as was the case with Western Europe during the Cold War, and of getting involved in humanitarian efforts, even when they were not to our advantage to do so (such as in Somalia in 1992 or Kosovo in 1997), is legendary.

It doesn’t always end in success, of course (i.e. Vietnam and Somalia), but the willingness to stand up to tyranny and oppression is unique among nations throughout history, who have oftentimes been all-too-willing to turn a blind eye to genocide and oppression if it weren’t in their strategic interest to get involved.  Yes, we’ve been burned a few times in the process and, unfortunately, have been willing to prop up oppressive, anti-Communist regimes over the years but, for the most part, America tries to get it right.  To get an idea of how valuable its contribution has been, imagine the 20th Century without the United States taking an active role in world affairs.  Scary, huh?

4.  Ability to Right Past Wrongs

Image result for Ability to Right Past Wrongs

As I wrote in the opening, America is not a perfect country.  It has made mistakes in the past, and doubtlessly will in the future.  What makes it great, however, is its ability to admit when it is in error, and change the way it does things.  It’s not always pretty, and it may take some time to work through the process but, once it identifies something about itself that needs to be changed—be it slavery, segregation, racism, etc.—it eventually does the right thing.

It’s also willing, albeit begrudgingly at times, to admit to past mistakes and attempt to redress those wrongs; for example, America has repeatedly acknowledged its oppression of Native Americans, and has worked diligently to redress the issue.  Additionally, in 1988, Congress passed legislation that apologized for the grievous error it made in judgment when interning some 110,000 Japanese-Americans in internment camps during World War II; they even paid out $1.6 billion dollars in reparations to their descendants, to compensate for lost business and property.  In contrast, many countries to this day not only refuse to make amends to those who suffered under their care, but in many cases even refuse to admit to their sordid past at all, preferring instead to live in a state of denial.

3.  Ability to Meld Different Cultures

Image result for Different Cultures

America’s historic role as a melting pot of many different cultures is unique among nations on the planet, who tend to naturally segregate their populations according to race and religion.  As a result, people today, of many different ethnic or religious backgrounds, proudly identify themselves as Americans.  Meanwhile, in some other countries, people still identify themselves according to their culture, language, religion, or ethnicity.

This process did not come easily or quickly, of course, for the natural inclination of human beings is to shun those outside of “the tribe”, but because of the unique character of this country, such divisions proved to be impractical, and they eventually fell by the wayside.  This was most fortunate; consider what the history of this country would have been like had it broken into numerous nation-states based on ethnicity, religion, and culture.  Most likely there wouldn’t even be a United States today, but a plethora of small and mid-sized countries much like we see in Europe, with all the strife such divisions naturally manifest.

This melding also has the advantage of making American society a unique blend in which each assimilated culture brings a touch of itself to the table, much in the same way that adding different spices to a dish creates a unique taste all its own.

2.  Culture

Image result for Culture

The impact of American music, literature and entertainment on the cultures of other nations cannot be underestimated.  When people turn on their television sets in Abu Dhabi, South Korea or Brasil, chances are they’re watching an American sitcom or drama that has been dubbed into their language; when they turn on their radios, or plug in their iPod, there’s a pretty good chance they’re listening to an American singer or musician; when they go to the movies, it’s often an American film they’re going to see.

This has had the effect of spreading Western concepts of freedom and personal liberty around the world, igniting democratic movements and making America a driving force for change—especially among the young.  They may be part of the reason that 80% of the countries on this planet are either democracies or proto-democracies; a sharp contrast to the beginning of the twentieth century, when the world’s great democracies numbered fewer than a dozen.  Despite a lot of America bashing over the decades, apparently people still like what they see, which is why so many are willing to risk deportation and, in some cases, even imprisonment, to come here.

1.  Beauty

There are many places of breath-taking beauty around the globe, with each country lying claim to its own natural wonders and extraordinary scenery, but no one country possesses such a broad range of natural wonders as does the United States.  Stretching from California in the West, to New England in the East, the United States of America covers an area of 3.79 million square miles, making it the third largest nation on Earth, by area.  Also, the U.S. is as diverse as it is huge, containing expansive national parks and vibrant cities which are visited by foreign tourists, local visitors and business travelers alike.

In what other country on the planet can you go from snow-capped mountain peaks to white sandy beaches, and from the desert to forested mountains, all within a few hours driving time of each other?  That’s why America is one of the top tourist attractions for foreigners; few of whom have anything like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Everglades, or Pikes Peak back home.

How popular are we?  According to the U.N.’s World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), each year the U.S. consistently places second on the list of the top ten most visited countries (second only to – who else – France), with a whopping 60 million foreign visitors coming to our shores each year.  Not bad for a country everyone loves to hate.

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  1. “America has never started a war, nor has it engaged in wars of conquest,
    even when it had the opportunity to expand its frontiers considerably.”

    You must have forgotten about all those wars initiated by, first, the colonists and then the fledgling American nation to seize native territory.

    The U.S. has destroyed more democratic movements than any other country in the world. It has also supported more dictatorships than any other country in the world.

    Nothing to be proud of.

  2. What do people mean when they say they’re proud? I always thought it was based on what people do, like developing a successful business or saving a family from a fire. I’m not sure if claiming ownership of natural beauty is something to be “proud” of. If we made that natural beauty it would be different, but we didn’t. We just claim to own it and it doesn’t set us apart either because you can find natural beauty all over the world. I don’t think any of the other items on your list set’s us apart either… so I’m still looking for reasons.

    • Susan Garcia on

      Nigel, we the people take care of our land to preserve it, develop successful businesses/inventions, lend a hand to our neighbors in harms way, value our varied traditions, strive to be better . . . and have a right to be proud. I’m sorry you are not proud if you are an American, and I would wonder why you are living here. His opening sentence “It’s not that other countries can’t make claims regarding their own unique and positive qualities, or that America is the only country that matters, but I feel compelled to stand up for the nation of my birth” was a beautiful introduction.

      • I’m living here because I LIKE living here. I raised my family here and I am GRATEFUL for living here. Not proud but grateful, big difference. It means I can appreciate the advantages and be thankful for them without having to beat my chest because I happened to have been born here (as if being born somewhere takes talent). And yes, the introduction was beautiful and there is certainly much to appreciate… I just don’t think there’s anything to be “proud of” on a national level, unless the point is to give the thousands of Americans in prison for rape and murder a reason to be proud… they are after all, just as American as you and me.

  3. Oh the irony behind the photo used for number 6 ‘Compassion In War’, the baby the soldier is holding was burned by napalm, which the Americans dropped on Vietnam. Look at the babies legs and feet, those are napalm burns.


    Can I just remind you that the ‘English Language’ the world (including the USA our ‘humble’ son) speak has a home called ENGLAND.

    The TRUTH is bitter, we all know that.

    If you so hate us, change your language! You could start from that.

    America please “Honour thy father and thy mother (GREAT BRITAIN): that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee!” – Exodus 20:12 and Ephesians 6:2.

    Can I also say that the negligence of this GREAT commandment could be the reasons for your earthquakes, land slides, tornadoes, hurricanes, bush fires, sink holes etc.

    We love you as a son but you MUST honour your parent-nation.

    I repeat, we LOVE you Son! But you have no choice but to honour us and our neighbours.

    You can’t even disrespect FRANCE, they helped make America possible!

  5. Hey Great Britain. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you never go full retard? I am bound to think you are just a troll because no one could be that stupid.

  6. HaHa-If it had not been for the USA you proud Brits would be goose-stepping and eating sauerkraut 3 times a day. Enough said.


    I will not watch my son who I trained so well and led him to FREEDOM disdain Daddy. It is unGODly and I know I trained you a GOD-fearing son.

    Respect your roots son!!!!!!!


    There is not 1 nation “””on EARTH””” whose history, inventions, creativity and consistency can ever and will ever match the UNITED KINGDOMs. The empires came and went: Egyptian, Roman, American etc. Today it’s Russia shaking the whole world. But the greatest empire EVER remains the BRITISH Empire. That will NEVER change.

    At some point in history, the BRITISH flag was being waved on more than half of the EARTH. I repeat, half of our planet was once under the BRITISH flag. Fact & bitter Truth.

    No single nation (not even Russia today) can achieve such feat.

    I can argue that even the real Americans were BRITISH. So America remains a BRITISH son until tomorrow. You consider America greater than Britain today? Okay. But no father wants to be greater than his son! Yet not even America will EVER be greater than the UK until JESUS CHRIST comes back.

    Listen folks, the hand of GOD is upon this great nation. Its called “GREAT” for a reason.

    You have States, we have a Kingdom! What does GOD have? A KINGDOM.

    What more? We use the strongest Passport in the world! You are a citizen of a country. Okay. We belong to a CONTINENT called Europe!

    Lets go back to our travel documents. Check your American Passport, the bird on the Passport page is stagnant. What does it signify? – No movement! Look at the bird on our BRITISH Passport still flying so high. I have not even talked about the CROWNS right in front of our Passport…signifies ROYALTY.

    Think about a tiny Island nation still dominating in the affairs of the world till tomorrow. Please recognise the GRACE of GOD when you see it otherwise it may elude you.

    A tiny Island nation!!! What is the size of America please?

    Please Mr America! Respect your Dad.


  9. Jayo–I like the way you know just what others think and how they feel. You must have been blessed by God to have such insight. It borders on the supernatural. No,I don’t think the rest of the world is a ghetto. I’ve seen a lot of the world. Some places I liked very much (such as the Philippines). Some I did not. You reveal your ignorance of the world in your comments. You talk about German aggression but yet you are German if you’re not lying about where you are. As I recall,your great minefuehrer was Austrian. Great until the USA kicked his butt.

