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  1. Matt at |

    Inspiring hitler doesn’t have anything to do with why HE HIMSELF is horrible hitler was also catholic so by that logic Catholicism caused the holocaust

    1. Logan at |

      Hitler wasn’t Catholic, Catholicism demands faith to be justified by good works and Hitler shows he had neither but operated on a scale of anti-christ by using religion to inspire his works as an evil means to a wicked end.

      And, no, inspiring Hitler doesn’t make that person was evil, Hitler was just looking for a twisted justification for his deeds like he twisted Nietzsche’s works as well.

      1. redstick at |

        “Ford wrote on May 22, 1920: ‘If fans wish to know the trouble with American baseball they have it in three words—too much Jew.'”

        “In Germany, Ford’s anti-Semitic articles from ‘The Dearborn Independent’ were issued in four volumes, cumulatively titled “The International Jew, the World’s Foremost Problem”, published by Theodor Fritsch, founder of several anti-Semitic parties and a member of the Reichstag”.

        quotes from the Wikipedia article “Henry Ford”.

        That said, Ford was more of an ‘arm-chair’ anti-Semite, than a real rabble-rouser. After the War, when confronted with the realities of the Holocaust, he was utterly horrified. Possibly as a result, he soon after suffered his final stroke.

  2. Theodoros II at |

    No joke I was just about to “complain” and ask why you included Cameron in such list and then I read this “(he) convinced people to pay $15 to see Dances With Blue Aliens. If that’s not genius, we don’t know what is” and I laughed my a$$ off LMAO. You are so RIGHT!!!!!!!
    But let’s be honest Cameron ain’t no genius, he is just sneaky and deceived us with this one hehe.

    However that’s an awesome list. Good job!

  3. 5minutes at |

    A lot of this list is guilt by association. Inspiring Hitler isn’t saying much, since Hitler had tons of inspiration, much of it good ideas from good people. It took Hitler to pervert those ideas.

    I’d also like to add that the excuse made to include Aristotle on this list is faulty. The fact is that his own country – Greece – is not only not the same as the counter-point nation – Sparta, it’s also not even comparable in timeframe. The whole “only Spartan women give birth to real men” line was 150 years old by Aristotle’s time, when Sparta was in a pretty serious and precipitous decline in comparison to the rest of the Greek world. In the end, his views mirrored the beliefs of many, many societies.

    Let’s also be honest – the idea that women should be subservient to men is not a uniquely Aristotean belief. Historically, it’s more difficult to find societies where women (who are typically physically weaker than men) were not subservient.

    1. redstick at |

      But only Aristotle is Aristotelian. He was THE go-to guy during the so-called ‘Middle Ages’. If Aristotle wrote it, it was gospel. Period.

      He even wrote that women had fewer teeth than men. He couldn’t even be bothered to look in his wife’s mouth.

      1. 5minutes at |

        I’m not thinking Middle ages, I’m thinking Aristotle’s contemporaries. His beliefs, however influential they were, were not unique – they were reflective of commonly accepted beliefs.

        And yes, he claimed (or at least the translations of his works claim) that women have fewer teeth. That makes him a pretty poor scientist, but that’s really about it. Plus, I possibly could argue that, linguistically, he may have been trying to say that women have smaller teeth than men, but even if the translations are correct, in context, he wasn’t saying “women have fewer teeth than men therefore women are to be abused by men” – he was just, poorly, trying to make a scientific commentary after failing to actually observe what he was reporting on.

        Meanwhile, he also said that no animal – including man – sheds its molars. He also said this gem of a scientific observational failure: “The Egyptian hippopotamus has a mane like a horse, is cloven-footed like an ox, and is snub-nosed. It has a huckle-bone like cloven-footed animals, and tusks just visible; it has the tail of a pig, the neigh of a horse, and the dimensions of an ass.”

  4. Big J in PA at |

    #2 is REAL thin….most actors are pretentious douchebags, why hold Cameron to a god like standard? and whats the back story on him nailing phones to the wall? Maybe it was cause he’s trying to FILM A MOVIE and they wont stop yapping to their friend about what kind of latte they had that morning…and so what if people think he’s an egotistical jerk, ONLY someone with an ego that big can pull off films of his caliber…I never thought in a million years I’d be the guy defending James Cameron, but it seems that post is based more on jealousy than anything substantial….he may a bit of a jerkwad, agreed, but calling him out on a list of “horrible people” might be a bit of a stretch

    1. marc at |

      Why even bring up Titanic (ha ha, see what I did there?) when Cameron directed Aliens, a movie franchise that has spawned role playing games, video games, sequels, a whole genre of “space marines vs. aliens” fiction, and is one of the most influential and easily in the top 10 best action films of the 80’s?

