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  • Matt

    Dude, this is a great post. However, you have ruined it by not including the Sega Dreamcast – everybody knows that was a big flop, although it was actually a good console.

    • Didn’t feel the Dreamcast was as much of a flop as the Saturn or 32x though. And it certainly wasn’t as utterly insane as the Virtual Boy.

      It may have bowed out rather early, but it never let its failure get out of hand in quite the same way as those other machines. It kind of competed against itself for a bit, then ran away as soon as everyone else turned up.

      • I agree that the Dreamcast wasn’t a true failure. It was my favorite system and I felt quite awkward when I bought an Xbox, leaving my Dreamcast to its attic resting place.

        • joostin

          I’d have to disagree about the Dreamcast not being a complete failure. By having absolutely zero copyright protection on the software, pirates were able to just pop a game into tthe computer and burn a copy like stealing a cd back in the day. No modchip or software patches needed to pirate a game. This meant even 12 year olds could steal games. Pirates have always made up a minority of console owners, but with the Dreamcast, everyone was a pirate except for an honest few. Probably the biggest flop in the history of consoles for that issue alone. Sure it sold more than the VirtualBoy, but software sales dirve a console and the corresponding company. Hence why SEGA went into Chapter 11 protection and now only creates software. Dreamcast dismantled that company. SO, from a business standpoint, Dreamcast is the top failure for sure. Security is a must!

          • I guess I was one of the honest few. I had no idea that was a problem.

            • IGN rated the Dreamcast as the 8th best console of ALL TIME. It had Shenmue,Crazy Taxi,SoulCalibur,and probably the best 3D Sonic game ever: Sonic Adventure. In Japan,they were still making Dreamcast games until 2007. And just because people pirated games on it a lot is enough for you to dismiss it,joostin? SO WHAT IF PEOPLE PIRATED GAMES ON IT? How in the world does THAT make it a bad console? It made good games,it was not poorly put together,and the ONLY reason Sega went into bankruptcy was because of the pirating dilemma. That is not the Dreamcast’s fault. PEOPLE pirated games. Lack of security did not make it a BAD console. The Dreamcast did not end Sega. THE PIRATING DID. Sega went into bankruptcy because of the pirating. Nothing on the Dreamcast was not sound. The Saturn was worse. The downward slide of Sega started when at the end of the legendary Genesis’s lifetime,they made the Sega CD add-on. DO NOT FORGET NIGHT TRAP. Then came the CD-X, and then came the 32-X. That was Sega’s death warrant.

  • Joe

    Surely the failure to end all failures was the Barcode Battler… I’m not sure if you can call it a console but this hand held games machine combined all the ergonomically inept clunkiness of the Gamegear with the banal mediocraty of scanning things.

    That’s right, no pesky buttons to push, just can a barcode on either side of the console and sit and watch with glee as two barely-visbale pokemon like beings fight to the death on an LCD screen. Just terrible…

    • Is there a barcode battler app for the current generation of smartphones? It seems like there probably would be. But anyway, not really a console, even if wikipedia seems to think so. Also, wasn’t it quite inexpensive? I can’t imagine it died on its feet like the other more commercial failures in the list.

  • MegaDrive? NeoGeo? Xbox Gamepad? They never flopped! And I’ve lost count how many consoles ATARI made and not one of them was successful. It’s as if they had a random gaming consoles generator.

    Right now, Xbox gamepad is MUCH better than PlayStation’s. MegaDrive was great! And people still play NeoGeo.

    • 5minutes

      The Mega Drive and Neo Geo were both failures. Atari, on the other hand, only produced 3 consoles that were poor sellers: the aforementioned Jaguar, the excellent, but poorly received handheld Lynx, and the poorly planned XEGS.

      Their earlier consoles, however, were consistent hits.

    • ” It’s as if they had a random gaming consoles generator.”
      The list doesn’t even have the Mega Drive as an entry. Please try reading the article before telling me I picked the names out of a hat.

    • “Right now, Xbox gamepad is MUCH better than PlayStation’s.”

      Right now, emphatically YES, absolutely!

      However, this list refers to the original xbox controller. That beast, nicknamed “Duke”, was an awful monstrosity. How the frack was anyone supposed to use the awkwardly placed black & white buttons? The Controller-S was a huge leap in the right direction, but it wasn’t until the 360 controller than MS really got it right. And thank goodness they did.

      So, I agree for the inclusion of the original, Duke, xbox controller. Epic console fail indeed.

      Now, Neo Geo’s more of a gray area. I think it succeeded very well in the niche it tried for. However, Steph even referenced that, and so made it a compelling addition to the list. Though
      I would have swapped Neo Geo out for the 3DO instead.

      • The 3DO was in my mind when I wrote entry #4… it just got crowded out by all the other ill-advised CD-based console 😛

  • uri

    Nintendo 64 was actually a damn good console it gave us mario 64, super castelvania 4 and ocarina of time and since it is a recent post i dont see what trouble you could have with modern consoles i mean, they fixed the RROD

    • nick

      actually, super castlevania 4 was a super nintendo game, not nintendo 64.i the article was talking about the nintendo 64 DD, which failed epicly. and the xbox 360 slim is much better, but the rrod and disk scratching were huge oversights.

  • Legionary

    I loved my Atari Lynx – dead but not forgotten

  • Retrogamer

    And ofcourse #1 for the top 10 consoles way ahead of the pack would be turbografx 16 that proudly still holds the record as smallest console ever more then 20 years after its release and also offering there CD upgrade kit which made it as good or better then the Wii and some would say the Xbox 360 graphics wise.
    P.S. You should of added that Nintendo/Sony console that was released inearly 90’s or maybe it should be on the top 10 considering it made Sony go on its own ditching NES I dont want to think were gaming would be without Sony and yes M$ in the later years for the online play which was already present on PC anyways

  • M234

    Honorable Mentions: Atari 5200, 3DO, Vectrex, Gizmondo, R-Zone, Halcyon, RCA Studio II…

  • Federico

    And where is the AmigaCD32? Should be the first classified on this list.

  • marc

    If you connected a CD-ROM unit and 32X adapter to your Genesis, you could hear the electricity meter on the outside of your house hum with the increased electrical demand. When all 3 units were connected, each one had its own power supply.