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  1. Josh P
    Josh P at |

    Why does nobody leave any comments? is this site not well known? becuase it should be!

    1. TopTenz Master
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      This list is only 6 hours old and it was launched after midnight, so give it time. The comments will come. Thanks for the compliment!

  2. Heather Matthews
    Heather Matthews at |

    great list – I love reading about this type of thing.

  3. deepayan sinha roy
    deepayan sinha roy at |

    please publish top ten excellent cathes in last 100 years in CRICKET SPORT

  4. Jeffey Dahmer
    Jeffey Dahmer at |

    Now I wanna do a Heist >_<

  5. jo
    jo at |

    DNA sucks….

  6. funny stuff
    funny stuff at |

    dna does suck….

  7. Sam
    Sam at |

    The only reason they caught a few of those guys in Italy, was because a few miles away from the exchange, in a ditch, they found a discarded sandwich wrapper with a half-eaten sandwich inside. They were able to get a saliva sample from that, and that's how they nailed at least one guy. I'm guessing he squealed on the few others they caught. Great plan! Just don't throw out your sandwich wrappers. =P

    Did the research on that heist a while back.

  8. Scott
    Scott at |

    Very interesting reading, well done. I was wondering on the DNA too. What did they leave behind in the vault, hair, sweat, blood? You would think someone that sophistagated in crime would have considered DNA and at least burned the inside of the vault before they left leaving not a clue. But, maybe due to their excitment in getting away with it in the first place, they thought they were above the law and that there was no way of ever being caught. I do wonder who ended up with the uncut diamonds, they would have to be facited and made into jewlry you would think and there are only so many places in the world that could handle that kind of work. Good place to start looking would be in one of those type of places that commission out diamond cutting arts, I would think.

    Great Site, hope you keep adding to it. Thank you

  9. kristyw
    kristyw at |

    This list is perfect for my research paper on organized crime!!! Evan do you have a list of sources where you got your information?? I would love to use your list, but I'm not sure my professor would consider it credible unless you sited sources??

  10. Little_Sam
    Little_Sam at |

    Shouldn’t the infamous heist of the Mona Lisa be on this list somewhere? I think so.

    1. Peter Boucher
      Peter Boucher at |

      I agree. The Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911, and a massive manhunt went underway. It was found in Italy 2 years later. From what I understand and read, it was found in the mansion of a very wealthy man who was heavily into the black market of art heists and felt that because Leonardo Da Vinci was from Italy, that it shoud remain to Da Vinci’s homeland. Excellent response !!

    2. Peter Boucher
      Peter Boucher at |

      To Little_Sam. That is an excellent choice that you have made. The Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911 and was recovered in 1913. It was found in Italy by a man who was big on the Black Market, and it was found in his mansion. And of all places that he hanged it was his bathroom next to his bathtub. Thank God it is safe and secure in the Louvre once again.

  11. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    I lived in Concord, N.H.(1 hour north of Boston) for most of my life and I do remember the day of when the Isabel Stewart Gardner in Boston was robbed and I have visited it on various occasions. It was in March of 1990 when the heist occurred. The two biggest losses in that heist was a painting of VerMeer and Rembrandt’s “Sea Of Gallilee” among with Ming Dynasty artwork as well. The Gardner Museum in Boston should be a “bucketlist” for everyone to see before they die. Its spectacular and yes, she did live there. She was born into money and also married into money. The Museum contains many works of John Singer Sargent (whom she was close friends with) and the main attraction in my opinion is that she owned (and it is still in the museum) Titian’s “Rape Of Eurpoa” which is my favorite piece there. Remember that she lived in a time when you could purchase a Rembrandt for about $5000. She spent much of her time in Paris buying and collecting artwork of historically famous artists. What is sad to see in the museum is obviously the art that was stolen, but the frames of the paintings that were stolen are still on the wall and each frame has a description of what was hanging there. Sad and frustrating…..

  12. benjamin
    benjamin at |

    iam a moroccan guy from casablanca.well.i think robbing is no longer an illegal job.everybody does.some come with masks and guns and some come with computers behind counters inside banks pretending like normal employees but they are far less like friends than fiends.yeah 65 million dollars is a good score.i respect those who make it worth the stretch and get away with the loot.i enjoy reading these kind of things.people like happy endings.

  13. Evil Sivle
    Evil Sivle at |

    Thats the reason I love 3rd world countries when it comes to bank robberies. Dont have to worry about DNA been traced back, They dont even have a system to run finger prints. The more reason I respect The Banco Central Burglary. And let’s not forget that they most have had an insider in the bank. Well you al know every hard job deserves a good pay day.. #winks#

  14. John.s.
    John.s. at |

    DNA sucks?! NO B’se this is a warning to U all who plan heists coz God is watching and U will be caught one day.

  15. Vladiskov
    Vladiskov at |

    You forgot D. B. Cooper and the most awesome Plane hijack EVER. (and im not talking about BF3 hijacks XD these doesnt even count (?)

  16. god789
    god789 at |

    were is the delhi super chor bandi who have stealed 400 houses and other major buldings having hightech technicall devices.he was caught only thrice and to catch him is hard.

  17. vikas malik
    vikas malik at |

    A perfect work.
    I love such type of things.

  18. Karen Patrick
    Karen Patrick at |

    History is riddled with daring robbers and cunning criminals. With growth in crime rates, even growth in heists have increased and you get to hear that a heist has taken place in some big showroom, bank, somebodyâ??s home etc for which they go up to any extent.

  19. Dylan
    Dylan at |

    Thank you so much for this list
    I’m reading lots of this stuff to write a book about a fictional heist
    I could actually add some facts from these real-life heists

  20. Pavle Vlastimirovic
    Pavle Vlastimirovic at |

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