      Aliens, dude. That movie is far more important in the scheme of film than Titanic. He may not have taken it as seriously, but it is a MUCH more important movie.

      And evey one knows Lenon was a douche.

      Jeeze, almost anyone of incredible talent and or intelligence is a douche.

  5. dude at |

    this is by far the worst list i have seen on this site

  6. David at |

    Cameron nailed people’s phone to the wall if it rang during filming… good for him. As for Ego… he made the two highest grossing films of all time, like it or not, he’s earned it.

  7. Skeptic at |

    Dawkins said something douchey once doesn’t make him a “shockingly horrible” person. You must have had to stretch a good ways to make this list.

  8. Ride The Sky at |

    So in essence you are saying that James Cameron is only one spot below a man that directly inspired Hitler? Don’t get me wrong I know all about Camerons douchy behavior, but come on nailing a phone to a wall compared to the holocaust doesn’t seem like they belong on the same list……..

  9. AReader at |

    Please proofread your articles prior to posting. It’s a site where people read articles. Even if we disagree about the validity of the items, the least that can be done is make sure that the sentences are complete and not missing words. It’s just basic editing.

    1. Edie at |

      The author also made a mistake in his first paragraph….Einstein didn’t invent GRAVITY..Issac Newton did.

      Kind of hard to take anything as TRUTH after that huge mistake…lol

      1. Anonymous at |

        What? He didn’t invent gravity,gravity was always there

  10. Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS at |

    Interesting article. Speaking of Wikipedia, that site is one that itself was an arguably genius idea, but with “horrible people” doing some of the “editing”. Check out the edits of http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?limit=50&tagfilter=&title=Special%3AContributions&contribs=user&target=TTN&namespace=&tagfilter=&year=2013&month=-1

    That editor’s entire edit history consists of indiscriminately trying to get articles removed from Wikipedia, despite being reprimanded for it: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Log/block&page=User%3ATTN

    In fact, Wikipedia has a whole cabal of editors called “Deletionists”, who are in effect electronic book burners. That TTN account is just the tip of the ice berg of accounts with an agenda on that site! There are others that have made outrageously despicable and grotesque edits to promote their sometimes even shockingly bizarre viewpoints that I am not even comfortable linking to!. At least with the deletionists, they can be disrupted by arguing to keep in all of their discussions and adding more sources to articles. Yet, what they do is also create a bunch of accounts to back themselves up in arguments. Some have even taken to harassing editors off site. I recall reading of instances where editors have contacted people’s work, called police on bogus reports, etc. So, to everyone, please be careful with Wikipedia, some people are on a crusade to cut it down to only cover what Britannica would cover, others are out to make articles express a specific viewpoint, and still others may even come after other editors who disagree with them!

    1. marc at |

      thankfully TN only seems to be interested in vandalizing wiki articles that are of no real importance. Most of them are about Marvel comics, the Transformers or other works of fiction.

      Maybe TTN has mistaken wikipedia for Encyclopedia Dramatica?



  11. Deacon at |

    Forgot Steve Jobs!

  12. Jerry at |

    Seriously? Nikola Tesla? The man was smarter than the other 9 on the list! SMH. Compared to the others on the list eugenics seems like the lesser crime…..

  13. ZimbaZumba at |

    You put together a whole webpage to make a thinly veiled attack on Dawkins, Wow,

  14. joedoe at |

    in line with the logic expressed above, Nietszche and Wagner were Nazi too.

  15. Lucas Bernhardt at |

    Well, I agree that Nietzsche wasn’t, but Wagner was a greedy adept of nazi perspective.

  16. Lucas Bernhardt at |

    I would say:

    Thomas Edison
    Field Of Awfulness: Thomas Edison

  17. Jill at |

    Nikola Testla’s view on eugenics is more like something “amoral” though since he never mentioned anything about how humanity should carry out eugenics. Is that through mandatory means? By oppression? Or is it voluntary? Would it be carried out using artificial or alternative means? We can’t tell. The article doesn’t tell us anything.

    It would seem to me that Tesla’s support on Eugenics is more like a “concern” for the future of humanity since he’s a well known perfectionist. He is known for being a bit of an antisocial though and he even commented that the only good women does is to rip him away from his work.

  18. JAKE at |

    dawkins made the list for a internet blog comment?..

    he was right anyways…the chicks gonna bitch and moan online cause a guy tryed to pick her up in an elevator….there ARE alot worse things that could of happend.

  19. Dennis S at |

    Lennon was a Genius? Who knew? Another blunder in the list is that Aristotle never existed.


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