    • Yes, Hitler was Austrian, I’m not proud of that and I will never defend anything about this part of Austrian history. Not only Hitler, a lot of Austrians and Germans have been responsible for crimes that should never happen again. I believe that everyone on this planet is equal and has the same rights. That is why I hate everything about patriotism. It is the first step to nationalism and fasciscm. I just do not understand why being randomly born in one country would make me hate the people that are born in any other country.

      PS: The USA did not really kick Hitlers butt, they joined in after it was already clear that Germany will be loosing the war. They just tried to make sure that they played a role in the economic future of Europe and to limit Russias influence. They wanted a piece of the cake. If the US would not have intervened the war would have lasted a little bit longer but Hitler would have lost anyway. So thank you for nothing.
      And no, I’m not German. Yes, I live in Austria, I was born here and my native language is German. But I am not German and I will never define myself as either German or Austrian. It is too late for that, it is the 21st century.

  10. im a american speaking for us americans .. we try to help countries and we always end up the bad guys every single time … maybe when one day another country tries to take your little 3rd world country over and you scream for help from us to save your skin maybe we should turn a blind eye and not care but of course us being americans we will care and try to help you anyway we can anyways even if you don’t like us.

    • The US helped people??? The USA have been installing fascist governments all around the world for more than hundred years. Italy after WWII, Pinochet in Chile, Nicaragua and so on and so on. The only time you come for “help” is when there is oil or financial interests. Especially South America has extremly suffered from US interference. And right now the US (hand in hand with Germany) provoked a conflict with Russia in the Ukraine. You just can’t stop and leave other countries live in peace, can’t you?
      I don’t dislike Americans, I know a lot of really nice people there. But your government and your foreign affairs just stink. Stop defending it. It is never a good sign when the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a country are soldiers, bombs and guns.

      • That green disease called envy is eating your insides out. It’s like a cancer growing in you. there you are in some half-wit country that can’t even defend itself. Live with the envy. That’s all that’s left for foreign trash. It’s odd to me that you America haters seldom identify the country your in. You must be ashamed.

        • Haha, no. In fact I’m from a rich country in the middle of Europe. Standard of living is a lot higher than in the US. And hey, we don’t need to defend ourselves because we don’t make enemies. Simple truth: don’t go to war, don’t invade, don’t torture and you don’t have enemies!
          And: I don’t believe any country can be “half-wit”… Saying this makes you seem very racist. I guess you are the typical stereotype: white, male, not very successful in life but very very proud to be American? White trash?
          I’m not proud of my country, it’s just the place I live in. To base pride on being randomly born in a specific country is something I detest. One can only be proud of what one achieves. And I would say the same if I were born in the US. I’d never be a patriot of any sort. Patriots are idiots.

        • Haha, no. In fact I’m from a rich country in the middle of Europe. Standard of living is a lot higher than in the US. And hey, we don’t need to defend ourselves because we don’t make enemies. Simple truth: don’t go to war, don’t invade, don’t torture and you don’t have enemies!
          And: I don’t believe any country can be “half-wit”… Saying this makes you seem very racist. I guess you are the typical stereotype: white, male, not very successful in life but very very proud to be American? White trash?
          I’m not proud of my country, it’s just the place I live in. To base pride on being randomly born in a specific country is something I detest. One can only be proud of what one achieves. And I would say the same if I were born in the US.

        • It’s such a great country but you refuse to give us the name because you know there will be peals of laughter from every direction.First of all there are no rich countries in central Europe. And the living standards are dirt poor. And you’re a typical disease ridden peon and if you really are in central Europe,and I doubt it, you’re urinating down you pants because the Big Bear is staring down it’s gunsight at you and being cowards you have noway to protect yourself. As far as accomplishments, I’m a totally disabled veteran who has authored a book that has just passed 12,000 in sales at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Books a million. Not many yet but it’s growing. Now have someone read this to you.

        • No, I’m not urinating myself… And I’m not a disease ridden peon. But the fact that you see the rest of the world as “disease ridden peons” speaks for itself. And no, I don’t want to quarrel with you. I’m sorry that you are disabled. But that does not make your claims valid and I don’t like your words.
          If you think there are no wealthy countries in central Europe then you should check your map. I live in Austria, and we got something the US have not: a functioning social system, health care and so on. Same goes for Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia etc. But I don’t know if you have a map in which there are the names for the countries or if you only have one that says “good” for USA and “bad enemy” for the rest of the world. You seem to think the world is a ghetto and the USA is the homeland of the blessed, rich and good. Sorry, but I have to tell you: it is not. And the “Big Bear” is not staring at me at gunpoint, definitely not. Why would they? They are intervening in the Ukraine, yes. But as a reaction for German and American aggression. From a Russian point of view they have every right to not support the nationalistic new regime of Ukraine. I would not be happy about a fascist state in my neighbourhood either and the fact that the Nato supported and initiated this “revolution” makes it really disgusting. Did you think Russia would only watch and stay quiet while the Nato is surrounding them with rockets??? I don’t want the Nato, I don’t want any warfare, I just want to live in peace with my neighbours. Believe it or not, we get along just fine and we don’t need you to protect us from each other.

  11. Sorry, but the airplane was created by a Brazilian called Santos Dummond, search for that..
    However I don´t deny that American society gave many things to humankind.

    • Sorry again, but Santos Dummond designed his first fixed wing aircraft in 1905 (a full 2 years after the Wright Brothers had already achieved powered flight) and would not actually fly one of his designed aircraft until the following year. Santos-Dumont designed, built, and flew the first practical dirigible, though even in this area, the actual concept was initially put forward by someone else, they just did not have the funding to further pursue it.

  12. I haven’t slept well in years worried about what people in other countries think about the USA.

  13. Couldn’t care less about what people from other nations think about us. Sorry, but we love our country, period. Like everything, even we as a nation we are not perfect. Shocking ! But I believe the USA is the best country in the world. I love Canada too. Those are two best countries in the world IMO. ;))

  14. some that have been described a lot of lies. america and the ‘one country hypocrite. only makes their own interests. goes to war where he pretends to bring democracy while killing civilians and establish banks and their business. whitewash history forever. have sacrificed the citizens of September 11 and other strages controlled by them to appear desperate in the eyes of others. think only of money. medical care cost so much. and then it has always done very bad things in history. Unfortunately, the American people have no guilt. the monster ‘to their government. the institution. who are slaves of the lobby and Israel.

  15. Aleksandar Miles on

    Number 6 – i don’t remember that i ever read something so full of lies :

    Never started a war ? – just about 60 of them in 20th century alone .

    Never engaged in wars of conquest ? – what about war with Spain 1901 ?

    ” withdrew from Mexico in 1845 and didn’t annex ” ? – America attacked Mexico,annexed half of it’s territory and we are still waiting for you to withdrew from California,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona and all other US occupied land .

    And on ” humane treatment ” for civilian population i’m sure people of Vietnam,Iraq,Serbia,Libya and others are very grateful for all napalm and depleted uranium you sent .

  16. What I mostly dislike about “Americans” is the arrogancy in calling yourself that way… I mean, America is a continent not a country! You call the citizens living in South and Center America “Latin” and that’s so stupid, would you like it if we called you “Anglo-NorthAmerican” and besides, the English languaje also took some words from Latin. Anyways we usually call you “Estadounidense” (unitedstatesean would be a literal traduction) which is much more accurate way to call yourselves (and use “gringo” when we want to insult you :-P).
    By the way, this isn’t intended to start a war, I have nothing against your country, it’s just that I always found infuriating to read or listen to you using that terms

    • If America is so bad why is everybody trying to get here? Stay in your own country and don’t worry about what we call ourselves. Yes,you call us gringos and we call you wetbacks-You’re correct about that but do you know why there are no swimming pools in Mexico? It’s because anyone who can swim is over here in AMERICA.

      • “Dennis S” = “If America is so bad why is everybody trying to get here?” Cause not “everybody” is trying to get to murca….. people from Latin America are migrating into the United States cause it’s the easiest economically wealthy place for Latin Americans to get to. For Africans and Middle Easterners and South Asians, Western Europe is their choice to migrate to because it’s the easiest and most convenient economically wealthy place for folks in those places to go to. Russia is inundated with Central Asians because Russia is right next to the impoverished Central Asian countries and Russia is economically wealthy in comparison so Central Asians flood into Russia. And SURPRISE: China has tens of thousands of Africans – some estimate there are hundreds of thousand other illegal African migrants – because China has relatively lax migration laws for Africans and China is relatively economically wealthy in comparison to their homes in Africa. Oh and China also has a number of Filipino and Vietnamese and Indonesian migrants cause…. well cause China is relatively wealthy in comparison to the Philipines, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. The “EVERYONE wants to move to murca” is old.

      • I am not Mexican but Uruguayan, and my brother is living in your country since 2001 but I would never live there (even though my brother says that he misses me), I love my country ^^
        By the way, nice joke! I have one too, do you know why a “gringo” died? because he couldn’t pay the bill… My country is a third world one, we are only 3 million people, but we have free healthcare for everybody

        • Jedah

          I woke up this morning after a restless night of wondering where you lived. And now I won’t be able to sleep again tonight because you said you would never live here.That’s a big loss for us. But at least it will mean one less thief to worry about.

    • The problem with your post is that we are called Americans by people all over the world even by people that don’t like us. When the terrorists are shouting “Death to America!” do you think they are talking about Brazil? The only people that take any umbrage to people from the United States being called Americans seems to be the people in the Latin countries that no one talks about for any reason other than rampant crime.

  17. This list is a joke. I don’t want to go into each point, but

    2 – Culture: McDonalds and big fat burgers. That’s all you have. Don’t get me started on the “concepts of personal liberty”. Learn some history.

    4 – Ability to Right Past Wrongs: Not true. The US are a very rascist country, just go to a Rez or towns nearby and you see. Also, the history has NOT been corrected. There are still things like honorary medals for war criminals! And for example Leonard Peltier is still being held in prison for being a Native American.

