Top 10 Sopranos Getting Whacked Scenes


Before reading or watching the video clip scenes on this top 10 list of Sopranos Getting Whacked, please be warned that this is list about the violent television show on HBO focusing on the dealings of a mafia family. People are being murdered and the description and video are intense. This is not for the faint of heart, especially the videos. This is a PG-13 list so treat is as such and keep the kids away. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, reload and and watch.

10. Big Pussy sleeps with the fishes.

Ahhhh, the brotherhood is broken. Tony finds the proverbial FBI wire that Pussy’s been wearing for more than a year, and it’s all over. What we, the viewers know, but Tony does not, is that Pussy has been tortured about the fact that he’s had to flip on his crew. Pussy, Silvio and Paulie join Tony for a test ride on a boat he’s thinking about buying. When land is out of sight, the interrogation begins, and Pussy spills the beans. He was gonna do 30 years, he says, for pushing “H.” Yeah – whatever. WHACK! Puss is pumped full of lead and thrown overboard. Tony, Silvio and Paulie head back to shore.

9. Phil kills Vito to preserve family dignity – sort of.

Vito, who is in hiding because his gay lifestyle has been exposed, calls and Tony sets up a meeting. But Phil, Vito’s brother-in-law, and his crew get to Vito before Tony and his peeps can. It doesn’t take long for word to spread about Vito’s death – Bobby delivers the news to Tony, who acts as if it’s no big deal. Vito was, after all, gay, which just doesn’t help the mafia gangster image. However, we know this is a sign of disrespect from Phil & Co. – you see, Vito is a captain of Tony’s crew. Can’t whack a member of T’s crew without his permission. Sil is ready to throw down and retaliate by whacking a key member of Phil’s crew, but Tony decides hitting Phil in the pocket is the better strategy.

8. Tony kills Ralphie – and not a moment too soon.

After a suspicious fire at the stable causes the death of Tony’s horse, Pie-O-My, Tony is convinced that Ralphie is the responsible. He goes to Ralph’s house to confront him, and Ralph does not admit to guilt, but shows minimal compassion for Tony’s grief. A fight to the death ensues, and Tony is the victor. Christopher is called to help Tony get rid of the body. When Chris shows up, Tony tells him that he found Ralph dead. Even though Chris is high, he knows better. But as viewers, we don’t care – it was about time Tony got rid of Ralphie and his toupee.

7. Tony kills his cousin Tony.

Knowing it was only a matter of time before Phil and his crew found Tony B., Tony Soprano’s cousin, at Uncle Pat’s farmhouse to begin the torture-murder party, Tony S. beats them to the punch. As Tony B. steps on to the farmhouse porch with an armful of groceries, Tony S. comes around the corner with a quick, single, twelve-gauge shotgun shot to the head. Tony S. then calls Phil and tells him where Tony B. is. Phil, eager to torture and kill Tony B., is outdone when he gets there and realizes the deed has already been done. It’s an odd thing to kill a family member in order to save them from further demise – but this isn’t the last time Tony will do such a thing.

6. Ralphie kills his pregnant girlfriend.

Ralph’s pregnant girlfriend, Tracee, insults Ralph in front of a room full of made guys at a party. When she goes outside for a cigarette, Ralph is right behind her. At first Ralph is the model, reassuring boyfriend, telling Tracee that he wants to buy her a house so they can raise the baby together. Things turn ugly when he makes a comment about that baby – that if it’s a girl, the baby can grow up to be a slob like her mother. Tracee punches at Ralph, and plants a good one on him, drawing blood. He loses it and beats her to death. Ralph returns to the party, icing his bruised and bloody knuckles – but when Tony finds out, Ralph gets his own beatdown – although far less severe – in the parking lot.

