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  • Sean


    Kurt Cobain better than Jerry Cantrell?! ARE YOU INSANE!?! Billy Corgan is on this list, not James Iha?! Radiohead is grunge? And In Living Color, too? Did you forget Kirk Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets, or are you just a fool?

    The ONLY thing you did right was put Neil Young at #1, because he’s one of the best guitarists in so many, many ways that has ever graced the Earth. But it’s clear that you did it just to be a music snob.

    Seriously, this is a really awful list. I know we all have our opinions, but this is really, really bad.

  • Zach Gillette

    Neil Young is one of the worst professional guitarists to have ever existed.

  • 90’s Child

    This list is ridiculous. First of all, Grunge was an invention of the media… something to write about and hype up. That being said, there WAS legitimate reason for much of the hype at the time; regardless of how you want to brand “the movement”. The great thing about “Grunge” IMO was that it spelled the end for glitzy glam rock, and spawned musicians that were less interested in how they looked on stage.

    I’ve always been a Nirvana fan, and i can appreciate what the band did for music — i HATE most hair metal of the 80’s aside from Van Halen and a few guilty pleasures — but anybody who actually plays guitar would NEVER, ever rate him ahead of a Kim Thayill or Mike McCready.

    McCready can cover Jimi Hendrix and make it sound just as good or even better than the original, Kurt Cobain was a great songwriter but he could NEVER do that. We are talking about technical guitar playing here… not fanboy worship. And please, with such a poor list you’re going to go history-snob on us and put Neil Young at NUMBER ONE??? Please….

    PS- since when was Radiohead “Grunge”?? I’ve never even heard of the connection ever before… i have heard Smashing Pumpkins lumped in the with Grunge scene but aside from timing, they weren’t really Grunge, and i love SP but they were just a thing of their own (still closer to the genre than Radiohead).

  • Silentmiller

    No J. Mascis here, no list.

  • Stanious

    Kurt Cobain at number two?If it was a list of influential guitarists then I could understand it but Kurt was a limited guitarist, good song writer but nothing special on the guitar!

  • Stanious

    Wait Jerry Cantrell Emo-Rock?You sir have no idea what music is about!

  • Alice in Chains

    Jerry Cantrell is the god of all grunge musicians of all times.

  • Mudhoney fan

    Steve Turner/Mark Arm or Tad Doyle at no. 1 for me. Just as I Tad and Mudhoney truly defined that sound in the late 80’s I think before messing about with it and moving further into a garage-rock/psych/punk direction in Mudhoney’s case and a hugely heavy metal-punk hybrid in Tad’s case. (Then Brothers of the Sonic Cloth veer into Sludge/Doom territory)
    King Buzzo should also be higher. The Melvins took the slowed down punk of “My war”-later era Black Flag to the next level. As for godfather of grunge; surely Ron Asheton? Groundhogs Tony McPhee also has some insanely dirty grungy riffs, (Neil Young with Crazy Horse has some pretty intense grungy moments right enough but Neil Young as an artist was a chameleon- (maybe not to the same extent as someone like David Bowie) but he played around with folk, acoustic balladry, jazz inspired improvisations, rock n’ roll, country and hard rock…even a brief electro phase. His first band Buffalo Springfield are just something else, too. The dreamlike “Expecting to Fly” is like heaven, musically as far as I’m concerned)
    Sometimes I feel the problem with the supposed genre (media creation or otherwise), “grunge”, is what exactly constitutes “grunge”? Is it a guitar sound/ recording aesthetic/ what? Much of the records associated with grunge are actually quite polished records. Bands like Kyuss have a much grungier sound than the early 90’s “big 4” (much as I very much like those bands) Their churning, gutsy sound, both in terms of the guitar sound and recordings, are like the equivalent of what Blue Cheer could sound like if they started in the 90s.
    Just my two quid… cents.. or whatever the GBP/USD conversion rate is these days(!)

  • Mudhoney fan