    5 – Guardianship of Democracy: Nobody wants the US to guard anything. Just close your bases and go home. Nobody wants your soldiers. You don’t bring democracy, you bring capitalism and decay. Go home.

    6 – Compassion in War: Oh, yes, Hiroshima. Killing millions with atomic weapons is very compassionate… Iraque and Afghanistan: American soldiers involved in torture, american soldiers killing children… oh, you are SO compassionate!

    Whatever, patriots are always idiots, whichever country they are from.

    • Newsflash: Leonard Peltier is famous for being Native American activist, but he’s in JAIL for murdering two FBI agents. He even admitted to shooting at them, but denied being responsible for their deaths. Last I checked taking pot-shots at federal agents (or anyone for that matter) is still enough to land you some major time in prison.

  18. ___UNBELEIVABLE__this article pure propaganda __ desinformation and bunch of lies for the uneducated ignorant ____ A few little corrections, Glorious USA carpet bombed more than 50 countries since 1947(end of the second world war) ___ the reconstruction contracts never completed were complete frauds, endebting the country forever___ Democracy where, NONE of the countries bombed have real democracy (not even US where only the millionnaires have access to decisions and not the people), Glorious USA mostly did the opposite, destroy democracy and install a dictator or puppet, only a complete stupid will beleive that Karzai in Afghanistan was installed in a honest democracy ___ or Pinochet in Chili ___ Slavery standardized after the genocide of the American indians ___And now, the standardisation of torture with the greatest war criminals and serial killers ever being BushCheneyRumsfeld which will never be prosecuted as the court in LaHague is also controlled by Glorious criminal USA ___ Freedom of religion my eye, for the Jew maybe certainly not for the Muslims under permanent survey by the FBI and CIA _______ Glorious USA is a total collapse financially socially democratically and politically bankrupt, and by being completely corrupt, briging other countries with it ____ Of course Something to be proud of . ____ Have a nice Day folks.

    • What a mess to try to read this garbage. Hurts the brain just looking at it and trying to pierce together what you are trying to say.

      As far as Bush and co. being the greatest war criminals ever…that completely invalidates everything you say and makes you seem either completely ignorant or completely stupid. Neither one is a bright spot. Stalin was responsible for killing more people on accident than Bush ever ordered dead on purpose.

  19. Archie Leach on

    The international presence of mcPUKE goes to show the bounds of stupidity has no borders.

  20. Archie Leach on

    The part about the Mexican-American war is so hilarious.

    There’s a truth to what transpired with that war and what was written about it here wasn’t it.

  21. “Creativity, Productivity, and Innovation”: Outsourcing *everything* and 24×7 work hours

    “Compassion in War: sell the little country weapons. Then invade, blow them to bits, and then rebuild. All on the taxpayers dime.

    “Generosity” : CEO’s of large corporations now, on average, make 231 times more money than their employee base. This is a result of the entrepreneurial spirit gone ferile.

    “Beauty”: ANYWHERE on this planet where the human population is low, is beautiful.

  22. I actually think that the same list could be said about any Western European country

  23. The French know how to have a great time. April Fool’s Day is a big event there. But one Frenchman went a little too far in 1987. He visited a home for senior citizens in Paris one April Fools Day. He would knock on each occupant’s door and when it opened he would scream out “THERE’S A GERMAN BEHIND YOU.!”–There were reportedly several heart attacks before he was asked to leave.

  24. Listen folks . Which country wud ever risk the lives of its troops to fight against insurgents for other countries so far from it. obviously no one is compassionate enough but Great America. God Bless America.

  25. Mr. Sergio C on

    America is the greatest country on the planet…. but even though America has addressed SOME of the racial issues they have YET to give reparations the the descendants of the slaves for over 200 years of forced slavery.

    They have given to everybody else that were “wronged” but have systematically ignored the African American. Remember the 40 acres and a mule?

  26. The USA is a fine country, as long as the people in it don’t think it’s superior to any other country. I’m not a hater. There are many things about the US that I like. It sometimes just sucks when on the international stage, they give off this aura of how superior they think they are, and how everyone should fall in line behind them. That’s my only beef with the country. Other than that, the music, the sports legends, the babes, the food, are all awesome.

    • Some Americans can be braggarts and arrogant, but most of us know our country has flaws. We are proud of what we have done right and regret the things we have done wrong. Like every other country, we have some great people and some not so great people. Try focusing on the better portion, everyone.

    • Nobody likes arrogant people, and your country is FULL of it. Yes, you have made wonderful things, but constantly bragging about them makes you the most hateful people on world. Argentinians are just like you, and they are hated on all South America… Being proud of your country is good, bragging is not

  27. Mr.Anonymous on

    I love how all these anti American people just LOVE to point out all of America’s faults. I’m not saying we don’t have any, but please, tell me more about how you’re so much better and have such a higher moral standard. Every country has done their fair share of terrible things. Why should America take all the blame for it? Yes, there was slavery. EVERY country had it (Some still do) at one point or another. “Oh look American fast food is getting other countries fat!” Please. They wouldn’t be there if the masses didn’t like them. Everyone is slagging us for being proud of our country on our own independence day. BIG FREAKING DEAL! You tell me you’re never proud of what your country does on your independence day? It’s like slagging Jesus on Christmas. Sure this list is a bit naive, but don’t pretend all other countries are so much better and have a morally higher ground. Don’t tell me the world would be better if America didn’t exist. It’s completely wrong. It’s not true. Moving on. Have a nice day.

    • I don’t get patriotism. Your nationality is an accident of birth. People shouldn’t be proud of what their “country” has done, or what other people have done who happen to share the same passport. You should only be proud of what YOU have achieved in your life. Don’t take credit for other people’s achievements. If an American bragged to me that “WE did this” and “WE gave the world that”, I say, “Really, did YOU!?” .

  28. Mistress Sensible on

    Oh my god, where do I start? Number 3 is particularly deluded/scary, but number 6? Compassion in war?? Are you freaking kidding me? The US never started any wars? What about erm…the IRAQ WAR (round 2)? Also, your statement that the US has been involved in ‘about a dozen’ wars is ludicrous. I counted about 117, but there’s debate about the exact number.

    Now the bit that really offends me: This idea that hardly any civilians get hurt in your wars. For a start, the US invented the term ‘Collateral damage’ so that it didn’t have to say ‘civilian deaths’. The atrocities carried out by US troops in Vietnam are unspeakable. The treatment of detainees in the ‘war on terror’ was sickening.

    The US has done more damage to international law preventing torture than any other country. It invented the phrase ‘enemy combatants’ to avoid the Geneva Conventions specifically so that it could torture thousands of innocent Afghan shepherds and detain people for years without charge.

    By all means, be proud of your country, but try to take off your rose tinted spectacles first. There is no compassion in war, especially one waged by Americans.

    • Lee Standberry on

      I think that a lot of folks are missing the point on this. There is no doubt whatsoever that there have been and continues to be incidents perpetrated by the US that cannot be construed as “compassionate’. However, there are plenty of incidents on the other side of the coin as well. In fact, American military troops have been placed in considerable harm in any number of armed conflicts because of rules of engagement that were in place to protect civilians, all the while making American soldiers vulnerable. Wars are not nice and terrible things happen. I think, overall, if you carefully examine America’s record in armed conflicts, you will find more instances of ‘compassion’ (though thats not the word i would use) than you would of outright atrocities.

  29. I enjoyed the list very much but I was both suprised and dissapointed that you didn’t even bother to mention the first manned Moon Landing in 1969 by the U.S. . I view the Moon landings as one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in Human history and it gives me great pride to say that it is my country, my home, that is responsible for such a remarkable endevour.

  30. An Australian on

    That part about the Allied victory of World War I being difficult without the aid of the Americans isn’t exactly true. The Americans didn’t join the war until 1917 and by that time Germany was already on the path to surrendering. What’s more is that the Americans didn’t do anything major during the war until 1918. After the war Woodrow Wilson came up with the League of Nations and that ended up to be a major contributer to the start of World War II. One war that everybody has failed to mention is the American Civil War which cost more american lives than both World Wars combined. The civil war cost 620,000 lives whereas the world wars combined only cost 533,514 lives. Do you really call that compassion in war? Brother killing brother is not compassion. However I do admit that without the Americans, winning World War II would have been difficult if not impossible but that was only due to America’s sheer manpower and industrial strength not their skill. The only thing i agree with in this list is number one.

    • magiccarpet on

      The Russians would have won the war with or without aid from the US the end of the war was not a matter of whether Hitler would defeat Russia or not it was a question of how much territory Hitler would have at the moment Russia started winning. The Ural mountains would have probably been the main defensive line as most of their factories had been moved behind them and the Germans would have had a hard time making any mechanized offensive against them as it would be a strategic, tactical and above all logistical nightmare. Also The Russians had more man power and if the defensive line was at the Urals they would not be as overstretched as Germany who would be both fighting a war on the front lines and protecting vital supplies and routes in hostile territory. The main contribution from the US to Russia was trucks as the Russians had no need of the Sherman tank as the T 34 was much more effective at destroying German tanks. The people of Russia (then anyway) were not going to roll over and accept defeat and let us not forget that Stalin was a ruthless leader who was prepared to do anything for victory including having plans to destroy Moscow if the Germans were about to take it.

      • The Russians had no need for Sherman tanks yet they had more of those than they did of their own T-34s? Without all the planes, trucks, tanks. and other weapons the Russians would have had to resort to throwing rocks at the Germans. The only thing Russia had going for it was a willingness to sacrifice millions of their own people.

        As far as WW1, the Germans would of had a pretty sweet deal if the war would have ended in a stalemate, which is what it was looking at doing. The entering of the United States on the side of the Allies was what pushed them to utter and complete defeat. You could even say that the entrance of the USA into the war was what caused WW2 to come about thanks to the harsh conditions that were imposed onto Germany following WW1 sowed the seed that let Hitler come into power.

