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  • Hakeem

    What about the “Last Sermon” by Prophet Muhammad.

    • Uncle Scotty

      Nobody cares.

      • John

        I care, as do others.

  • Steve

    Great list all the way up to number 2. There is no historical evidence that Jesus ever existed, let alone delivered this surmon. If we’re going to include fictional speeches then there are literally hundreds of good ones from movies and books that should be included.

    Shame, because you ruined what was an otherwise good list.

    • Ugh, I’m so tired of this comment on Jesus did exist. Accept it and move on. Actually accepting him and then moving on, would be a better choice.

      Here is a link to get you thinking.

      With that said, I will not let the comments on this top 10 list turn into a debate about the existence of Jesus. So before you make a comment about it, be aware, I will be removing them. There are other lists on this site where that has been debated with neither side being convinced they are wrong. Many people believe and worship him. Others don’t. I do and this is my site. So let it go.

      Comment about the speeches and debate those.

      • andy

        we live in 2011 and people still believe god exists, thats the more remarkable thing. by the way, i follow vernon. he’s the new prophet. if you can have your imaginary deities of which no proof exists, then so can i. put that in your top ten speeches and smoke it

        • I’m glad you have found something you can truly believe in.

          • Andy

            i believe in myself and my friends and the people i love and care about, not something entirely imaginary and of which no proof exists other than a book that is probably as fictional as a work of shakespeare
            I may be getting off the topic of the list but as someone else said, why not include hitler? how many people have been murdered in the name of jesus?

            • Anon

              *Sigh* Maybe one day you can mature Andy and stop being a pretentious, elitist pseudo-intellect.

      • Dennis

        Top Ten Master-
        Thank You!

      • I second Steve. Great list except the part where the sermon showed up. Although I am agnostic to the existence (or non-existence) of Jesus, but if we are going to include stuff that no one knows origins of, then there are literally thousands of pieces of literature one could pick from.

    • Nic

      #2 should be another Kennedy. “… this nation should commit itself, to putting a man on the moon, and bringing him safely back to earth.” Was there ever a more eloquent and compelling speech?

      • Josh

        I dont know about #2, but Charlie Chaplins speech about Hitler and the Nazis from The Great Dictator should of been included

  • 5minutes

    >> There is no historical evidence that Jesus ever existed, let alone delivered this surmon.

    Yeah, except for the thousands of people who watched him live, preach, and die and the numerous historians who recorded it.

    I find it curious that the list creator ranked Jesus at #2, and then ranked a guy at #1 who preached the religion based around… Jesus.

    • FMH

      >>Yeah, except for the thousands of people who watched him live, preach, and die and the numerous historians who recorded it.

      Unfortunately, none of those “thousands of people” left any evidence. And the only contemporary historian, Flavius Josephus, only wrote one meager line that a rabbi Joshua caused some trouble. That’s all! Most historians nevertheless think that Jesus did exist. But there is absolutely no evidence other than the bible –which is as good as no evidence, since it’s not contemporary– that this certain sermon was held by Jesus and not any other early Christian priest.

      • John

        Actually FHM, there was plenty of contemporary evidence of Jesus’ existance, by the likes of Suetonius, Flavius Josephus, Julius Africanus, The Babylonian Talmud, and others. I suggest next time you want to write on a topic, actually be informed on it before making a naive and ignorant post.

  • Keith Watabayashi

    Good list but of course for all things historical for every 1 choice there 2 missing. And how do you define “great”? Did not Hitler deliver great speeches during his rise to power? Or how about Pope Urban II’s speech that moved all of Europe to Crusade? Evil speeches, but still “great”. Your list is not really “great” speeches so much as the greatest speeches about the virtues of humanity.

    …Maybe I’m nit-picking too much.

    • Good point, Keith. I guess it is hard for us to qualify something as great when we know the source was wrong.

  • denny

    everything is not as visible

  • Dennis

    Boy,it doesn’t take much to get the Jesus deniers cranked up. As if anyone cares if they believe in Him or not.

  • Dennis

    Everything we know about Socrates was written 1000 years after his death. It’s doubtful he actually existed. He’s more probably a compilation of several men. Conversely, everything we know about Jesus was written within 100 years of his death.