5. Sil kills Adriana.

The FBI flips Adriana, and she eventually attempts to flip Chris. Bad move. After a long, at times violent, confrontation (it seemed that he was going to choke her to death at one point), Christopher finally seems ready to join the witness protection program with Adriana. But when he “goes out to get some cigarettes” he sees a parent and child. Knowing that Adriana is unable to have children, in hindsight, we realize this was likely the moment when he chose life with the mob instead of life in witness protection with Adriana. Silvio picks Adriana up to take her to the hospital (she was called and told that Christopher was in the hospital). But when Silvio drives Adriana to a secluded spot in the woods, it quickly becomes clear that the hospital is not their destination. Sil shoots her twice as she tries to crawl away.

4. Tony finally puts Christopher out of his misery.

One night, while driving with Tony, a very high/stoned Christopher drifts into the other lane and swerves to avoid crashing into an oncoming car. The car flips and rolls off the side of the highway. Christopher pleads with Tony for help, admitting that he won’t be able to pass a drug test. Tony looks at the destroyed children’s car seat in the backseat with rage – even with a brand new wife and baby, Chris can’t stay clean. Chris is coughing up blood, and Tony brings Chris’s repeat battles with drug and alcohol addiction to an end by pinching his nose shut and suffocating him.

3. Bobby gets killed while the trains go choo choo.

Bobby pulls up to the train shop, and after he gets out of the car to go in, his cell phone, which he has left in the car, rings – likely someone from the Jersey crew calling him to tell him it’s time to go into hiding until things with Phil and the New York crew are settled. Bobby never gets the message. He chooses the blue train set for $8,000 for Bobby Jr. As he’s waiting for it to be wrapped up, assailants empty ammo from two guns into Bobby

2. Phil’s “big” head and ego get crushed.

Phil gets out of his wife’s car at the gas station to make a phone call. For the first, and last, time, we see a softer side of Phil as he waves goodbye to his twin grandchildren. As he’s giving his wife instructions for a pick up at the pharmacy, a hand with a gun comes into view and Phil’s shot in the side of the head. Patty screams and jumps out of the car, but immediately remembers the babies are in the car, but now the driver’s side door is locked. Still in drive, the car begins to roll as a bystander attempts to calm her down. As she’s screaming about the needing to save the babies, the car runs over Phil’s head. Not a pretty sight.

1. In the end, it all goes black.

Just when you think things are getting back to normal . . . We’re breathing a sigh of relief that the New York/New Jersey feud and bloodshed is done now that Phil is dead. Or so, we thought. Tony is meeting the family at Holsten’s, but is the first to arrive. He sits in a booth and chooses Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” from the jukebox, He’s watching the door, and Carmela enters and joins him. AJ arrives next, complaining about his job – little spoiled lazy bastard. But he recites a poignant quote from his old man, “Try to remember the times that were good.” Golf clap for AJ. Meanwhile, Meadow struggles to parallel park outside. When she finally gets the parking job done, she enters the restaurant, and the screen cuts to black for 30 seconds. The accepted assumption among the most loyal fans is that Tony was killed. David Chase refuses to clarify or resolve this for us.

Submitted by Ricky Rodriquez

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  1. Lightninbolt on

    When David Chase made the decision for the ending of the last episode of the Sopranos he forfeited the right to decide if Tony lived or died. It reminded me of those endless and ridiculous dream sequences which by the way hold no interest whatsoever to any competent psychiatrist. Everybody has strange dreams and to use that as a way to fill screen time is a cheap shot by writers who have no worthy ideas left. The same with the ending. A classic example of taking the easy way out. He did have the common decency to make it obvious Tony Soprano went out face first in a bowl of onion rings and the song used was perfect but I wanted to see guns blazing and slow motion. I will always classify those endings as a cheap shot and taking the easiest way out. I fail to see the “genius” behind it.

  2. No Richie = FAIL … Rather than having arguably the show’s most surprising moment, you have one on here that wasn’t even necessarily a character death with Tony in Holsten’s … I’m not here to argue what Chase intended … Maybe he did an maybe he didn’t, but it was left extremely ambiguous … If you don’t want to remove that one Richie’s death was at the very least, more shocking than Big Pus, Vito, Tony B, and the hoo-ah…