        • magiccarpet on

          The T 34 was the most effective tank of WW2 as it could be easily produced in large number and therefore could swarm the tiger tanks. You are a fool if you believe the Russians had more Sherman than T-34s as the T34 was the most produced tank of WW2 so they had more T34 tanks than you had Sherman tanks. The main contribution of the US to Russia was trucks and jeeps and this is a commonly accepted fact.

          Also the German army was all but destroyed at the end of WW1 thanks to Verdun and the Ludendorff offensive which crippled the German army as their elite units had been destroyed. The US did very little fighting in the war and their effect was limited.

        • I assume you won’t be visiting the US for any future vacations. I have rarely come across someone so against a whole country and belittling most of its accomplishments. Did the US beat you up and steal your lunch money when you were a kid? 😉

        • magiccarpet on

          I am not belittling any of the achievements of the US as the achievements of the US in WW11 and 2 are exaggerated most of the time I am simply stating facts and disproving the theory that the US did not do too much in comparison to countries such as Russia in WW2 and France and Britain in WW1 yet you claim to have won both these wars and a lot of Americans take what Hollywood shows as fact. I think the US is a great country to visit as I have traveled there however the people there seem to be brainwashed to believe that the US is some great infallible power which won WW2 single handed. Also the commenter above seemed to be exaggerating the contribution of the US during WW2 which in the western theater was not that much.

        • Yes it was the most effective as it used up so many of the Germanys tank rounds to kill them all. Which they did. Most of the T-34s were destroyed. Their ruined hulks littered the battlefield for miles around. However the production of T-34 tanks didn’t really get going until late 1942-early 1943 with most of them being built in 1945. When Germany invaded the United States had already sent some 6,000 tanks over with a lot of those being Shermans. Some Soviet mechanized corps were made up entirely of Shermans. Without those tanks, planes, artillery pieces, and yes 500,000 trucks and tracked vehicles, the Germans would have rolled right over the Soviets before the Soviets could ramp up production of their own tanks. My original point still stands. If you would like to continue to cite numbers from the end of the war that are irrelevant, then do it without hitting submit.

          Yes the German army was all but destroyed by the end of the war. Of course the end of the war was after the United States entered the war so I guess that was a good point to make? You must be forgetting that shortly before the United States entered the war Germany signed an armistice with Russia and all those troops and material was sent to the western front. The Germans had then pushed to within 75 miles of Paris before being stopped. That was quite a bit after those battles that you said “destroyed” the Germans ability to wage war. Didn’t read that in the first paragraph of the Wiki entry did ya?

          I honestly think that the bulk of your education is derived from the opening paragraph of a Wikipedia article because that is where everything you have posted has come from. You haven’t bothered to look into anything to see the finer details or even to get the timeline of what happened. Pretty sad if you ask me.

        • The T 34 may have been littered across the battlefield however this the point of them as the soviets knew they could not compete with Germany in tank quality as the Germans had the best tanks in the world. The T 34 was the best tank of WW2 because it could be produced in large numbers easily and was effective at destroying the superior German tanks which was what Russia needed. You seem to be forgetting that the Russian war machine was not based on quality of soldiers and equipment but rather quantity until 1944-45 when soviet troops and the soviet command structure was more experienced and effective and even then the soviets used large numbers and took massive losses in order to reach an objective. The battle of Kursk is a great example of why the soviets won the war it was because the Germans could not afford to replace their soldiers or their tanks whereas Russia did almost immediately even though around 80% of casualties were Russian. Also you talk about the Sherman tank saving Russia however the Germans still steamrolled over Russia and it was winter that stopped them as it had stopped the other “little corporal” 130 years before. The Germans were within sight of Moscow so the Sherman weren’t that effective were they? Also more t 34 tanks were produced in 1934 than in 45 you might want to look that little fact up.

          The push towards Paris you are talking about was the Ludendorff offensive and it failed as Germany had overstretched her logistical capabilities and the supplies could not keep up with the rate of the advance. The offensive was a huge success for Germany in terms of tactics and land taken however when their soldiers ran out of ammunition they either surrendered or were killed this meant that the elite soldiers which had been recruited into the storm trooper units were killed or taken captive which weakened the German army greatly. This offensive was in the spring of 1918 and US soldiers did not begin arriving in large numbers until after the offensive in the summer. The US soldiers were ineffective as they employed the sort of attacks we had stopped doing as we realized they cost far too many lives and were ineffectual. The battle I said destroyed the German ability to wage war was this offensive so it was not much later was it.

          I honestly believe the majority of your education is non existent also everything I have posted has come from a GCSE and an A level in history as well as various books I have read since. You didn’t even bother to look up what the offensive which almost reached Paris was called because even Wikipedia would have told you that. The US contribution to WW2 may have been the 2nd most important however its contribution in WW1 was limited.

        • In all honesty I don’t even know where to start on your post. I have seen so many logic fails in your post that I’m not even sure if you understand what you even wrote. You seem like you are grasping at straws just trying your hardest to find some how and some way that you can be right.

          First the T-34 was not “effective” at destroying the German tanks. The Germans boasted a 32:1 kill ratio. That is being effective at attrition and has nothing to do with the tank at all. It was effective at sucking up German tank rounds and littering the ground with its blown up hulks.

          Second I said it was the Shermans that Kept Russia from being completely over run as the Soviet Union had yet to fire up any real production when Germany invaded. I clearly stated that a few posts up if you care to try to comprehend what I wrote again. What is amusing about your little “fact” about the T-34 is that it wasn’t even designed till 1937-1940 and the first ones were produced in 1940. What wizardly is this that more were produced in 1934, 3 years before it was even designed, than 1945 when 18,000 were produced? Honestly you just need to give it up. Now you are blatantly just making stuff up to try to prove your point. I honestly feel embarrassed for you. You are clearly just someone who knows a surface amount about the war and that is it. You are clearly either not intelligent at all, or more likely you just are to stubborn to admit that you are wrong. You hate the USA and would rather lie through your teeth than admit that they did something good.

          As far as WW1, the Battle of Verdun was in 1916. That is a full 2 years before the Germans almost reached Paris. The spring offensive that you bring up did not end up destroying the German army or even cripple it. French forces were quitting and refusing to fight by the tens of thousands. The Germans were just stopped. Also the Germans weren’t pushed back until the Allies launched a counter-attack in August. By then 10,000 American troops had been arriving every single day and over 1 million of them being in France by May 1918. Also it wasn’t called the Ludendorff offensive. Why would I bother to look up something that never even existed? It was called Operation Michael and commonly referred to as the Spring Offensive.

          But alas I never said the United States won WW1 by itself. I simply stated that before they showed up it was a stalemate and could have ended up a lot more favorably towards the Germans. The fact that they did show up, and the fact that the men and material they introduced into the war turned the tide of the war into the Allied powers side causing Germany to not only be defeated, but to be routed. The harsh conditions imposed on Germany was what led to the resentment and the “stab in the back” that directly led to WW2.

          But alas now you are resorting to lying and making stuff up to prove a non-existent point that is untenable by now. You flat out lied about the T-34 and your timeline of WW1 is incredibly lacking. Don’t let your hate for the USA get in the way of facts.

        • hellhoundtrail on

          George. Seriously. Try buying a history book that was written in any part of the world than whatever southern state you are living in. The Germans themselves have admitted they were defeated before the Americans did anything. Your country cowered in a corner for over 3 years and then tried to grab some glory. The same goes for WW2. Chicken switch, chicken switch….. O.K let`s go. By the time you got there to make your HUGE contribution the Russians were already steamrolling over the Nazis. Hitler was dismissive of the U.S, calling them a race of mongrels and declaring war almost as an afterthought, something the U.S (defender of human rights and brave world leader) didn`t even consider doing. After Pearl Harbour the U.S was still hoping to limit the war to Japan!! That`s why the peace sign is still referred to as the track of the great American chicken.

        • How much mercury have you ingested? You are clearly mentally deficient. Yo can’t just revise history to suit your pre conceived notions. Your opinions are invalid because they aren’t even remotely backed by a single shred of evidence. Stalin himself said that without lend lease the Germans would have rolled right over them. The Soviet people were starving due to The Germans controlling where the Soviet food came from. Their principle factories were destroyed and they had no way to rebuild them. They had no trucks or troop transport to speak of and their air force was decimated. All of that arrived in 1942 when the Soviets needed it the most and were being repeatably pushed back. Not to mention the thousands of ships that were sent to the Soviets. And no the Soviets weren’t steamrolling the Germans. Stalin was begging the USA to open a second front in Europe to alleviate the Eastern front. The usa at that time was already fighting in Africa, Italy, and of course the entire Pacific region. Are you trying to be retarded or are you seriously this ignorant? Nothing that I wrote was opinion. This is common knowledge all over the world and not argued by anyone who isn’t wrapped in a patriotic cloak for their own country or for hate against the USA. Sorry but I tend to side with the worlds historians and not someone who thinks drinking molten lead is a health benefit.

          Oh yeah almost forgot to mention about your comment of hoping to limit the war to just Japan. Before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor the USA was already engaged in unrestricted warfare against German subs and of course the millions of tons of arms and supplies shipped over seas in defiance of Germany. The USA had already promised to declare war but wanted to build up their war machine first, which they were already balls deep into when Japan attacked. Ignorance is not bliss. I am not sure why you engage in it.

        • hellhoundtrail on

          I`m retarded George? Just because you shriek your opinions at enormous decibels doesn`t make you right. In what book did Stalin beg the U.S.A for help George? Put your money where your stupid mouth is. All you did was ship arms George. For 3 Years!!! Real ballsy!! Take a look in the dictionary under retarded George!! Pretty sure that`s your picture beside the definition. Go back to reading your Little Golden Books on history and leave the discussion to someone with at least a modicum of intelligence. Thanks for coming out though.