    • Aria

      (Actually, most of the things we know about Socrates were written by Plato, immediately after Socrates’ death.
      There is no doubt that Socrates existed; he appears in plays (Aristophanes’ “Clouds”) and in the writings of Xenophon, as well.

      Jesus, on the other hand, might be a compilation of several men. The New Testament describes several events that are similar (or even the same) to events previously correlated with pagan religions (the virgin birth and the resurrection, for instance).
      It has been said that there were about 50 Messiahs preceding Jesus – prophets and miracles were quite popular at that time.)

      Good list, nevertheless.

      • Dennis

        “There is no doubt that Socrates existed; he appears in plays”-HaHa-Yes and “Stella” appeared in Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire” but she really didn’t exist. Aristophanes was a playwright for God’s sake.Socrates was a character in a play..that’s it.As far as Plato:Of his “Tetralogies”, that were supposedly written 427–347 B.C. The earliest copy is A.D. 900—a gap of over 1,200 years.(Only 6 copies found). No scholar anywhere has ever suggested that Jesus was a compilation. Even the atheist’s god, Stephen Hawking admits the historical Jesus existed, he just doesn’t believe he was who he said he was. (But I do).– Jesus was crucified in A.D. 30. The New Testament was written between A.D. 48 and 95. The oldest manuscripts date to the last quarter of the first century, and the second oldest A.D. 125. This gives us a narrow gap of thirty-five to forty years from the originals written by the apostles. From the early centuries, we have some 5,300 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament. Altogether, including Syriac, Latin, Coptic, and Aramaic, we have a whopping 24,633 texts of the ancient New Testament to confirm the wording of the Scriptures. Writers confirming His birth, ministry, death, and resurrection include Flavius Josephus (A.D. 93), the Babylonian Talmud (A.D. 70–200), Pliny the Younger’s letter to the Emperor Trajan (approx. A.D. 100), the Annals of Tacitus (A.D. 115–117), Mara Bar Serapion (sometime after A.D. 73), and Suetonius’ Life of Claudius and Life of Nero (A.D. 120). There may or may not have been an actual Socrates or Plato but most likely they are fictional characters from a Greek dramatist’s head. Jesus exists and is the Son of God.

        • Sam

          Dennis that was a brilliant defense of your position. Why include the last sentence? How can you have to presence of mind to present good logic and then discredit everything you’ve said by claiming Jesus was the son of god? Thats the problem with so many people: You can defend almost any position with logic or even pseudo-logict, except for the existence or nonexistence of a god. Its impossible. It just burns me to see intelligent people get mixed up in this BS. I don’t care if you believe that there are fifteen gods and they are all goldfish but as soon as you try to convince anybody of it your a TROLL.

          • Dennis

            You atheists left-wing nuts certainly like to throw around the word “troll” not realizing,of course,(due to lack of education) that a troll is a creature from Norse mythology that lived in the mountains. But if using that makes you feel smart, have at it. Yes, I’m a Christian. And I stated that Jesus is the Son of God. But you say I’m trying to convince others which is blatantly false. Please copy and paste where I said you should believe that also. You won’t hear that from me because I believe it’s far too late to be trying to talk others into believing. You can worship Opra Winfrey or Peruvian skunks for all I care. I’ll stand with Jesus.

          • Lots of people with intelligence are Christians (like the owner of this sit), just like lots of not-so-smart people are atheists. 😉

  • ed


    • ed

      my bad…

    • baibahb

      its at the top are u blind????

  • Will

    Good list. However, I believe William Faulkner’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech should be on here or at least an honorable mention. That is one of the most analyzed and reviewed speeches of all time.

  • Wendel

    While you have listed some great speeches, and I agree with all of them, you left out one small point.
    Most of these speeches, while great, were made so by their orator.
    Kennedy had the passion for speaking, something the current White House residents have lacked over the last twenty years.

    And come on, in Gregory Peck read the want ads it would sound like Shakespearian literature.

    We have no great speakers in politics today. A sad, but true, situation.

  • Limo

    Say what? Racista viciosos?? Vicious in Spanish is not vicioso, it is malvado

    Vicioso in Spanish means depraved.

    It is called false friend words in language learning. Look one thing, they are a completely different one.



  • David M Weaver

    One of my all-time favorites is the funeral oration of Pericles.

  • Best

    Where is Charlie Chalplin’s Great Speech?!!