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  • Jay

    This is more like a list of clues that you’re a giant mangina.

  • Tom

    That Tesla avowed eugenics actually is part of his awesomeness.
    People that consider eugenics bad either:
    -have little intelligence.
    -have been brainwashed with the ideology that came after WWII (prior to that eugenics was well seen in many countries, not only Germany).
    -politically correct morons.
    -people in power that don’t want harder to control more intelligent masses.

  • Gabriela

    Did I just see Richard Dawkins on this list? Richard’s God Delusion is a remarkable book. Not only in disproving Religion but in introducing rational argumentation. If it weren’t for that book (including a few others), I would still be believing in much of the nonsense I was sold during my youth.

  • Tim Stroud

    Intro: Einstein invented gravity? What did Newton get up to?