        • hellhoundtrail on

          Almost forgot to address another of your “facts” George. The U.S.A had already promised to declare war? Really? Where did you get that little nugget George? FDR come back from the grave to let you in on it? Want to talk patriotic cloaks buddy? Too bad yours is tattered and worn. Everybody knows that FDR wanted to get involved but couldn`t because the MAJORITY of Americans were against the war. Again George give me a direct quote and the title of the book you read this rubbish in.

        • See your last two posts show how incredibly naive and ignorant you really are. All the USA did was ship arms? Lol. Yes because the Soviets grand strategy of throwing so many unarmed bodies at the Germans until they ran out of ammo was a brilliant plan and working perfectly up until then.

          As far as the USA promising to go to war….look up the U.S.–British Staff Conference (ABC–1). That started January 29th, 1941. Yes I know you have never heard of that. That would require you to actually research something.

          This is what the USA supplied to the USSR:
          Tanks: 12,571
          Aircraft: 13,208
          Jeeps and trucks: 400,000
          Food: 1.75 million tons
          War materials: 17.5 million tons
          A total of $160 billion in todays dollars.
          I would say you have to remember that almost all of the Soviets manufacturing was wiped out by the Germans so the materials needed to build new factories came from the USA but I am sure you never knew that to begin with. You are dangerously ignorant.

          Marshal Stalin’s famed Teheran toast to U.S. industry—”Without American production the United Nations could never have won the war”

          How ignorant do you feel right now? How sad this is that you don’t even know this stuff, and worse refuse to actually look it up is either due to poor upbringing or due to the apparent poor third world schooling you had. Or you were born in the USSR so you were spoon fed the propaganda your whole life and just missed that the archives were opened for the truth to be seen.

          What is amusing is that you have fallen for the Soviet propaganda version of Lend-Lease. Did you know that after the USSR fell in 1991 their archives were opened up? Coincidentally that is where the rest of the world, excusing you apparently, found out what the Soviets really thought of it and how good it really was.

  31. sue me if this has been said already, but it’s terribly funny that you used a picture of McDonald’s in the #3 “Culture” slot.

  32. This article has more holes than a block of cheese that was chewd up by a mouse!

  33. “America has never started a war, nor has it engaged in wars of conquest, even when it had the opportunity to expand its frontiers considerably. The Mexican-American war of 1845 is a good example of this; though the brief war ended in a Mexican rout, America not only didn’t annex the country, but quickly withdrew once hostilities ended. How many countries would have done that?”

    This entire statement is a flat-out lie. Hostilities lasted for nearly two years, from April of 1846 to February of 1848. The war was started because the United States decided to annex Texas, which Mexico still considered part of their own country. The USA fought the war specifically so they could expand the nation’s border all the way to the Pacific, and they wound up annexing nearly half of what was then Mexico to do it. And considering that these areas include all or parts of eight different states, to claim that the USA ” quickly withdrew” is ridiculous.

    • Actually the USA did not decide to annex Texas. Nice try, but no. I know I’m a little late to this list but this comment was rather funny to me. You are merging two related but completely different offensives into one war and confusing the results besides. Mexico invited colonists to come in and populate the area of Texas. Many of those colonists were from the US. Those Texans did not like some of the rules Mexico made (admittedly, there was nothing wrong with the rules Mexico made, like not allowing slavery and the like, but the colonists still disagreed). They appealed to the US for aid, and the US refused, though some individual Americans did come. Texas fought and won its own independance, and then attempted to join the US, and was denied. Texas existed as its own country for some 12 years before it was finally admitted into the united states.
      The war you are talking about was a boarder dispute one what was the actual border of Texas. America said the Rio Grande, based on the treaty Texas had made with Mexico, Mexico said another river to the north (can’t remember the name). In that war, it was Mexico who fired first, attacking troops who were sent to defend the border. Mexico lost, America claimed California, New Mexico, Arizona (and I believe Colorado and Montana as well if I am not mistaken) and still paid Mexico for the territory. Doubtful it was as much as it was worth, but conisdering it was at the negotiating table, it was still more generous then they could have gotten.

  34. Happy birthday America!

    As for all of the anal Euro-trash that constantly complain on this site: kiss my red, white and blue butt hole.

    That is all

      • magiccarpet on

        What European culture gave us
        Industrial revolution
        Age of discovery
        The enlightenment

        What US culture has given us

        • Actually McDonalds was created in California which we all know is part of Mexico.

        • I’ve read some BS before but the above list takes the cake. Jealousy knows no bounds.

        • Jealous of what your GDP which I care little about, your military which I care little about or is it your high incarceration rate, non universal healthcare or is it your ineffectual police force. You talk about jealousy when their is little to be jealous about the US is a dying country and it may have a large economy but its social problems are innumerable.

        • Goldman Sachs argues that the economic potential of Brazil, Russia, India and China is such that they could become among the four most dominant economies by the year 2050. – Wikipedia

  35. so..much…prejudice…in..comments…

    its weird how we are about 17th in education but first in innovation. anyone else think that is weird? we’re stupid..but awesome! ‘Merica, Feaux yea!

  36. LOLOLOLOL. Culture?!?! Its one of the less rich culture in comparison too its size.
    Never started a WAR?!!??! Irak, Afganisthan, Vietnam, etc? Well i like USA, it has its good things, but this list is a Joke…

  37. As much as i enjoy reading Top Tenz lists, this list in nonsence. (Just to make myself clear i do not dislike the USA i have alot of respect for it and enjoy visiting and even enjoyed my few years living there. Thouhg this list is completly bias. “6. Compassion in War“ made me laugh. It says “America has never started a war, nor has it engaged in wars of conquest“. Than it gives some small justification which tries to convince us that the actions that the USA performed were justified and should not be considered harmful or agressive as we will call it. Though i do recall a couple of examples in history when the USA actaully tried taking over from nations who posed no threat. 1being the war of 1812 in which the USA attempted to invade Canada. This attack was repelled THANKFULLY!!!. Though this was an agressive move by the USA, its was an attempt to conquest. You may have never heard of the Manifest Destiny. The belief was that it was americas destiney to rule all of North America and Mexico. They believed they were destined to expand across the continent. This destiny played an important role in the expansion of Texas and American relationship with Mexico. This destiny can also be linked to the expansion out West which led to the dispersion of natives. Its a good thing this destiny never accomplished its goal as otherwise the USA would own all the continent. Though from this we see the USA have tried to conquer, they are not innocent.

  38. To all you Americans happy 4th July.

    Usualy I do not particularly get along well with Americans, Sorry about that.

    I however read this list with great interest and while it is obviously pro American I liked it and found a lot to agree with. I particularly found the America is not perfect stance refreshing if not unique. Inventing things and matters military I thought was a bit dressed up but a valient attempt.

    As with anything, arguements could be put any way. I would be very interested if the authour would look at writing a list why America “sucks”, US term sort of. I would read with interest.

    Good list in my view if I do not agree with a lot.

    • That list has been done a hundred times over! Try doing a search for “Why America Sucks” (click for results). Yikes!

      Also I think you can read comments already posted at Toptenz from foreign readers and get a small book full of reasons why they think we are so terrible. Just try searching on this site for some of the commenter names on this very list to find many reasons people think America sucks. And in some ways it does, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Even where Roboman82 lives.

      • I agree. My country has its flaws. Politicians mostly but I would never claim my country is the best in the world, like some if not most Americans do (my earlier comment about us Irish being the best was of course a joke). Enjoy your country wherever you live. Just don’t claim its better than anywhere else in the world just because you invented something or had the first McDonalds (which is disgusting by the way)

  39. OK, 10 reasons to be proud of the European Union:

    1. It’s not the USA.
    2-10. It still ain’t the USA.

    • Reason 11:

      EU GDP US$17.578 trillion in 2011

      U.S GDP US$14.59 Trillion in 2010

      We almost match your GDP by $3 Trillion.

      It’s what, 1 against 27 other countries?

      • Technically the US is a conglomerate of countries rather then one country as it is a collection of states with a military and economic arrangement so we have 27 countries and the US have 51.

        • you’re foreign so its an understandable mistake, but ‘technically’ that is not true. in fact, that is the exact opposite of what would be ‘technically’ true. States are not countries just as counties (county, purposely w/o the ‘r’) are not states and cities are not counties… but it was a nice try.

          anyways on a more relevant note, we have a much higher gdp per capita!

  40. We’re now in the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812, a war of conquest started by America when the United States attempted to conquer Upper Canada from the British.

    I also wouldn’t bring up the USA’s ability to right wrongs in the context of Native Americans. The US has never properly apologised (aside from a president or two going, “Our bad. Our bad. Sorry, guys.”) and attempts to “redress the issue” have not been completely successful. That is a wound which still bleeds. In fact, Canada’s attempts to apologise, while still largely insufficient, have been much greater than those of the United States.

    I agree with you on culture (because I love comic books, the blues, and the boom of cinema, not because I love McDonald’s and Wal-Mart), although there are many pros and cons of that as well.

    • Well that war had more to do with The British taking our sailors off of our ships and impressing them into their navy as well as trade restrictions than the USA wanting to conquer upper Canada. The impressing of our sailors pissed off a lot of people especially considering a lot of those ships were owned by members of the USA government.

      • Yes, that is (one of many reasons) why the US began The War of 1812, but they still began it and they still attempted to take and hold terretory as the primary movement of their plan of attack. They still tried to conquer. The reason for the war doesn’t change what the war was or who started it.

        So, I’m not trying to argue whether or not the British were “right” or the Americans were “right” in that particular point in history, I’m only joining several others here in saying that America not starting a war and never engaging in a war of conquest is a statement which is, at best, naive.

