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  • Susan

    The walking fridge was nominated for the best Dutch commercial! And on the comment that is would be sexist, it’s entirely made up by women!

    • Timeea

      I totally agree with you, Susan! I love this ad, it’s one of the best Heineken commercials ever made.

    • Timeea

      The Carlton Draught “Big Ad”… creative, humorous, simply outstanding in every aspect. It deserves a big round of applause 🙂 The ad received over 32 international awards, including the prestigious Gold Lion award (Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival) Thanks for sharing it!

  • Ismality
  • Pookah

    I can’t believe you missed Guinness’ Surfer. Americans, jeeezzzz……

  • Daniel Grafman

    What about “real men of genius?” Those were absolutely hilarious…a glaring omission in my humble opinion.

  • Lachlan

    Australian beer Castlemaine XXXX produced a number of very funny adverts a number of years ago, featuring 4-X loving Aussie guys. In one ad, two pals living in the dry farmlands are going to have a barbie party with their wives and friends and they drive their pick-up over to the one and only supply store. They’re next seen loading up the back of the pick-up with box after box of 4-X, until it’s well-overloaded. One of the guys says “Bill – we better get something for the ladies” and Bill goes back into the shop. He comes out with just one bottle of sherry. He puts it on the top of the beer boxes, then there’s a groaning sound and the pick-up’s wheels buckle and the whole thing collapses to the ground ! The two guys stare at the destroyed truck and one says “I think we overdid it with the sherry Bill !”

  • Lachlan

    Another 4-X ad had two Aussie pals going fishing in a remote water-hole. One is carry a six-pack of 4-X as they make their way through the trees and rocky scrub. The guy with the beers slips and the beers fall out of his grip and slide down into the water-hole and float on the surface. His pal goads him to get the beers back and reluctantly he goes down the slope and carefully wades through the water. Nervously, he asks “Hey – there aren’t any crocodiles in this pool are there ??” His pal replies disparagingly “Naaaaahhhh !!”, then under his breath adds “The sharks ate all the crocodiles”

  • Lachlan

    Aussie brewer Fosters also made funny ads, some of which featured Paul Hogan. They also did ads using the punchline “He who drinks Australian thinks Australian”. A couple of examples include:- a German businessman at home with police and phone-listening equipment – his wife has been kidnapped for ransom. All said in German with sub-titles, the police guide him in what to do when the kidnappers phone. Then the call comes. He nervously answers the phone and under much strain, says what the police taught him. He pleads to speak to his wife as proof she is okay. Then she comes on the phone (but you don’t hear her – only him) and you see the relief on his face. He says he loves her, then asks how she is and then he adds ”Darling – do you know where my golf-clubs are ?” Next thing, he exclaims “You beauty !” in German and the end of the ad sees him marching out of the house to play a round of golf. Then the punchline “He who drinks Australian thinks Australian”

  • Lachlan

    The last example for Fosters had a guy waking up in bed with a woman. He looks over to the bedside table and sees a photo of the woman with another guy. He gets up and gets dressed. He takes a guitar off a chair as he going to put on his shoes and there’s a photo on the table showing the guy from the other photo with the guitar that was on the chair. There are reminders of the guy and the woman everywhere in the room and you know what’s been taking place between the woman and this guy. Then as this guy is about to leave, the woman gives him a kiss then opens the refrigerator, takes out a can of Fosters and asks him “Would you like a beer before you go ?”. The guy looks embarrassed and says “Nah – I can’t do that – he’s my best mate !”

  • CHFF


  • Stan Johnson

    In the 1960s or 70s Newcastle Breweries produced a series of funny adverts one such advert was of a man saying ”Its Divine”, ”Its like mothers milk” Been trying to find this on You Tube without any success. it was extremely popular then and I still laugh at it today but seems like its impossible to find. Does anyone know how \I can find it on You Tube or anywhere else?