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    I spent the fourth in 1997 and 2003 in London. Great place to be with some other American lads to celebrate our independance from the tyranny of English rule. We got drunk as lords and were walking down the street singing the American national anthem. We damn near got arrested in 2003 when we walked up to a cadre of police officers and barked out the pledge of allegiance. There we were, 5 pissed drunk American guys bellowing out the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, holding little american flags on sticks. The English cops didn't really know what to do, they couldn't really do anything, but looking back I know they were trying to think of ways to arrest us. We were a nuisance.

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    Despite the fact that this list was pretty lame, I have to mention that I was at the Arizona Diamondbacks 4th of July game, and it turned out awesome! The Military Appreciation aspect was very nicely done, and the fireworks off the Jefferson St. parking garage were great. Plus – added bonus: the stadium when they turned out all the lights was really cool!

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    Lititz, Pennsylvania. It's all about brass bands, beauty pagents, baby parades, bicycles with crepe paper in their spokes and Americana. I have celebrated the 4th of July at the ballgame, Philadelphia Boston and Washington, DC. You can't beat a fire works disply put on by the local volunteer fire department. I'm sure there are other small towns across the country that also do a good job. Let's hear from them.

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    State College, PA. Better known for Penn State University. We have the LARGEST display of fireworks in the country. Even bigger than D.C.

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    I love the fourth of July


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