      • hellhoundtrail on

        George, I honestly think you may be semi-retarded. The U.S tried to take Canada because the British were busy fighting Napoleon. No other reason. The orders in council had already been repealed and the ambassadors were already settling the impressment of soldiers. A few U.S senators like Henry Clay, encouraged by an ex-president named Thomas Jefferson who said ” The conquest of Canada is a mere matter of marching” pushed the President and congress into declaring war. At the end of the war Britain was in fact in possession of a sizeable portion (10 million acres) of American land that was politely returned as part of the peace treaty. At the end of the war there were 14,000 highly trained veterans of the war with Napoleon just off the shores of the U.S. The American ambassadors knew that the smart thing to do was to sign a treaty. The British public was tired of war but if the Americans persisted they were determined to teach her a lesson. America is still there because they signed. End of story.

        • If I am semi-retarded that would make you full blown retarded then? Comatose? Have you ever actually read a history book? Perhaps seen one? Walked by one in a store even? I am guessing no. The British were taking USA sailors off of their ships and impressing them and told the USA to get bent when they complained. They also imposed trade restrictions and encouraged American Indians into harassing and fighting the USA.

          As far as your highly trained veterans, they had already landed a full 6 months before the war was over. They were the ones who burnt Washington in a surprise attack. They were also defeated in New Orleans and defeated while trying to capture New York at PLattsburg and Baltimore. Those battles are what pushed the British into pushing to end the war. It was proving too costly. Almost all historians seen it as a stalemate.

          I am not even sure you have heard of the word history much less know anything about it. Full blown retard indeed.

        • hellhoundtrail on

          Treaty of Ghent was signed on December 24th and the battle of New Orleans was fought on January 8th so how exactly did that work George? As for Baltimore all you guys did was hide in a fort. That’s it!! Yes George, I`m sorry, but you are a full blown retard.

        • This is what happens when your entire knowledge of an event is gleamed from scanning the Cliff Notes version of it while stoned.

          It was signed on December 24th but wasn’t ratified until February 17th. You realize they didn’t have email or faxes back then, right? Right??? Also you seem to have no comprehension skills. I was clearly listing battles that your highly touted veteran soldiers were getting their asses handed to them. Those battlers happened starting before the negotiations started and before the treaty was ratified. The campaign that included the Battle of New Orleans was started before the treaty was signed and was going poorly. The Battle of New Orleans was just the final defeat in that campaign.

        • hellhoundtrail on

          They were getting their asses handed to them? Really George? I`d like to have some of what you are smoking. The sad part is there probably are no drugs just plain and simple genetics. So in Baltimore you were handing the British their asses? Really? I`m assuming that the 10 million acres of U.S territory that the British were in possession of is a figment of my imagination to right? Man, John Fogerty was right. “Some folks are born made to wave the flag, ohh they`re red white and blue”. I am Canadian and proud of it but what makes me the proudest is not having to lie about my history. Get a life Yankee Doodle

        • See this is how ignorant you are. 10 million acres? You make that sound like it was a lot of land. That is 1/4 of just New York state spread out over 1 billion total acres.

          Haha. Did you really think because it had a lot of zeros in it that it was a lot compared to the size of the USA at the time? You poor ignorant fool.

        • hellhoundtrail on

          God are you simple!!! No faxes or emails? Then how were the so called British defeats putting pressure on the U.K to end the war. They weren`t even aware those battles had happened yet. Still no actual book titles forthcoming to educate me George?Maybe you should take your meds George. Or stop taking them however the case may be.

        • This is the problem with trying to converse with people who have room temperature i.q.s.

          Here I will make it easy for you:

          a series of military operations intended to achieve a particular objective, confined to a particular area, or involving a specified type of fighting.

          A campaign is a series of battles. You are pointing out the last battles and forgetting about all of them. How convenient for you. The campaign with those newly arrived veterans started 3 months before the negotiations started and with them still getting their asses handed to them all the way through the negotiations, the British saw the writing on the wall. You realize these are facts right? Written in every single history book all across the world? I don’t even give a shit about the War of 1812. The only ones who want to revise the history are the nationalistic ones like yourself who want to try to snatch a victory when in reality it was a draw. You hope and pray that someone who has actually studied history doesn’t show up and prove you wrong.

        • The British did not see the writing on the wall unless someone was texting them from their cellphone. Oh wait. No cellphones. So the British had no idea that the last couple of battles hadn`t entirely gone their way. So how did they know the writing was on the wall George? Name me one book George. Just one. Try reading Conquered Into Liberty or Flames Across The Border and The invasion Of Canada. Stop relying on places that just worship America and read some real history for a change. Oh and if you “studied” history you would know better.

        • Forget history. You need to study reading comprehension. I even gave you the definition of what a “campaign” is and you still effed it up. Those highly touted veterans you speak of landed a full 6 months before the treaty was signed. It took a little over a month to cross the Atlantic back then. Plenty of time for word to get home about their asses getting handed to them before Christmas.

          But yes let me look up a book by a neoconservative who talks about battles in one area for 200 years and another by a French-Canadian. Sorry I don’t care to read op/ed books. I prefer history books. Otherwise I could write a list of books a mile long about how Canada sucks.

          How about you look up these battlers:
          (Especially this one) Prévost’s Lake Champlain Campaign (August 30 – September 12, 1814): An unsuccessful invasion of the United States along the Richelieu River and Lake Champlain by a British army reinforced by regulars transferred to North America following Napoleon’s abdication. The American victory had a significant impact on the negotiations at Ghent to end the war, allowing the Americans to insist upon exclusive rights to Lake Champlain and to deny the British exclusive rights to the Great Lakes.

          Battle of Plattsburgh, New York (September 11, 1814): The decisive American victory that brought an end to the British invasion of New York

          Siege of Fort Erie, Upper Canada (August 5 – September 21, 1814): The unsuccessful British attempt to recapture Fort Erie, involving nearly continuous skirmishing and a failed assault on August 15

          Also look up the failed British Siege of Baltimore as well as the numerous naval losses.

          THOSE were the battles that got the British running to the negotiating table quick as can be. That is actual history. That isn’t someones opinion. Those battles actually happened and the British actually got their asses handed to them. I don’t need to post book titles because they are in every history book.

  41. Compassion in War??? Nothing says compassion like killing over 200,000 mostly innocent people with atomic bombs.

    • Sorry but most of the innocent people had been moved out of those cities long before the bombs were dropped. The only ones left were the ones helping with the war effort in some way. That was the reason those cities were targeted. If we wanted to kill lots of innocent civilians we could have just as easily bombed Tokyo.

    • If the US decided to invade Japan then they would have lost a bunch of their own troops. Obviously they didn’t want to kill a bunch of soilders so they asked for Japan to surrender, which they didn’t. BAM! Hiroshima. They asked again. Japan refused. BAM! Win. Japan was asking for it, we didn’t want our troops to die and the war was won faster.

      • Good to see another brainwashed American believing everything they are told. 200,000 people murdered any you think they were ALL helping the war effort. And here’s something that might interest you. Among the casualties were found many unintended victims, including Allied POWs,Korean and Chinese laborers, students from Malaya on scholarships, and some 3,200 Japanese American citizens. So how many of them were helping the Japanese war effort?

        • If you had bothered to verify what you wrote then you would have read this: taken from your own link “Overall, 8.5 million Japanese civilians were displaced as a result of the American raids, including 120,000 of Hiroshima’s population of 365,000 who evacuated the city prior to the atomic bomb attack on it in August 1945”. So that leaves 245,000 people who had an atomic bomb dropped on them in just one city. Are you going to claim they were all soldiers or helping the Japanese war effort? And here is more verification, from Wikipedia just like your research “According to the US Department of Energy the immediate effects of the blast killed approximately 70,000 people in Hiroshima. Estimates of total deaths by the end of 1945 from burns, radiation and related disease, the effects of which were aggravated by lack of medical resources, range from 90,000 to 166,000. Some estimates state up to 200,000 had died by 1950, due to cancer and other long-term effects. Another study states that from 1950 to 2000, 46% of leukemia deaths and 11% of solid cancer deaths among bomb survivors were due to radiation from the bombs, the statistical excess being estimated to 200 leukemia and 1700 solid cancers. At least eleven known prisoners of war died from the bombing.” And here’s the real kicker, again from Wikipedia “Over 90% of the doctors and 93% of the nurses in Hiroshima were killed or injured—most had been in the downtown area which received the greatest damage.” Doctors and nurses! A real threat to the American way of life. They were the people who should have been there to help the countless people who were injured and burnt by your so call Great Country. So yes I have researched and verified what I say but I don’t think dropping Atomic Bombs on innocent people is ok. Obviously you do

        • Um, everyone on all sides was “working for the war effort”. Ford was making tanks. People were turning in their used pantyhose and aluminum. What about the schools growing “victory gardens” to save food for the troops? Bomb them too?

        • Maybe you should have read the rest where they said the people who were left were helping with the war effort. That a lot of those deaths were from the huge bases around those cities. Maybe you should have read where if an invasion were to happen that millions would have died. That up to 10 million Japanese would have died and up to a million of the Allies force. Maybe you should have read that the “innocent” civilians were ready and willing to die for their homeland. That they were being trained as suicide bombers and to rush allied soldiers with sharpened bamboo spears.

          Also if we wanted to kill civilians, we would have bombed Tokyo. Sorry but the bombing of Japan could even be looked at as compassionate or even humanitarian even because of how many millions of lives it saved.

  42. Teblor Tribe on

    Are you sure the US has never started a war? The war of 1812, the America Indian wars. against the sioux in 1876?

      • magic carpet on

        The war of 1812 was started by the US as they wanted to “liberate” (annex) Canada and in this goal you failed miserably even though we were still fighting Napoleon who the US supported. I have no doubt that you will claim the war was because we were forcing US sailors to join the royal navy however what people forget is that most of the time these people were those who had served in the royal navy and had defected. The only reason we didn’t burn your pathetic country (at the time) to the ground was because we really couldn’t be bothered as India was infinitely more important.

        • That is an ignorant way of putting it magic carpet. Those people were people who immigrated to the USA and Great Britain was saying that they weren’t going to recognize that. They called them deserters. That doesn’t mean they actually were. But the reason they didn’t burn the USA to the ground was because all 3 of their major invasion forces were routed and sent home with their tails in between their legs.

        • magic carpet on

          They were deserters they left the royal navy and merchant ships at a time when it was critical that the navy be as powerful as possible in order to protect Britain from invasion. The armies of napoleon would have crushed us had they reached the mainland so can you see the reason why the government were a little bit annoyed with people who were weakening the navy. Also let us not forget that we asked for a peace treaty at the start of the war and the president refused to stop the war because he thought the US could take Canada while we were busy fighting the most powerful nation in Europe and possibly the world. As for your last statement do you honestly believe that the US could have won a war with the now most powerful nation on earth with the most powerful navy and army (apart from possibly Prussia) on earth and the resources of an empire at its disposal. Ask yourself what would have happened had veteran soldiers from the peninsular campaign fought against poorly trained and equipped militia.

        • The British were taking anyone and calling them deserters whether they were or not. The problem was Britain built more ships than it had people to run them. Most of the sailors they impressed turned out to be Irish. You seem to be a little hazy on your history. Towards the end of the war those peninsular veterans did fight and were summarily embarrassed by Stonewall Jackson himself. But what would happen if the USA fought against the mighty empire? Why I do believe if they fought the Americans would gain their independence. You forget about that little war?

        • magiccarpet on

          The majority of those who where taken were merchant and military sailors who deserted and yes we had more ships than we had people to run them but this was not without good cause as the threat of invasion was a real threat so a strong navy was needed. These deserters as a collective were basically the Benedict Arnold of the UK. The peninsular veterans did fight yes but terrain and leadership must also be taken into account also the condition of the soldiers as getting to the over side of the Atlantic was not exactly easy and these troops would not be fit for fighting straight off of the boat (just about). The terrain was massively in the favor of the american forces and they also had artillery in place and were defending which is a huge advantage. The British on the other hand were exposed and could not retreat as their officers were nearly all dead. Also how did stonewall Jackson who was at the time still a sperm command an army as that is quite a feat? I think you mean Andrew Jackson (about that comment about me being a little hazy on my history). Now your final comments about the revolutionary war which was won by the french more than it was won by the US. This is because the defining battle was supposedly Yorktown where there were more french regulars than american and the British were hopelessly outnumbered. Did you forget about those little facts?

        • Seems to me that the bottom line is that the British Army was defeated in America. Sure we had help, but that merely shows the diplomatic superiority of American statesmen. We had plenty of help from France, as well as Spain and Prussia, due in large part to our diplomatic skill. Perhaps if the British Empire had spent more time trying to make friends rather than force British culture down the throat of every country they landed in they might have been able to hang on to the colonies. And quit trying to rain on our America parade. I get so sick of other countries getting pissed off at Americans for showing national pride. I’m sure you are proud of the storied history of your little island despite the many, many mistakes on your record. Give us break, dude. We’re proud to be redneck Yanks, just as you’re proud to limey arrogant Tommies, just as the French are proud to be stuck up Frogs. Oh, and, your damn culture is just as pervasive as ours. Royal Wedding? Please. And what about the Beatles? Or Dr. Who? Perhaps Cats or Phantom ring a bell. And that entire toilet flush of music from the eighties was mostly British. And what about American Idol? There’s British culture being rammed down the throats of Americans, along with Americas got Talent, and the X Factor. I actually happen to live in a town where much of the architecture is described as “Victorian.” Any idea where that term came from? Where do you think we Americans got our culture from? You guessed it – Mother England.

        • The British army was not defeated in america in fact almost every single battle was won by the British army and it was only because of French and Spanish involvement that you won any battles. The involvement was not due to your diplomatic skill it was due to France and Spain wanting to weaken our position on america and strengthen their colonies and their influence. The fact that Britain France and Spain were enemies was had nothing to do with us forcing culture down their throats because we weren’t it was because we had always been enemies since around 1080. The countries of Europe were always at war for land and resources and this didn’t change until the end of the Napoleonic wars with the congress of Vienna. Also if you had bothered to learn the slightest bit of history from this period you would realize that Prussia didn’t exist as a country as it was still the holy roman empire until 1805 I think (not sure). I have no problem with American national pride however I do have a problem when that pride comes at the cost of truth and when it undermines the achievements of another country.

        • hellhoundtrail on

          The U.S asked for a peace treaty as fast as they could with no special demands as soon as Britain defeated Napoleon. Before that they were demanding huge territorial concessions. So what happened? If the U.S had sent all these invasion forces running with their tails between their legs then who burned the Capitol and the White House? Someone forget to turn off the stove? As soon as Britain defeated Napoleon and had thousands of battle hardened troops ready to deploy to Canada the U.S practically begged for an end to the war. I am all for pride in your country but lying about history to make your country look better is pathetic.

  43. William R Fox on

    The most beautiful thing about America is it’s constitution. It will outlast all the faults of the nation for as long as the Parthenon has withstood the raveges of time and still present the working model of deceancy it was at it’s inception. “The rest is silence.”

    • magiccarpet on

      No it won’t no civilization in history has survived that long continuously by which I mean without massive changes and no country has the same laws as they did when the parthenon was built. I hat this whole thing about the US being some great infallible power and country as it will fall as the same as any other power.

      • Why do you care? You’re not even American. What are you doing on this site? I saw that you said you’re Irish. You understand that the United Kingdom is notorious for colonialism and imperialism? That they colonized more country than any other on the planet? Haven’t you heard the phrase “the sun never sets on the British Empire”? If you want to point fingers and blame all Americans for the indiscretions of our government, you better turn around and point that finger right back at yourself. Your country is no saint.

        • Archie Leach on

          Might do you some good to take a VERY careful look of murca of today and Britain of say, 70 years ago. It DOES REQUIRE some studying of middle-eastern history as well as naval history involving the Royal Navy and the U.S. Navy and British maritime imperialism. If you do enough SERIOUS research a light bulb just might go off in your head and you’ll realize that the United States navy simply took over the job of the Royal Navy in enforcing the Anglo imperialism that became the Anglo-American imperialism as Britain was too bankrupt to continue the empire of Anglo imperialism thru the Royal Navy after WWII and thus the murcans slid into the place of the British enforcers and became the “American” side of the Anglo-American imperialism enforcement of DEFACTO EMPIRE via the United States Navy.

          Nearly 800 American military bases worldwide doesn’t lie about DEFACTO EMPIRE.

        • Heavens_Joke on

          Please stop using the term “murcan”. I don’t disagree with your comments but the use of that term makes me not want to take you seriously, because it makes you sound stupid.

  44. This is an American website. If you don’t like what they put out go to a top tenz site your country has. Plain and simple.

    • Seriously. I guess it’s just fashionable to hate America these days and to ignore the fact that many other European countries engage in the same behaviors as ours. I’m not justifying the recent wars that my country has engaged in, but it seems that many here are ignorant of world politics. I’ve seen Brits condemning Americans for being in the Middle East. Guess what?! You’re countries are there too! It doesn’t make it right, but America is not the only country who has committed an injustice. Colonialism and imperialism did not start with America.

  45. If you compare, USA gives about 0,17% of it’s BNP to poor countries (according to my rough calculations), while Sweden gives about 1%. Imagine how the world would look if USA did the same thing.

  46. America has never started a war or engaged in a war of conquest? DUDE. Dude. Started by America: American Revolution, The “Indian Wars” (all 400 years), Bay of Pigs, Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin “Incident” has been admitted to have been a lie), Gulf War I, Gulf War II, not to mention about 30 separate conflicts (proxy wars) in Central and South America ever since we started farming bananas down there.. Wars of conquest: Indian Wars, et all.

    I’m proud to be American for some reasons, but our warmongering is deeply shameful. Read some history books.

    • Yeah, what does he think people are declaring war on America to be fought in their countries?

  47. There’s nothing like the caterwauling of anti-American leftists to remind us of how much America has done for their own freedom.

    While the list is a bit naive in some of its finer points, in general, it’s also fairly accurate. Complain about the current war all you want, the US hasn’t annexed a single country in a war since it annexed the Philippines and Cuba back in the Spanish-American War and followup conflicts – both of which were eventually set loose. Complain about the fast food companies all you want – they wouldn’t be in foreign lands if those lands didn’t enjoy their products. Complain about the way we treated the American Indians, blacks, etc. 150 years ago all you want, and then look at how other countries have done much, much worse.

    We’re not perfect, but we are a great country for a reason.

    • Black Rabbit on

      Agreed man. I used to be like that when I was like 15, but I grew up and realized no country is perfect not Japan not Sweden no one.
      Its more whining than it is a political belief, kinda like how teenagers say they “hate” their parents.

    • magiccarpet on

      Look at how you treated blacks and Indians 150 years ago try 40 or 50 years ago also comparing yourself to the crimes of another country is no excuse for your actions and it is in no way justification for war crimes or genocide. You ignorant right wing half wit I suggest you learn the history of your own country before talking about “anti american leftists” who know more about your countries history than you do. The US has not annexed a country since those you stated however it manipulates other countries and installs puppet governments and then when they stop doing as they’re told you replace them. American has done nothing for my personal freedom in fact Russia has done more for more for my freedom also look at how those freedoms are been taken away from you with the patriot act which is being used to fight Al Qaeda which may I mention is just about finished as an organisation as it has been attacking Muslims.

      • Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Lenin, Bin Laden, Hussein.

        You list ONE person from America who has been as horrible as these people have been.

        • OH, I’m sorry, you’re from Russia…

          So tell me, what has Putin and Medvedev done about the horrible violence in poorer sections of your country?


        • You are acting the very way you are accusing Americans of behaving. Didn’t know if you realized that. you should probably quit attacking Americans on a list about America. There are some posts about Ireland we recently put up. You might want to start thinking about condemning some other nationalities. You don’t want to miss spreading your joy to everyone, do you?

        • You are making that very same mistake of thinking that comparing two evils is a was of justifying the lesser evils because there is always someone who has done worse or there will be in the future. As for your name one person who is as bad as those people do some reading on Andrew Jackson whose actions led to the deaths of thousands of native Americans. The only reasons the number of native american dead isn’t higher is because of the size of their population and the technology to wipe out a race systematically was not available.

      • “Look at how YOU treated blacks and Indians…” You lost me right there. I have never treated blacks and natives with anything but respect. Don’t blame me for the sins of those who lived before me. I’m American and my grandfather immigrated from the Pyrenees in the 20th century. He never owned slaves. My grandmother is Native Hawaiian. My other grandparents are German, Irish, and English and they never owned slaves either. You logic is highly questionable. You point the finger at all white Americans when many of our families never even owned slaves and many weren’t even in the country at that point. I hold the individual who committed the indiscretion accountable for their actions, not their descendents. I have done nothing cruel. Get off your high horse.

  48. Anne Iredale on

    There are valid points here but this is so naive. Do you really think America (or any country) goes to war to defend a principle? America wants its military-industrial complex to have a foothold in other countries for its own benefit. Individual armed forces personnel may be idealistic – governments are not. As for culture, the spread of American culture is a question of degree regarding the benefits. America has given great culture to the world. The problem is when it overwhelms another culture to the detriment of other countries. This is especially so at the lower end, shall we say. When I went to Tokyo – I saw countless McDonalds and KFCs – Japanese youth are getting fat. The Chinese are eating more bread – watch them getting fat. Democracy? It all comes down to trade, business and money. I am a Brit and I’m proud of Shakespeare, The Beatles and all our inventors. I am not proud of our colonial past and I’m glad you guys got your independence! Enjoy 4th of July!

    • Forsythia17 on

      “This is especially so at the lower end, shall we say. When I went to Tokyo – I saw countless McDonalds and KFCs – Japanese youth are getting fat. The Chinese are eating more bread – watch them getting fat”

      I’m pretty sure that isn’t America’s falt.

        • Herp derp amurrika invented unhealthy food.

          Nobody is forcing the Japanese youth (or anyone else) to eat it to the point that they become overweight. Weight is your own concern, being fat is nobody elses’ fault.

    • I agree that this list didn’t quite capture what makes America great. It has more to do with the principles that this country was founded on than anything. America started a domino effect worldwide. It has raised the bar for freedom and democracy. Our recent involvement in the conflicts in the Middle East is morally questionable. I don’t agree with our current wars. I don’t agree with fast food either. However, these are not all America is about. The importance of America cannot be denied. The same goes for many other countries. Nobody is saying that America is that best thing since sliced bread, but it is important. I hate when people belittle what America has accomplished. While it may be fashionable to hate America, it’s also ignorant. America is made up of the children of immigrants who were searching for freedom and a better life. They made it here and have spread it elsewhere, of course, not without pain and bloodshed. The accomplishments should be acknowledged and we should try to right the wrongs as well.

  49. Mutually Assured Destruction on

    There are so many things wrong with this list that it would take a whole other list to put things right! I genuinely don’t know if this list has been published purely to anger the reader (obviously it will only anger if you aren’t American.) I can hear the chants of USA USA USA ringing in my ears!

      • No im saying put your meat away and stop spreading your red, white and blue love chowder everywhere. Anyway we all know the Irish built the whole damn world and we’re the best. July 4th sucks: March 17th rules

        • Being too uneducated to get a better job than “bricklayer” does not qualify you as having “built the world”.

        • Thanks, I’m gonna use this completely retarded comment over on ListVerse for the sole fact of showing that it isn’t just Americans who are over zealous nut jobs…

        • What’s on March 17th? Also, the 4th of July is extremely important because the United States and the revolution it fought became a model of freedom worldwide. I know it’s en vogue to denigrate the U.S. these days, but it cannot be denied the impact the American Revolution had on bringing democracy and freedom to the world. You seriously need to learn your history.

  50. I laugh at all of these…except #1…many many places in the U.S. are absolutely stunning!

    • Nobody said that there aren’t other beautiful countries. This list is about the U.S., not other countries. You’re free to make your own list elsewhere if you like. The U.S. is considered beautiful for its diversity. Why does that bother you so? I am American and I acknowledge that there is beauty in every country. There’s no need to be nasty.

  51. Klondyke Kabin on

    Bwahhh! This list….too American! Why do you fail to reflect on country X, Y, and or Z, who have as equal a…a..a right to be listed in this list’s topic as the US does? How typical, celebrating your Independence Day be reflecting on your nation’s traits, which I am going to choose to read into to mean that you simply MUST not think other nations celebrate themselves, by default, on this said-assumption!

    • Random dude on

      Dude, its our independence day. So we celebrate our independence by looking at what our country has accomplished. Need I remind you we also celebrate blacks day? or the fact that people celebrate Hanukkah. These are all things that celebrate other people and nations. We wouldn’t live in this country if we didn’t love it. And we wouldn’t go visit other country’s (as a lot of people do in america) if we didn’t appreciative them.

        • Many? Eh, a dozen easy. But out of the around 200 we have, America cracking even the top 50 is good news in my book.

        • Each country has their own beneficial aspects, but overall America is the arguably the best nation on the planet. Although, Canada is a close second.

          You can argue otherwise, but if you stop supporting your home nation, and actually put the possibility into consideration, you will come to the realization as well as I have.

      • England rule on

        No your all wrong your all self centred and you only go into war at the end so it looks like you did something think a bout it ww1 you came at the end ww2 you came at the end England went through the hole think you about 2 days and you are not and your rubbisha ever sport except for one you made so no other countries play them because there all boring npand stupid…………..ENGLAND and every other country are better the the us

        • Dude not even people from the UK like the UK. Crap weather. Crap food. Crap people and crap dentistry.

          However how does entering the war 2 years into a 6 year war constitute entering at the end? You like not being conquered by Germany? Thank the United States for sending over all of that war material you used to stay afloat. Not to mention the billions of dollars in pretty damn close to interest free loans.

        • england rule-haha–Yeah…right. You would all be speaking German today if it wasn’t for
          the USA. Of course that would be fine with the queen because she is German. In the USA we also had to learn grammar and spelling in grade school. And you went through the hole think-haha-

        • All the war ended BECAUSE The U.S join them. Yea sure every other country is better HA! Dream on kiddo.

      • That may be so. However, the US is a imperialist state, like Rome, that goes around the world slaughtering innocent people for profit for the military industrial complex. In addition the US has always supported brutal dictatorships that do business with US corporations. In short it is, and always has been about money. The world would be a much more peaceful place if the US disappeared.

    • England rule on

      This list just proves that you are all selfish and no other country like u I mean you have to make a list to show how great and powerful u. NO COUNTRY LIKES U

      • So, apparently you’re the ambassador for all nations. Why do so many people flock to our country if they hate it so much? This list was made by this website. You’re free to make a list of why England is the best country in the world. All of America didn’t make this list. Some of the points listed can be disputed, but many are true. It must be sad to hate 350 million people, from all walks of life and from a myriad of countries, that you don’t even know. America is a beautiful country and is the beacon of freedom. If it weren’t for the U.S., Europe would be under the control of Nazis. I respect Britain, why don’t you act like a decent human being and respect your cousin country, the U.S..

        • Archie Leach on

          The old “murca saved your european asses” is tired, cliched and old. If you “kay” tried looking up REAL history as opposed to murca-centric “reality” then you’d know that the murcans and Canadians and the British and the French and the Poles and various others actually “saved” Western Europe from becoming part of the post-World War Two Soviet Empire as by June of 1944 the Soviet Red Army was clearly on the overwhelming offensive against the nazis and the ONLY thing that was going to stop the Soviets from marching right past Berlin and on to Paris and the English Channel was the presence of murcan and Canadian and British and etc. troops sitting in France and Western Europe and thus putting a stop to the Soviet Red Army steamroller.

        • Celebrating our independence is self centered in your opinion? The UK is ridiculously self centered. Any time America is even mentioned, you will notice many commenters saying rude things about our nation, who later reveal to be British. That proves my statement. I don’t even need to ask your nationality, given that your name is “England rule”. Also, I’d like to applaud your astounding grammatical skills.

          As to the World War 2 ordeal, the US is the largest factor that resulting in the end of the war. I’d like to explain, but I’d rather not go into detail, so you can just read about it yourself. Although, I would like to add that we were the first nation to declare the end of the war.

        • hellhoundtrail on

          I don`t think most of the people commenting detest the U.S.A. I certainly don`t but stating that they won the war single handed is bound to upset people from the U.K and others who fought and bled for a few years by themselves. I think as well that people get tired of hearing about all of the low interest loans that the U.S supplied. Think about how that looks. I`ll give you money if you keep fighting and dying so I don`t have to. It`s not something I would brag about. America has many things to be proud of so distorting history just makes those accomplishments seem worthless.

    • I feel that America is soon to enter a state of anarchy, a anarchy that is facilitated by the government. What has happened is the nation is splitting up ideologically into different factions. With the advent of new laws of Man, superseding laws of God if you will, the nation will become polarized by those that will obey their religious laws, and those who will choose to follow mans law. Can we all live together each with contradicting views on almost every subject? Sure it seems to be working now. Yet how far the rabbit hole will we go? I think we all know that at some point we have passed the point of no return. What you need to do now is prepare to survive Gods judgment. He is the king not humanity.